Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shirts For Shoes!!!

My Bloggy Friend Kari emailed me to let me know of this AWESOME partnership she has formed with Tom Davis... For every Tshirt Kari sells...HopeChest will provide a new pair of shoes and a shirt for an orphan!! Read a little bit of what she wrote and enjoy the video:

"Thank you for being such cheerleaders!! HopeChest has 400 orphans they sponsor & Tom Davis is in Africa right now- all the photos I have are the REAL children that will receive the shoes & shirts:)"

Simply Love Like Crazy from Kari Gibson on Vimeo.

What is Shirts For Shoes?
Providing shoes & shirts for 400 orphans enrolled in HopeChest programs.
For every T shirt you buy- HopeChest will provide a new pair of shoes & a new shirt for an orphan.
100% of proceeds will benefit orphans in Ethiopia.
To Ethiopia with Love- projects throughout the country that HopeChest sponsors.

Why buy a T shirt?
Your contribution will provide over 400 orphans in Ethiopia basic needs & the greatest gift of all - love. Make this a Valentine’s Day you will never forget. Please pray for the orphans every time you wear your shirts. We need to sell 400 T’s to give 400 pairs of shoes. 400 for 400!

SO....go now to Kari's Blog: http://www.mycrazyadoption.org/ to buy your tshirt...I got mine ordered last night and will post it as soon as it arrives....It is SO cute and I can't wait to get it!!

Happy Tuesday to you all!!!!

PS....we're almost at the 300,000th hit mark....Let me know IF you hit the BIG number and I'll announce the winner and mail out a Gwen Oatsvall:

http://www.147millionorphans.com/ tshirt to ya of your choice!!kj


  1. yeah...i think its great what she and hopechest are teaming up to do! what a cute shirt too!

    wow..300,000..thats awesome! Congrats! Just think about all the ways you have helped spread awareness of orphans through this blog...hopefully through our adoption journey I can do the same!

  2. I'm so glad you're back. Buying my very cute shirt for this wonderful cause now...

  3. Just ordered 2 shirts this morning. How do we get them? Are they sent ?

  4. Getting ready to buy mine. I did a post on my blog to hopefully get a few more sells. Where did you get the video of pics? I couldn't find it & didn't want to copy it without permission. I thought I might do a follow up later if you let me know where I can get it.
    Thanks for the heads up. I love these!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!