Monday, January 25, 2010

An Amazing Testimony!!! Read On and Be CHANGED!!

I have a TREAT for all of you tonight....It is the adoption testimony from the Charisa and Greg K. Family!! They are an AGCI family that was willing to share their experience in HOPES that someone will read and decide to make a difference in the LIFE OF AN ORPHAN!! This family said YES when they were called to adopt...and they've been blessed by their obedience!!!
Without further ado...This is Charisa, Greg, their family and THEIR STORY:

"Our family embarked on our adoption journey after our hearts were moved by the plight of the African people in our Mission trips to Zambia. We desired to bring a child into our home and bless him or her with our love and care. At that time, little did I know how much we would be blessed ourselves.

Our blessings began during our adoption process. The generosity of our friends and church family during this time humbled and amazed us. Their support- financial, emotional, and prayers- meant so much to us and confirmed we were on God's path. To know that so many people were praying for a little 5 yr. old boy across the ocean that would soon be our son was so encouraging and reassuring during times of unknown and waiting. We also developed close relationships (and are continuing to do so!) within the AGCI adoption community. It is also neat to have friendships with those of like mind and spirit across the United States.

Of course, our main blessing during this entire journey is a little boy who has a heart and faith so big that it literally catches our breath at times. He helps us see everything anew- from his first snow, to thinking we lived in a castle, to just enjoying life each day. He has strengthened our faith to pray to God for everything we need because it is the first thing he always does.

Abenezer stirs our hearts toward compassion as he prays with a compassionate heart. Recently, while it was raining, he prayed for those in wheel chairs that have to stay out in the rain. He has a desire to give to those who are in need. He asks me to buy baby food in the stores for the babies without food. He has a heart for those in need because he has lived that life. Abenezer would give you the shirt off his back without hesitating. Ab helps us to see the poor with God's eyes of mercy and love.

Our adoption has also blessed those around us. A friend recently told us that she had the opportunity to give to orphan relief and she wasn't going to but then Abenezer's face came into her mind and she was moved to do so. Abenezer made the need of the orphan real. He gave that need a name and a face in our community.

Abenezer has strengthened our resolve and heart for the millions of people who through poverty, sickness, or of circumstances of birth seemingly have no hope. Our hearts are tied to Ethiopia and her people. We have been fortunate to be able to play a small part of helping supplies make their way to Hannah's Hope. It encourages our faith when people respond and say, 'How can I help?'

Most of all, Abenezer has showed us our Father's love, a love that is unconditional, and is in spite of all of our hurts and behavior. A love that seeks us out, just as we sought for a child that needed our love. Many people tell us that Abenezer is so blessed to have us, but truthfully, we are the ones that are blessed. "

**Now watch as this sweet MOTHER and CHILD meet for the FIRST TIME......I just LOVE Gotcha Days:

Just an fyi....Charisa coordinates the donations to HH for traveling families and if anyone would want to help, that they can email her at She also doesn't mind being a resource for older child adoption if you have any questions for her.

You can also find her at her blog:

****Thank you Charisa and Greg for sharing your story!! Praising God for His faithfulness!!!! I also pray that this will reach someone that is on the fence, and that it will confirm WHAT they already knew....THAT GOD HAS A CHILD WAITING FOR THEM!!! We just must have faith and obey!!!

**Happy Monday to you all, kj

JANUARY 25, 2010*
Whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never get thirsty again – ever! In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up within him for eternal life. (John 4:14)

Why does God allow us to spend so much of life in the heat of battle? Because He never meant for us to sip His Spirit like a proper cup of tea. He meant for us to hold our sweating heads over the fountain and lap up His life with an unquenchable thirst.
-Beth Moore, A Quick Word with Beth Moore - Scriptures & Quotations from Praying God’s Word


  1. I thought it was the music on those gotcha day videos that always got to me...but I guess not because I'm sitting here in tears to that one with no music! Hit me in a new way now that I know and love Charisa!!! Beautiful post!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO BRING OUR CHILD HOME!

  2. That was just the post I needed to read today!!! What a beautiful family and what a blessing to share in their story. I love that Abenezer wants to buy baby food and pray for people in wheelchairs in the rain. This is what God meant when he said we should become like little children. As always thanks for sharing another family that made one less orphan.

  3. Should have known to grab the Kleenex first!
    Thanks for the happy tears! Their story and video is simply precious!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. So sweet and we are finding the same truths with our adoption. The beauty and blessings that come from adoption is AMAZING. It is a definite God journey from the start.

  5. Kristi!
    First, it is such a blessing to have you back and blogging and I am so greatful to know this family's i knew them from donations for HH.
    Blessings to you and your precious family!

  6. oh WOW! How beautiful! Loved the testimony and that video was precious...he seemed so happy! what a beautiful heart that boy has!

  7. That was beautiful....thanks for sharing!

  8. I just watched that video with tears streaming down my face. Oh my, I can hardly wait.

  9. oh such a sweet video of love! I love seeing Gotcha videos too! It just always makes me cry! Such joy and it's like seeing God's love for us!

    Thank you for sharing!

    God BLess, Heidi


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