Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Amazing Shout Outs This Week (and make sure you read #7)

Lots of great things to tell ya about this week...and then a SUPER DUPER BIG REQUEST FROM read that at the bottom...pretty please!!! :)

1. Oh, how I LOVE this new shirt...Definitely one of my new favs!!! I loved this family's LAST shirt..but this one is just GREAT too....Their blog is: They are adopting from Ethiopia...They are with my agency, AGCI....and well...they have huge hearts that I adore!! :) Here is their new shirt:

***Here is their awesome promo video for their shirt (yes, they are workin hard for this one :) :

And, you can also order one by going to I can't wait to get mine!!

#2. Check out this family's' new tshirt they are selling for their adoption:

Too cute...You can find this shirt at I need to jump on over and order mine..... Isn't this family adorable...they certainly need to add a girly to that mix :)

3. Now let me introduce ya to the Kirk Family....I know...just too cute:

You can find this family at: They are partnering with for 6 weeks where all the profits from these adorable tshirts goes towards their adoption of baby #7!!! This partnership with the Kirk Family starts on Sunday, May get your goseeklove shirt starting then!!! This family is also another AGCI fam!!!

#4. 2 shout outs go out for my friend Becky and her family!!! Becky is my "Target" friend that I blogged about in March....She had a great story...go check it out here!!! Anyways, they have since accepted a referral for a 5 and 8 year old child from Ethiopia...they have a court date..and things are moving VERY QUICKLY at this point...You can see their blog at: They are doing some fundraising events coming up:

1. They are having a spa day on Monday, May 17th...all day....where you can be pampered and purchase items from Beauticontrol and all proceeds go towards their adoption..... AND...

2. They are having a large yard sale on Saturday, June 26th at Bethel World Outreach Center in Mckays Mill, Franklin!! If you are interested in helping or donating to either of these fundraisers please contact Becky at She can give you more details!!

#5. My sister Kelly with is taking donations for the Flood Victims of Nashville AGAIN this Friday at a local drop off point!! They are in need of ALL household items..including clothes, personal items, furniture, etc.... You can email if you have anything you'd like to donate...They are NOW up to about 7 families they are helping and believing that God will provide all the things needed to get these families back on their feet!! Imagine having NOTHING....all donations are greatly appreciated!!

#6. I have one more fam to introduce ya to...I'm introducing this family because I've had MANY emails lately from people "scared" to get started!! They all feel God is working on their hearts for adoption...but they feel scared to get started!! I hear lots of "i'll be the first in my community to adopt"..."what will the teen years be like"...."my parents/inlaws aren't supportive"...."I live in a community where racism still exists..what will that be like for my child?" All I can say is...I don't have all the answers...but God DOES!!!! You might just have to be strong enough to be the FIRST in your community like this family: This sweet family is open to talking with any of you that might have questions like: "How did you get over your fears..and decide to adopt when you are the 1st to do it in your community?"

#7.....Ok....I have my OWN SHOUT OUT!!! My sweet friend Karen (who made my Gotcha Day video) is making a 1 year home video...coming out in June on our 1 year anniversary home!!! Yes, sequels are hard...but hey...we're given it a try anyways...So.....we were chatting today and throwing out ideas...when...we came up with something good!! :) I would LOVE for anyone that has been touched, moved, inspired, or pushed over the edge to adopt BECAUSE of our adoption/video/LL, etc. to please email me a picture of your current family so it can be used in our 1 year home video!! It can be a pic of your fam currently holding up a number on the wait list, or just a picture of your fam, or if your adoption is complete then it can be with your new child....Is this making any sense?? So, I've lost count of HOW MANY people have written me to let me know they are NOW adopting....and I'd like to use you all in our let the world know what happens when you adopt JUST ONE CHILD!!! Everyone has a ripple effect...I'm nothing special...but I know so many people think that it is just helping ONE CHILD..when really it is helping hundreds of children every time someone adopts an orphaned child!!! Ok. if that makes sense..then please email me your picture at and give me permission to use it on our video!! Ok, so the pressure is on ya now if you weren't busy enough..I know..I'm a high maintenance friend!!! :)

****Wow...that took a while to now my arms are falling to sleep from typing so much..and brain is turning off for the night!! :) Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing all the info. I will email you a family picture later...can't wait to the new video.

  3. You ROCK!
    Love & Miss Ya,

  4. Kristi -- thank you for sharing your story - and the stories of families all over the world. You and yours are such an inspiratioN!

  5. I'll definitely be sending our family's picture! It was Lucy Lane and Abe Alexander that pulled our heart strings!!

    I'm so excited to see the new video! My husband and I have often wondered how many peoples lives were changed and decided to adopt because of little Lucy Lane!!!

  6. I sent our photo! Your sweet Lucy Lane inspired us so!

  7. AWESOME!!!! That video pushed us "over the edge" to adopt, and now we are in the TOP FIVE waiting for our own sweet Ethiopian girl! WAHOO!!! And several families that I know that have been considering adoption, I send them YOUR video just KNOWING it will pull on their heart strings. When do you need the picture by? It's killing me, but I am going to TRY to wait until Tuesday to email my caseworker about our new number. Didn't know if that would be too late for ya. Just let me know!

  8. I am going to be sure to email you soon because, thanks in part to your inspiration, we just PASSED COURT and will be traveling to bring our little girl home this summer! I can't wait to get my hands on her!!! Thanks for all that you do and the support that you offer. I am praying that our adoption will have the same "ripple effect" that yours did!

  9. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Kristi! We would love to encourage any families that we could! God has been so faithful to us...we are blown away by all He is doing here in Mississippi! We love it! Emailed you our picture today...can't wait for the one year video! Great idea!

  10. We soo appreciate you including us in your shout-out! And cool thing is that we are having a giveaway for a couple of our shirts if you wanna stop over again! :0) We were one of "those" families who couldn't seem to get on the same page about adoption, And then the Lord presented Himself again with a beautiful group of kiddos from Uganda. That was the first step for my husband, but we still had many steps to go up. The other day mu hubby bought me a stamp that says "Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase. ~Martin Luther King~. Our families still aren't completely on-board and that makes it difficult. But we do have faith that God will soften hearts--He will.
    I'd be glad to send you a picture of our family--we happen to be #15 on the wait-list for a referral, but we're moving fast!

  11. Thanks for the shout out Kristi. We are doing the drawing for our shirts (5 of them!!) tonight. I could talk for hours with those families who have so many questions and fears....first in the community, etc, etc, because we were one. Now we are almost complete with our Dossier and on the list. Remember one of my earliest statements when I felt like an "island" down here in S. Fla? and my friend said, "would you rather be on an island with Jesus (or the first in your community) than in the crowd without Him?"

  12. We will for SURE be sending you a picture. Cannot decide if we just use an OLD one (no good new ones for like a year, seriously!) or try for a new...when do you need them by?


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