Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 1/2 Bday LL and Happy 11 Months Home!

Wow, I can't believe LL has been in my arms for 11 months TODAY!! I certainly can't believe that our ONE YEAR HOME ANNIVERSARY is coming up next month!! ( Oh, and thank you for all the GREAT pictures I am receiving of YOUR families!! You guys are blowing me away with all this!!! If you missed my last post, we're asking for anyone that decided to adopt, was inspired to adopt, or was simply pushed over the edge to adopt FROM our video, family, LL, blog, etc.... to please send us a pic of YOUR FAMILY and we want to use it in our upcoming 1 YEAR HOME VIDEO that will be out next month!! So, keep sending them...and I'll give you a cut off date as soon as I hear from my friend Karen who is making it for me :) You can send your pics to ) Ok, so back to this post: Above, is 11 months ago TODAY......LL had turned 7 months old on that very Gotcha Day we picked her up....Above, she is pictured with her travel buddy Silas......Then......Today........
Lucy lane and Silas were reunited on their 11 month Gotcha Day Anniversary!!!! Oh, and Silas was quite happy to see LL.....

He couldn't stop kissing her (Ok, so I hear he kisses everyone...but I'm going to pretend that LL is special in his heart for now :)

Well...she never quite felt the love for "kissing" like her buddy Silas did...but...well...we're teaching her well...No kissing boys until she's at least 35 :)

The kids having fun with some Chalk..............

A cute pic...Ok, so we were at an adoption picnic today if you can't much fun!!!
Some of the moms at the picnic...Gwen and I carpooled out together to attend this picnic...It's always fun gabbin with my girl Gwen!! :) And, what a fun way to spend LL's 1/2 birthday and her 11 months Home day!!

Well...I think LL had a fun 1/2 bday...we celebrated tonight by eating at Cracker of our favs!! :) Then we came home and the kids ran straight for the $5.00 baby pool...They've had more fun with this thing....It was meant for George and LL...but...their older siblings seem to LOVE it too!!! No one takes the time for a swim suit!!! :) Don't ya wonder what the neighbors think!! LOL The pool fun ended when LL did a #2 in her bloomers (she had no diaper on :) and George did a #1 in the pool...seriously at the same time...that sent the older kids runnin..and I had to drop the cam to grab them both out of the water!! :) too funny!!!
****Oh, what a difference 11 months makes!!! She's just our little dream come true...all that spunk and all!!! :) I can't believe you are 18 months old LL!! We love you more than you'll ever know!!! Happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. love the nakey bums in the baby pool! sorry the fun was spoiled from the little baby pool turning into a over-sized toilet.:)

  2. It's unreal how much they've changed!

    I think Silas was working for the chips! :) He loves your girl ... there's nothing that will take away that bond.

    Great to see you today ... thanks for making the roadtrip over ... seeya soon!

  3. I'm laughing outloud at how the little swimmers got the big kids out of their pool. George & LL (#1 & #2) - what a hoot! And Mommy you are too funny adding a privacy spot to his bottom. You leave me grinning. =)

  4. love all the pics...and loved seeing you yesterday! so sweet of y'all to drive over! that last one of lucy and silas in front of the coke machine cracks me up--she's just completely ignoring his kisses;)! so cute! and, what childhood wouldn't be complete without summers and a $5 baby pool?? love it! happy sunday to your fam! kp

  5. Loving getting all of the 'inspired' pictures from your readers...keep em comin! And don't forget to get me your pictures/videos (like yesterday!) too!

  6. Happy 11 months home to Miss Lucy Lane! The adoption picnic looks so fun! That's a great idea... you have such an adoption-filled community!

  7. It looks like he is trying to say he is sorry for kissing Olivia...but Lucy Lane is not having it! :)Miss Olivia is I am sure, heartbroken.

  8. ADORE your kids!!!! Happy 1/2 birthday LL & sooo close to your anniversary of coming home. WE have ALL cried happy tears over that! And soooo many more have been inspired- a little girl, a dream of your mommy & daddy = changing the world one orphan (or more) at a time!!!!

  9. Baby Girl is gonna have to beat them off with a stick - might as well start practicing now!! If you love it why doncha put a ring on it, buddy!

  10. Wow!! So much has happened in 11 months, huh?

  11. Okay, the look on LL's face during the kissing is PRICELESS!! I just love it. She must have you laughing all day long!


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