Thursday, October 21, 2010

Overload of Info....Lots of Stuff to Share...

**oh, sister just MOVED our Ethiopia Trip UP by a couple of're looking at heading out MID she promises we'll be back in plenty of time for Christmas!!! But, man..what a BUSY time of year to be flying across the world!!! We have SO MUCH to accomplish that ONE WEEK...I can't wait to share ALL our plans and adventures with you all....And, I'll share them with you all....cause we'll need LOTS of prayers!!! :)

**Also...LOTS of you have been emailing me wanting to KNOW the EXCITING news my younger sister Kasey has...Well...I kind of left ya hangin a few posts back...then a "little" glitch came about with her well...I can't share her blog quite yet....They need a little private time to figure a few things out...then I promise to reveal my younger sister to the world of blogging!! :)

**Another tid bit of info.....My mom has started a blog... Yes, my skinny, little tiny Momma!! She's always been a great writer my entire life. She writes ALL THE TIME.... So, she's decided to put some of her funny happenings in her life OUT in blog world!!! Do yall want the address??? She's quite a HOOT!!! She'll keep ya laughing that's for sure!!! My Momma:

**And, check out My friends Gwen and Suzanne are the speakers for this event in Georgia.... and I was asked to give a little shout out for the check out the blog to see if you'd like to attend...Sounds amazing!!

**And, have yall been reading My friend Andrea decided to CREATE a womens conference and hoped for about 50 women to sign 200 she's had to shut down the sign ups....Ok, so it looks like EVERYONE in adoption world wanted to come!! :) LOL How awesome is that!!! I think you can read about it on her blog still!! I plan on being there..and yes, I'll probably even bring LL with me!! Can't leave her behind again after going to Africa in December....Oh, and this ladies conference is in February...What fun!! :)

***Oh, my 18 yr. old niece is trying to raise the money to go with Kelly and me to Ethiopia in December....She is a freshman in college and desperately would RATHER spend her break in Africa than AT HOME!! She's following in her Momma's foot steps for sure!! She's sponsoring a kid from Kora and cant' wait to get back to see him! How amazing is that!! Here she is pictured below with her sponsored Kora child!! She used every dime of her summer babysitting money that was suppose to be used for college TO SPONSOR this child to go to school!! She has a huge heart and I'd love to see her dream come true and for her to be able to travel with us:
If you feel led to help her get BACK to Africa, let me know and I'll send you their address or their pay pal link!!

****And, do yall need a 23 month update on LL?? She turned 23 months old while on vacation....Crazy...less than a month until her birthday!!! Ok, so here's a favorite pic from the 15th..the exact day she turned 23 months:
This is LL in her swim diaper and George playing with two pretend knives!! Nice huh?? LOL LL is in the stage where she constantly tells us she LOVES us all the time!! She kisses everyone and says, "I love you Mommy...I love you Daddy" It melts your heart!! George was asleep on the beach and she walked up to him and leaned down and kissed him and said, "I love you Georgie" Yes, she is the sweetest thing alive and we PRAISE GOD for her each and every day!! She even has the sweetest "I'm sorry Mommy" every time she makes a mess all day!! Such a little blessing!! Have a I mentioned lately HOW crazy we are about her!! :)

****Ok, that's all i've got tonight...Maybe, just Maybe...I'll start telling yall about my plans in Ethiopia soon!! Can you tell I'm procrastinating?? You'll understand why when I tell ya everything!! :) Lets see.....well...tomorrow night is two Halloween i'll probably post cute pics from that..then i'll take Saturday off...then....hmmmmm...maybe Sunday night?? That sounds like a good plan!! :)

Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Did you share your mom's blog address or did I miss it? Exciting (and nerve-wracking) about Ethiopia, we'll be praying you through it though!

  2. What an exciting time for you Kristi! Cannot wait til you reveal all the big news!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. Lots of excitement! So excited for your trip.

  4. i love reading about all your goings on!

  5. Hmmm.......just a hint of I think you are crazy about your whole family!!! :) Love it :)

    OOO- can't wait to hear about your trip to ETH in Dec!!!!!!!! Praying for your sister..... and praying for your niece!!!!!

    Just to let you know our kids still go on about when we came to invade- I mean visit you all!!!! :)

  6. Where is the link to your mamma's blog?

  7. Hi Kristi,
    You will be in Ethiopia the same time as me....I wonder IF we could meet up? My husband, myself and Brad's mom (Judy) fly out Nov 19th to see our 2 kids for the 1st time ever!! Brad is going back home after a week and Judy and I are staying until our Embassy date...LIKE A ENTIRE MONTH!!! Maybe you and I will even be flying home together....we so want to be home for Christmas also BUT not sure that is going to happen. We are going to be working at the care center the entire time we are there. Please, let me know if you want or will have time to meet me and our kids. I have wanted for this day to come for 3 years and now our dream is coming true!! If you want to email me at

    Hope we can get together. I would love to meet Kelly also.... I tell my husband someday I'm going with Kelly and her group to Ethiopia...he laughs and I just I will!!! LOL.
    Drop me a line when you get time. I'm SO excited!!!

    God Bless~


Thank you for your kind words!!