Thursday, January 28, 2010

8 Years Ago Today...I became a Mommy!!!

Yes, it is true!!! 8 years ago today, my sweet Helen made me a MOMMY!!! It was a day I had longed for for a long time!! It was a hard delivery that ended in c-section (my first of 4), but OH HOW HAPPY I WAS to hold her for the first time!!! I was so happy it was all over and my sweet baby girl was perfect!My sweet first born was a "typical" first born. She's a natural leader and mild tempered!! She's sweet and kind and makes friends easily. She's always had a mature sense about her from day one...She did EVERYTHING early and always had a "calm" relaxed easy going personality!

For 8 years she has remained the same...a sweet, loving, mature, calm, relaxed child that is easy to please and ready to do as she is told!! She's the "teacher pleaser" type that gets along well with everyone!! And what does she want to be when she grows up...."An orphanage worker...I just want to take care of babies and children in orphanages" says Helen!!! :) Oh, she has a heart of GOLD!!!
***Here are some must knows about Helen: She LOVES her siblings, she loves blue NOT pink, she is a "tom-boy" NOT a girly girl (as she calls it), she despises too much attention and wouldn't get on a stage for ANYTHING!! She loves art, animals, outdoors, sports, music, games and anything besides cheerleading and dance!! She's a fantastic softball player AND basically good at any sport she plays...she's very coordinated!! She loves movies and t.v. and will only read her books when we force her...she'd much rather do ART any day than read a chapter book!! :) She can be shy, quiet and reserved...but will laugh and be silly with a friend as long as we're not watching!!! She's just wonderful!!! To this day, she's still never thrown a fit...she's way to mature and laid back for that!!! :)
And, above, here she is...8 years old today.....with a mouth full of braces!!! I can't believe how old she is getting, and even though I'd love to keep her little forever...I'm loving watching her grow into the "big girl" she's becoming!!! And, what did she ask for for her b-day......A new hamster....Yes, there is a new member to the J Family.......Helen was so excited to come home from school and find her surprise bday present she had been asking for....A Hamster:

Yes, this is Lily!!! Helens' new pride and joy!!! I won't touch the thing...but the kids LOVE her!!
***So, happy birthday sweet girl!!! You make us so proud each and every day!!! What a blessing you have been for 8 years now!!! I can only imagine how wonderful the next 8 will be!!! We praise God each and every day for you!!
Happy Thursday to you all (and we're still recovering from our sickness, but doing much better..thanks for your sweet comments and prayers :) kj


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Who knew when your mommy had you 8 years ago what a Mommy journey she'd be on? (One that has been amazing to watch and travel alongside of, for sure!)

    KJ, she's truly growing into a big girl...she looks way too old with those braces on.

    Enjoy the hamster! Can't wait to read about how it escaped sometime!

  2. What a precious post of your precious girl! Braces? Already? Oh my! She is such a BIG girl!
    I am already looking forward to some future funny posts about the new hamster!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. "i won't touch the thing"...i am with you sister! how great for you to let her have her wish. what a precious BIG little girl!

  4. Happy birthday sweet Helen! And Kristi, you look about 12 years old in that picture after Helen was born! Can NOT believe you said ok to a hamster you crazy woman. you are such a good mom...cause we all know who is gonna be changing that cage out;)! Yes, i'm with Kim...can't wait for some funny hamster stories!

  5. So sweet. Happy birthday to your oldest. :-D

  6. So sweet! Happy Birthday Helen! Glad she got the hamster of her dreams...let's hope he does not get loose:)

  7. So Katie (kissesfromkatie) gets a new pet monkey and your house gets a new pet hamster this week! Its a week for new pets I guess! :0)

    Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! My niece is similar to her age and is a tomboy also and loves sports! :0)

  8. What a sweet girl! Happy Birthday, Helen!

  9. Happy Birthday sweet Helen!! Can I just tell you that 8 years ago seems like yesterday to me! Have fun with your hammy ham--- that's what we call them around here!

  10. OMG! We became mommies for the first time on the EXACT SAME DAY and in the EXACT SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We both look so young in your hospital photos (check out my blog).

    What do you think about having an 8 year old... I am in denial!

  11. Happy Birthday Helen!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures. She is a beautiful child. I may eat my words someday, but I really dislike hamsters and really can not see me giving into that one. We just got 2 cats because we live in the country and I need them to chase the mice away.
    Have fun celebrating Helen's birthday!

  12. watch out--our hamster is currently "missing", came home and it was out of it's cage b/c a tube had come off...and we haven't seen it for 3 days!! could have been kitty cat lunch...although it looks AWFULLY similar to Lily!! where were y'all Saturday night??? haha


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