Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yall Crack Me Up....No One Got It Right!!

Ok, so are yall ready for the answer?? This mess:
that this little Miss made: Was REALLY this:

**I know that was PROBABLY too hard!!! Sorry, i should have given more hints...but this STUFF is such an important part of our daily life with Georgie Poo that I thought for a moment that EVERYONE must know what it is.... So this is what happened:

** I am doing something with another child literally around the corner WHEN I HEAR: " Come fast, Lucy Lane is dumping sugar every where!! " I come running across the room to TRY and stop her cause it WASN'T sugar....IT WAS A $20.00 bottle of Miralax...Yes, it costs a lot and I about died when I saw it wasted on the floor!! And, after I locked her in "baby jail" so she couldn't get hurt by trying to put it in her mouth....I cleaned it all up. And, yes, she can get ANY child lock on any medication OPEN!! She figured out HOW to PUSH and TWIST at the same time...Smart little cookie!! So....I will have to admit...i told a friend today the SECOND half of the story....yall know we don't learn things quickly around here....She ACTUALLY did the exact same thing AGAIN the NEXT day!! She can seriously use her stool and climb on the counter, open the cabinet and get ANYTHING open in about 10 seconds FLAT!! No worries...Miralax isn't in the cabinets anymore!! :) I usually DO catch on the second time around!! :) And, yes, I told my friend that I actually scooped up every little grain of this stuff the second time cause it made me sick about HOW MUCH it cost!! So, we're still using that bottle that landed on the ground around here!! Have I mentioned lately that our toddlers keep us on our toes!!!! :)

****So, since NO ONE got it right (but thanks so much for ALL your guesses...I had so much fun reading them all day) I had my little sister, kasey, pick a random number!! You see my little sister and her kiddos are staying the night with us tonight...and well....I was helping her get her blog started SINCE she has some exciting NEWS that I'm NOT allowed to SHARE YET!! So, I'm NOT sharing YET....but KNOW that in the next couple of days I'll be sharing my YOUNGER sister's NEW BLOG and HER/OUR exciting FAMILY NEWS!!! Oh, I have such a BIG MOUTH and I can't wait to share HER stay tuned...lots of fun things happening!! :) ANYWAYS...She picked a random # and it landed on:

*** Amanda Humphrey WON the new RUST color Ordinary Hero tshirt!!! Congrats!!! This family is getting ready to leave to pick up their Ethiopian daughter, Macy!!! And, here is a pic of my sisters and me MODELING the rust color shirts:

Congrats Humphrey family!!! Please send me your size and address and i''ll get Charlene to put that in the mail to ya!! :) fyi...i'm wearing a medium!!!
**that's all i've got tonight....gotta get back to creating little sister's new blog!! :) so fun....
Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. too bad it wasn't powdered sugar. i'll be waiting to hear about your sis.

  2. We've used Miralax here before and even though I too kept it in the kitchen cabinet I would have never guessed. :)

  3. I guess all of our guesses would have been BETTER than miralax. Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway, how fun! Guess I'll just be adding that shirt to my Christmas list instead ;)

  4. Just a tip...wal mart makes the equate equivalent of miralax for half the price...and it works!
    Hope you are doing well!! Our Helen is pretty sneaky as well...

  5. I can't believe I didn't guess that! My 3 year old would probably be dead without it. Just wanted to let you know that wal-mart has an off-brand of it called Equate Clearlax. Same stuff just cheaper...I think it's $13.00. It might help a little. I would have flipped if it happened to me! Glad you are recycling the stuff on the floor!

  6. Just wanted you to know that I believe God led us to your blog because ever since I saw your adoption video we have decided to adopt a child from Ethiopia! We have always wanted to adopt, even before we had three biological children. Your "Gotcha Day" video has inspired us to start the process now! THANK YOU!

  7. I should have KNOWN since both of my girls are on it and we go through tons of the stuff!

  8. Girl that was way too hard!!! You crack me up! Happy Thursday!! Michele

  9. so totally should have guessed that one since I dumped Hannah's bottle on the kitchen floor just last week:)

  10. Oh my gooodness, I SO should have known that!! Carson and Caty both had to take Miralax for months!! And I remember how expensive it is! But it works!! :) Can't wait to hear your family news!!


Thank you for your kind words!!