Sunday, October 24, 2010

What It Looks Like When Mom Gets Sick...

Ok, so this is my life: I throw up all Friday night....I'm still throwing up plus other lovelies on Saturday morning...I'm still in bed (except for the constant up and down run to the bathroom) when i remember that THIS is the ONE morning that we signed my 6 yr. old up for her FIRST ever CHEER camp!! I'm lying in bed (bright and early) PRAYING that she forgets she's going to I can keep sleeping!!! Well, she doesn't forget..and she comes "sweetly" into the room and lets me know (bright and early) that I need to get up to watch the other 4 kids cause Daddy would be taking her to her FIRST cheer camp!!! So, I try and get up...but have to run to the bathroom to vomit again on my way down the stairs...and well....they cheerfully were out the door, and 4 other littles were smiling, staring at me, and ready to play!! :) So this is what I did: After trying to convince them that watching cartoons on Saturday morning was fun (so i could continue lying on the couch)...they begged and pleaded..and eventually found the keys themselves to get out the back door to the beautiful fall weather awaiting them...So...since my kids are TOO little to play outside by themselves....and after I attempted sitting up in a chair to watch them....I finally couldn't stop throwing I had to lie down. I grabbed a couple of pillows and was VERY thankful we decided to put an outdoor rug on the deck this summer! :)

I was able to let them play..and meet all their 1 million needs AND lie down AND not throw up ALL at the same time!!! So, this is what life looks like with 5 littles, no family around..and a stubborn head that REFUSES to ask anyone for help!! :) But I survived...and I have LOTS of pics to prove it!! 144 pics to be exact!! Yes, the kids were entertained by my camera the majority of the time....I could show you the pics of the babies stripping off their diapers, the pics of everyone's insides of their mouth, pics of every toy outside we have, atleast 30 pics of ME lying on the deck, etc....BUT I'll spare you all those pics and give ya just one:
Yes, that would be LL underneath the drink cooler...found this one on my camera...not sure I ever knew she was under there!! :) Just glad I could find a pic of her with her diaper on!! :) Anyways, yes..the kids were being nutty with Dad gone and Momma DOWN....but no one got hurt and everyone was still smiling and laughing when Daddy got home 3 HOURS LATER!!! :)

And, yes, LL loves me!! While the others snapped pics...LL kept coming to give me LOVE!! And, I have to give KUDDOS to my 8 yr. old who told me I could go to bed cause she could take care of the 3 littles!! She said she'd just wake me IF someone pooped...cause she wasn't changing a poop diaper!!! No worries...I didn't take her up on her offer...but she was a big help and tried to talk George and Lucy Lane OUT of jumping on ME with all their strength CAUSE they decided it was a funny game to watch Mommy moan with pain each time one of them landed on me!! :) My 8 yr. old did feel sorry for me then and distracted them with toys in the yard. Gotta love a responsible first born child!! :)
***I woke up feeling great today...about 99% isn't being too friendly to me yet..but I'm getting there...Oh, and positives from this experience:
* praising God that the weather was so nice
* praising Him for outdoor rugs and soft pillows
* losing 5lbs in 24 hrs....
* loving old ugly green sweatshirts that date back to my hubby's college days
* and that stomach virus' generally pass quickly (and so far no one else has come down with it)
**** Happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. you sweet thing. all those pix are treasures, i'm sure. lol about the insides of their mouths! you have creative ones, that's for sure! i guess it's because they never watch tv. :)

  2. So thankful for possitive people in my life! =) I love how you can find things to be joyful about even while feeling that poor thing.

  3. you amaze me
    you are such a good mommy
    take care of yourself and i hope some halloween candy adds back those five pounds you didn't need to spare
    love & blessings from hong kong,

  4. You poor thing. It is so hard when the momma is sick! I am glad that you are doing well and the family took VERY good care of you!

  5. So glad you are feeling better. The pictures crack me up.

  6. You get the Mom of the Year award, I say! I know how awful it feels to not only be sick but be responsible to handle the kids. Hope you are back to feeling like your old self!!

    BTW, I found you off of Missy's blog. She's a hoot!

  7. So glad you're feeling better!!!

  8. That is one of the hardest things about parenting. . . being sick ourselves! When I had my baby girl, about a week later, I got REALLY sick, and I realized I couldn't just lay around until I felt better. I still had to parent! Hard lesson! :) Hope you are feeling much better today. :)

  9. Girl, so glad you are better! WOW!! I seriously feel your pain with the stomach virus...we have been through it this fall! :) So funny because this is pretty much the same thing I was already planning on posting on tomorrow...except I don't have pictures of me laying down on the floor, but believe me, I was!! :)

  10. Happy you are feeling better and amazed at your mom skills! The stomach virus is NEVER any fun! Praying no one else gets it.

  11. Sorry you were sick this comment doesn't have anything to do with that.

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