Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Fall Yall (and A SUPER CRAZY SHOUT OUT)

So, a little stomach virus can't hold me back from our ANNUAL pumpkin patch visit yesterday!! I totally HEART this place and look forward to going EVERY year!!! So, my question for ya is: DO PEOPLE IN THE NORTH HAVE COUNTRY PUMPKIN PATCHES TOO??? I we have banjo players, fried potato twirls, and hot corn on the Cob!! So, is that only for us in TN, KY etc....OR do you Northerners take your kids to such things too?? Just wondering! :) So, above we have LL decked out in her Fall Apple Poppy Dip outfit "striking" a pose as we entered the pumpkin patch...funny girl!! Then we have ALL 5 of my little pumpkins ready for some fun at the pumpkin patch...I just love my little cuties:

ok, some nice person stopped and asked if she could take a pic of ALL of us together...Well..sure you can:

I was decked out in my rust Ordinary Hero tshirt...Someone walked up and said, "i noticed your you know Kelly Putty?" Ummmm...kind of...she's my older sister!! :) LOL

So, this place is full of all kinds of fun...the weather was perfect...the food was amazing...and they have TONS of things for kids to sliding through a giant black tube thing...hmmm...have yall seen this at other pumpkin patches?? :)

My little country girl loved her a little tractor ride with the ummmm...not sure what those things are...but i'm sure one of yall could tell me:

Miss Pretty Pants LOVED finding the PERFECT pumpkin:

But it was exhausting we needed to grab on to Momma's leg for a minute to make sure I knew JUST how tired she was:

Everyone was hard at work picking out their 2010 pumpkin....hmmm....we traded them back and forth at least a dozen times:

But FINALLY...5 were chosen...and the "littles" helped get them back to the car safely: was home for some carving time:

And, finally they were all ready and proudly displayed for the world (or our neighborhood) to see:

Ok, so flash off so we can see them light up:

BUT..the BEST picture of the day......WAS WHEN HAL WENT AND FOUND AN EXTRA PUMPKIN AND PLACED IT AT THE BOTTOM AND SAID IT WAS FOR HIS NEW LITTLE BROTHER FROM ETHIOPIA!!!! Oh...buddy...I LOVE your heart!!! And, of course, I told him to make sure he ran and showed Daddy what he did!!! :) I can't wait to tell him some day that HIS LOVE and PERSISTENCE for a little brother from Ethiopia WON DADDY's HEART!! :) (note: for family week in kindergarten..hal drew in an "extra" brown boy at the end of every family pic and told his teacher "it" was his new little brother from Ethiopia...yes, I had some questions to answer at the first parent/teacher conference....and he did this on his own... love that child :)

****Now for my SUPER CRAZY SHOUT OUT: My bloggy friend Kari emailed me to let me know of her CRAZY give away!! I totally can't believe she is GIVING TWO MISSION TRIPS AWAY!! Yes, you will get to travel with Kari and her gang from on a missions trip to serve orphans IF your name is drawn!! You simply enter by buying one of her tshirts..that's it!! You can find her tshirts at her store: !! And , you can read all about it by going here: They have already sold enough tshirts to give away TWO now they are going over and beyond by supporting two of her favorite charities while there!! So awesome!!! a tshirt, enter to win...and wait and see WHO gets to go!!! What a great idea Kari!!!! Here's some of her shirts:

***Ok, that's all i've got tonight...Happy Fall Yall...I love this time of year!!! And, Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. In Ohio we have tons and tons of pumpkin patches and the one we go to even has the big black tube slide thingy! =) Looks like a great family day! We did the same thing last weekend!

  2. Well, in California we don't have banjo players or fried potato twirls (that I know of) but we do have country pumpkin patches! It is a tradition for our family to go to this one We love the gigantic corn maze and the pumpkin blaster! I kinda wish we had the fried potato twirls too, they sound yummy!

  3. In the north, Minnesota...we have pumpkin patches/ apple orchards where we pick our own pumpkins. They do not have banjo players, and most of the food is hot dogs and apple related, like apple donuts, apple cookies, apple pie, etc. It is fun though, and the kids love it!

  4. so so cute!!!! Loving all the pics! And YES - you MUST get a little boy soon!!! That would be so fun to watch you go through the process all over again!! :)

  5. We DO have pumpkin patches up north!!! I live in Iowa and am originally from North Dakota. They are so wonderful!!!! The one near where we live in Iowa has an enormous 'corn maze' where you have to find your way through (with a map) a couple acres of corn (about 10 feet tall). It takes a couple of hours, but it is a fun adventure! They have farm animals, a "pillow trampoline" etc, etc. ND has pumpkin patches too! Fall fun for the whole family!!!!

  6. The Northwestern states have Pumpkin Patches! =) Hot corn on the cob on a stick, fresh hot cider doughnuts, pumpkin sling shots, hay rides, elaborate corn mazes, face paint, petting zoo ... yep, we got 'em. =)

  7. I live in MN and YES we have pumpkin patches! I went this year with my niece and they have a petting zoo, wagon rides, carmel apples, apple brats, apple cider,and you pick your pumpkins and apples! Good times!

  8. Kristi...oh yes, even up here in the North...North Dakota we have pumpkin patches!! Our family enjoys going every year...a few times/year actually!!! And this year we even had the black slide thingy!! What a fun family tradition!! Hmmmm...I'm thinking there must be another little boy in your future???ha!! Love it!! kristen

  9. We live in Washington state and we have awesome pumpkin patches!! :) It's one of the highlights of our year! We have pumpkins, corn mazes, apple cider, and hay rides!! really should have another little one from Ethiopia! :)

  10. I'm also in Ohio (greater Cincinnati area) and we have a ton of pumpkin patches :)

    I also wanted to let you know that I purchased a shirt from! Not only is there a chance to win a mission trip, but the shirts are gorgeous! Thanks for the recommendation!

    God Bless!

  11. Going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow!! Love the patch here in Mississippi!! :) And I've already bought my shirt from Kari!!

  12. We have pumpkin patches here in Michigan too! Only instead of shorts, we have on winter coats! ;) Are you guys craving outside? That's a great idea! I love your blog, you are an inspiration!


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