Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break 2011 - Our STAY-cation!!!

Well...we've had a GREAT time NOT going anywhere this spring break!! Well...we did run to see family the last couple of days...but ya VACATIONS this spring break!! might ask?? Cause my sweet hubby flies OUT ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!! AHHHHHHH!! (that's me screaming) for our COURT DATE for our SWEET, TINY LITTLE MAN Wes!! Oh, I just can't believe it!! But, more on that later...FIRST...I've gotta get caught up on showing yall our STAY-cation this year...WE'VE STAYED AT HOME THIS SPRING BREAK...SO LET ME SHOW YA HOW MUCH FUN YOU CAN HAVE STAYING HOME!!

**Well..i'll back it up even a few more days and show ya HOW my big 3 went to school for St. Patrick's day...Yes, they took WEARING GREEN to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL...they were so proud of their outfits!! :)
Well, St. Patrick's Day was the LAST DAY of school before Spring Break OFFICIALLY started...We had Friday, the 18th off I took the kids and headed to the zoo to kick off our spring break:
The weather was PERFECT and it was a great way to get the kids excited about BEING HOME FOR A WEEK....

The temp on our zoo day HIT 80 degrees! That is some warm weather for called Daddy and told him to bring us home a blow up pool on his way home from work...and he did:
So, we added some swimming to our spring break was some COLD WATER...but the kids had fun anyways...(3 yr old Georgy didn't last too long in it :)
BUT 2 yr. old LL wasn't phased by the cold water...she loved it...

So, that was FRIDAY...Saturday was a LONG bike ride through one of our local parks and a picnic lunch...(since Daddy is home on weekends to help us with that sort of activity) ..we love doing that as a family......

AND..another idea my brilliant two older daughters came up with was....CREATING PIES AND DESSERTS TO FEED THE BIRDS IN OUR BACK YARD....
OK, so i realize that MOST people wouldn't allow their kids to get SO creative in the food pantry...but..I just can't resist...they are SO PROUD of their creations when they're done...

And, yes, amazingly enough...they come out each morning and their DESSERTS for the birds ARE GONE!! So, seriously, i think a raccoon is eating it each night..but they are CONVINCED they are FABULOUS COOKS!! LOL
Sunday, Daddy took the older ones to a movie..and on Monday...we hit the Children's Science Museum......They love this place:
And, seriously people..this is LL (above) playing AIR GUITAR..she does this ALL THE TIME!! I promise the hubbs and I DON'T even begin to KNOW HOW to play the guitar..but she pretends she's playing ALL THE TIME!! Future rocker??

We ended our Science Museum with a little Space show...and...
and that was our Monday...UNTIL...Daddy came home and we decided to let the kids play at one of the local parks LATER THAN NORMAL...Yes, they were in heaven....

Fun Times! Then Tuesday morning we hit one of the local Pottery Painting places...
A friend with some COUPONS asked us to join it was cheap and FUN!! :) After painting pottery...we packed up and headed to visit the fam out of town.....
My kids LOVE visiting their cousins....We got to visit with Poppy and Jules too (my in-laws) We stayed in a hotel the first night (which I already blogged about :) and stayed with my Mom the next night.....
The weather was SO warm up UNTIL today!! The kids acted like it was summer outside....
And, we even got to bust out one of our new summer butterfly dresses i found at Target...Gotta love their kid's clothes:
And, TODAY, Thursday....we hung out at Grandma's house some...I caught a pic of MY MOM doing MY GRANDMA'S hair!! My big girls were SO ENTERTAINED by my Grandma's stories!! My grandma has Alzheimers and my kids just sit and listen to all her stories with such kindness!! Such WONDERFUL memories I hope they never forget!!
And, it's Thursday night...we're back home...the kids were so happy to see Daddy...He has to stay back and WORK to pay for all of our fun!! :) BUT..who would have known that staying home for Spring Break could have been so much fun!! :) And, we still have the weekend ahead of us!! :)

***Well...I'm just slightly tired tonight...happy to be home..and needing some rest to start up tomorrow's adventures!! :) It took me a while, but I'm finally ALMOST caught up on Ordinary Hero emails...OH, and I added two little Ugandan boys to the site...BUT...PRAISE THE LORD, one little guy found his forever family BEFORE I could even make the announcement that changes had been made!! :) Wow!! So happy for him!! :) That means there is a new 8 year old guy still available that I added today!! Email me at to get the password to view waiting children IF interested!!

Thanks for checking in on our STAY-CATION!! Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Well, that STAYcation looks like a whole lot of FUN to ME!!! Our spring break is not until April, but I don't think we're going anywhere either!

    And those pies have me ROLLING!! You are such a FUN mom!!

  2. looks like you found your answer to that old question...should i stay or should i go???? one week til your hubby!!!!!! how wonderful!

  3. Wow...I'm tired just reading about all of your adventures. What a fun mom you are! And the weather you are having...PLEASE...we just got 17.3 inches of snow!!!! I can't wait to hear all about your hubby's trip!

  4. I love the middle pic of LL with the hose....I love the look on her face. So precious.

  5. Looks like ya'll had a great staycation!!! :) Can't believe that he leaves in ONE WEEK!! WOW!!!! So exciting!!!

  6. Love it, staycations are the best, we have one every spring break. Visits to the zoo, children's museum & dollar movies stuff like that. Praying for your court date & your hubby's trip!!! Your pictures are too cute!


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