Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Flood Of the Century....Wow...

Wow....the rain just won't stop in the Nashville area...Amazing amounts of rain!!! We've been stuck inside for two days doing LOTS of this: We live on a hillside, so we're safe...but our poor little community is completely flooded...Flooded in a way that this area HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!! Power outages everywhere...lots of homes around us don't have evacuated....We just weren't ready for this much rain...CRAZY!!! The news is filled around the clock with stranded motorists, water rescues, tornado warnings, and sadly even local deaths!! :(
We've had a constant water fall coming off our back yard....for two days........

The road in front of our house is a flowing river with mud and rocks at all times.......

Our back yard is just pouring water off its hillside..............We've watched and watched from the windows....we've played every craft in the house, watched every movie and every tv show we can find, played hide and go seek, ball and freeze tag until we're bored out of our minds....You see...we're an active family...It is hard on us to stay home this many days in a row.....So.....

We finally unleashed our wild animals and told them to GO FOR IT:

Memories to last a life time for an 8, 6 and 5 year old.............

LL was napping and my sweet George wasn't about to go out and get wet with his big siblings:
He stayed close to his Momma...but he did disappear inside and reappeared with his rain boots...Cutie boy!

***Enjoy a few more pics from around our local neighborhood:

Below is the park where our AFrican Fellowship was held last Sunday....Glad it wasn't THIS Sunday: Yikes..........

My sister Kelly likes a little adventure...She's been out with her kids snappin pics:
She caught this car stranded....You can see, below, her son DOWN in the action...Crazy Cam!! He's in the red shirt havin the time of his life....My nephews are nuts!! :) (you a good way :)

Here's our local YMCA...this is about a mile down the road from me....crazy....

Our interstates are all shut down (obviously so from the picture above)

*** I found this news clip on my sister's face book page...crazy stuff:

***And, it is STILL raining!!! Hope you all keep dry...I'm kind of liking the fact that we live on a hill now... Praying for all those effected in our area......
Happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. Wow! I lived in Nashville 9 years ago in Mayfield. That's the Y my kids went to for all their sports. I assume the bridge there is washed out! Unbelievable. My friends have been telling me about creeks rising, etc. but these are the first pictures I've seen. Stay high and dry


  2. Wow! That is crazy. We will be praying for safety for everyone there. Love the pics of the kiddos. Too cute!

  3. Kristi -
    Glad you are dry and love the pictures of the kids outside!!!

  4. We live in Smyrna and can't get out of our neighborhood. The (only) entrance is flooded over. But we are all safe and sound. This has definitely been some crazy Nashville weather!

  5. Oh my goodness... that is CRAZY flooding. So glad you let the kids out to enjoy it:) I live in Arkansas and we've spent a lot of time this weekend in our storm room b/c we've had several tornadoes.

  6. Oh my goodness, that is crazy!! It looks like your kids had a blast playing in it though!!

  7. My gracious!

    I say it's time to bake a cake :O).

  8. I've been keeping an eye on Nashville! Praying that the overall damage is minimal and easy to clean up!
    I bet you didn't think the kids would get a day off from school this late in the year!
    Keep well! (and dry!)

  9. We have been watching the local news websites and internet videos of "home" from a far. How scary!
    Hoping sunny skies and receding waters come quickly!
    Love & Blessings,

  10. Last night Rodney was showing me a picture online of the damage and below it said, "Photograph by Kelly Putty." And I was like, "Hey, I know that girl!" :-) Well, I know who she is anyway...

  11. Oh Kristi! Those pictures are pretty amazing. I can't believe what's going on there! Stay safe! :)

  12. Oh Kristi, that's unbelievable! I had no idea things were so crazy over there, thanks for sharing the pics. Wow! Stay safe and RAIN - go away!!!

  13. Wow, that is really some crazy rain. Praying fo rthe people of Nashville.

  14. wow...that's crazy. thankful for your hill!

  15. Definitely praying for all of my friends out there. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  16. Hope your all okay..I have a friend in Franklin, her office in Nashville is under water...crazy...praying for all of you!!

  17. WOW.... so glad you are all safe. Praying for your community and others.

  18. OMG thats def. a lot of Water!!!!! I luuuuuuved all the pics of the kids playing in of it! hahaha i know me and my younger brothers would have a blast playing in all that water 2!!!! Good luck luck and i'll be praying for the rest of TN and for lots and lots of Sunshine!!!!



Thank you for your kind words!!