Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Snow of the Decade!!!! (and a CRAZY goal almost met) NEVER snows like this here!!! We've had a BLAST in the thick, packed snow today!! We get dustings, but NEVER a huge snow like this!! The kids were beyond excited when they woke up to a WINTER WONDERLAND!!!
We hit the neighborhood early this morning along with ALL the other YOUNG neighborhood kids!! By the time we were heading in, you could see the teens emerging from their homes with sleds in hand!!

There are hills all over our surrounding neighborhood and we took advantage of every one of them!! We threw my truck into 4-wheel drive and hit every hill around!! Big kuddos to Daddy who bared the freezing weather all day.....
My 2 year old George said it was too cold, BUT Lucy Lane seemed to enjoy it....I have titled the above pic: Beautiful Ethiopian Girl's FIRST Snow!! :) LL was excited all day!! We watched from the windows a lot, but she would scream with excitement every time one of the big kids came near!!
***We had to cancel Helen's b-day party due to the snow storm, but she thought God's little gift of SNOW on her b-day was pretty cool instead!!! :) It was truly a wonderful day filled with long lasting family memories out in the snow for all!!!!
**Happy Saturday to you all, kj

P.S.....You must go to and read Kari's amazing post about NEARLY reaching their goal of 600 shirts for shoes campaign!! It all ends on Feb. 1st and they only have 11 more shirts to go!!! The pictures on her post about this speak a THOUSAND words!! These orphaned children are beautiful and so deserving of a new shirt and new pair of shoes!! Please check it out if you can!! :) kj


  1. LOVE the snow pics! So cute! glad you all had fun! lucy looks so cute in her pink coat!

  2. Hi Kristi, we enjoyed the snow too (in AR).
    On a different not... I needed to tell somebody else: We got a referral (Jan 25).

  3. Same here - no snow like this ever! BUT yay! It snowed! and iced too.

  4. Okay, we are SOOO sad about missing that snow at home!
    Today's high in Hong Kong was 74 degrees!
    Miss you all,

  5. Started following your blog after watching your youtube video...Lucy is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats! I realize you have had her for awhile now, but still its a great accomplishment...all the paperwork and emotions wrapped up into that...we are just now starting. Happy for you and your family.

  6. Wow. . . you guys got a lot of snow. Here in MN, I always groan when we get snow, cause really, ti's nothing new for us. I can imagine how excited your kids were though cause you guys don't get it very often. Sounds like they had a fun time playing outside. :-D

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  8. Hi Kristi,
    So awesome to see you have snow!!! Simple fun had by all. Ours has melted ALOT here in WI. The snowmobiles just sit on everyones yards because the trails are closed. Great pics of them all sledding and having soooo much fun:) Hope all else is well...we are still #9 in the process....just waiting, know the feeling!!! Well, have a super night and keep the posts & pics coming..they make my day!!

    God Bless,


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