Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is This Your Daughter???

Tonight I have an adorable little girl to tell you ALL about....AGCI let me know of ANOTHER "waiting" child in NEED of a FOREVER FAMILY!! My prayer is that God will use this post and connect the dots so this child can find her FOREVER FAMILY NOW!!! I will be calling her ADORABLE "T"!! Adorable T is just that....ADORABLE!! She is a 7 or 8 year old child on paper...but Almaz at Hannah's Hope thinks she could be more like 9 or 10!! So....think 7, 8, 9, or 10 and you should be about right!! :) It is simple people....Adorable T needs a HOME!! She is in need of a Mommy and Daddy....T is considered a FULL Orphan because she has lost both of her parents!! She is healthy, beautiful and vibrant and this is what AGCI had to say about her:

"T is a bit of a social butterfly...She is sweet spirited, smart and enjoys going to school. She is always at the top of her class and she describes her favorite subjects as being Math and English. "

Please consider HOW YOU could change the life of this child!!

***So...who is THIS CHILD:
Well...I know MOST of you already know that she's MY oldest daughter!!! Why is she pictured?? Well, because she's Adorable T's AGE!! She is 8!! And, well...8 is just a FABULOUS age!! I can't imagine my sweet girl having to be photographed knowing that she is getting her picture taken SO SOMEONE CAN PICK HER!! It just breaks my heart!! This is just one of those times that I just think life is so unfair!! I can find this random pic of my daughter where she is sporting a million "silly bands" on her wrist..she has braces..she has enough to eat..she has freshly washed hair and a nice outfit on and MOST importantly: TWO PARENTS that are alive that think she hung the moon!! Yet T has lost everything!! I know in my heart that someone once thought Adorable T hung the moon!! My guess is that she had someone that used to hug and kiss on her just like I do my babies.....My guess is that someone cared enough about her to get her to an orphanage when she had NO ONE LEFT TO CARE FOR HER ANY LONGER!! You know.... I prayed and asked God to KEEP BREAKING MY HEART FOR WHAT BREAKS HIS....AND well....the orphaned child just keeps breaking my heart folks!

***So, I just need to end here and say...."is Adorable T your daughter?" I know God doesn't intend for her to be alone the rest of her all it takes is ONE PERSON to step up and say YES to this sweet child!!! Will it be YOU??

**If you at ALL feel a tugging or a pull in your heart for this sweet child...please contact AGCI to get more information on her...and to see her sweet face!! You can call the Inquiry Department at 800-214-6719 or email at OR go directly to their website at and find additional ways to contact!! Adorable T is NOT on their you'll have to call to see her pics and get more info on her!! You may also email me at if I can help at all!

***So, yes, connect to this post..pass this post whatever it takes to find Adorable T her forever family that I KNOW exists out there!! Thanks everyone...and KNOW that I'll be praying THE RIGHT PERSON finds this post!! Happy Wednesday to you all, kj

I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you - John 14-18


  1. I will say a prayer for her! Say a prayer for my family as we are gathering the supporting documents for our official application to AGCI. We are hoping to send it all in by July 1.

  2. Kristi-
    You don't know me, but I've been following your blog for a while now. Our family is just beginning the adoption process with ACGI. I hope to be a "voice" for orphans like you one day.

  3. this also breaks my heart..the orphans. I am deeply burdened....Im sure not as much as God is, but I am deeply deeply saddend when I see a child without a family. I will pray!!! for this sweet little girl!!
    I think in the area we live in we can not use ACGI?
    They are not here. ...

    Blessings my friend! Your the best!

  4. linked to this post on my blog! i love what you're doing here (advocating for the orphan).


Thank you for your kind words!!