Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Just a quick post to say Happy Memorial Day from our 5 little people to YOURS.... And, our YOUNGEST little person was feeling quite dramatic and DIDN'T want to pose for Mom's Memorial Day pic in her WAY TOO CUTE Poppy Dip skirt :) So...she threw herself onto her brother Hal and refused to look at me....
And, she then hid behind Hal basically choking him which caused ALL KINDS OF LAUGHS from her siblings (which she's always going for :)

Julia "peeling" her off of Hal.................

Now she attaches herself to Julia and STILL refuses to look at me..............
Julia successfully turns her around just in time for George to run away, Hal to get his "rabbit fingers" up and LL to start crying....Oh, well....the cute pic just isn't happenin' today :) LOL
Ok, Mommy to the rescue...and now Hal ran away too...Oh, well...You win lose some :) Hey, but the Poppy Dip Skirts are still VERY CUTE either way..and yes, you'll see them again for the 4th of act surprised!! :) Oh, and you can find them at if you are interested...All proceeds go towards their 3rd adoption from Ethiopia!! :)
**Happy Monday, Happy Memorial and certainly remembering and honoring all those that went before us so that we can stand here today in FREEDOM!! kj


  1. OK...the play by play on the pics tonight cracked me up! That Lucy is like Frank...when they make up their minds...there is no changing it!!! That girl can make some faces I tell you! And what CUTE, CUTE poppy dips!!!!!!!

  2. That was so cute...I love those kind of pictures!

  3. Real life. Real fun. Real cute.
    Thanks for keeping it real!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. that picture sequence is hilarious!!! I love those skirts ... I think we'll have to adopt a girl next so I have someone to dress up! :P

  5. Kristi, we co-sleep as well and because my husband is Asian it was his culture that influenced me so much. Co-sleeping is very normal and natural and when we look at every other culture in the world the western culture is one of the few that do not openly accept this idea. As far as the having sex question from a previous poster...there are at least 3 hours hat all children are asleep and hubby and I have time. There is more than one place in our house to be intimate. We don't limit ourself to our bedroom. When we finally go to bed at night, it is to sleep. We also remind ourself that this is a season of life and they won't always want to sleep with us. Co-sleeping easily works for us but it may not for other families. Either way, I wish it wasn't viewed as so strange. It does no burden our marriage at all.

  6. oh, man! I posted that comment under the wrong post! I meant to post it under the bonding post.


Thank you for your kind words!!