Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Mothers Day as a Momma of 5!!!

Yes, this years Mothers Day was EXTRA special since it is Lucy Lane's first Mothers Day home with her family....and my first Mother's Day as a Momma OF 5!!! It was a GREAT day and we all had so much fun together.....We headed to Kentucky bright and early to join the entire fam for some lunch....
Above, we have me with my mom, my grandma and two of my sisters...Yes, I wore jeans and my "I love My Kids" shirt....I'm just the type!! :) My hubby with his Momma pictured above..........
After lunch we headed over to my sister's house where we all hung out for the afternoon and let all the cousins play....13 cousins were present they had lots of fun running around together.......(Isn't Cousin Nathan from Ethiopia getting big? He's so adorable)

Me and my two sisters...(sister Karson STILL isn't getting out with her newborn...and brother Michael lives in Arizona....just an fyi)

Sister Kasey and her fam....

Sister Kelly with her 6 kiddos......

Good pics just weren't happening today....but we tried...oh..and we kept trying :) Above, the kids with their Jules (my MIL)

Above, the kids with their Grandma and great Grandma (my mom and grandma)....This pic might be my fav...Can you see the hand on George?? This is DAddy picking up George for the pic since he refused to be in it!! :) LOL

My little Sunshine on our FIRST Mother's Day together....such a dream come true!!!

LL hanging with Poppy and Daddy........

LL had fun on her first Mother's day...and I got tons of home made goodies from the kids...those are my favorite by far!!

LL getting lots of lovin!!!

Cousins having fun at lunch together....

One final shot of My FIRST Mothers' Day with ALL 5 kids!!! Still couldn't get everyone to cooperate...Oh, we gave up...There just isn't such thing as a GREAT picture when you have 5 young kids :) LOL This above one was the best we got...Thanks Uncle Ronnie for sending me this one :)

***The day was wonderful...I feel extremely blessed...Praying for all those Momma's waiting for their babies, Praying for LL's birth mother on this day, and especially praying for all those precious children STILL WAITING TO HAVE A MOM!!

Praising God for my 5 wonderful babies He has given me...I love being a Mommy more than anything else in this world....I'm forever grateful for God's Blessing on my life!!! Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. what a happy mother's day. great outfit choice. i LOVE the family pix!

  2. What a precious bunch, looks like you had a great day. Being a mother is by far the best gift.

  3. Happy Mothers Day :)

    I know I made my mom cry by saying that its two kids in Ethiopias last mothers day without a mommy.

    I love you girls dresses by the way.

    Allison Young

  4. Awww...thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures!

  5. Looks like the perfect day. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  6. Congratulations -- so very happy for you and your gorgeous family!!

  7. I love the pics! You are all so much fun and Lucy is looking so big! Momma to five- wow yu are blessed!!! Happy Mother's Day.

  8. Oh,Kristi. This brings tears to my eyes. So wonderful! I adore Lucy's dress! She is such a beautiful baby! I am the one who emailed you a bit ago about our adoption - we have now gone public. I am trying to spread the news as we try to raise funds. Is there anyway you could spread the news here on your blog? Thanks so much! I can see how blessed you feel in all of your photographs. My arms ache for my baby in Ethiopia.

  9. Beautiful pictures. :) And happy Mother's day as a mama of 5. :)

  10. What a beautiful family! I can definitely appreciate the picture of George... I think I have one that is very similar of my little guy! :)

  11. Happy Mamma's Day Kristi! I am so happy you have you Lucy. I can't wait till next year when I will be a Mamma of 3! :)

  12. Hal watching George is great too!

    Happy Mothers Day!

  13. what beautiful pics Kristi! I LOVE your shirt that you wore, you can tell you are so in love and so proud to be their mommy! Lucy's dress is gorgeous btw!!

  14. It would be MY dream come true to look like THAT in a pair of jeans!


  15. What a fun bunch of a family and all so beautiful. First picture I didn't know which one was your mom as every one looks so young!! =) Beautiful.

  16. Ahhh..we have a similar post title! Lucy Lane is getting so big! And Kelly kids are it weird that I want to pinch their cheeks? happy mother's day.

  17. You are all so so beautiful. Love the pics!

  18. Hi Kristi, Happy belated Mother's Day to you! You need to do a blog post on how you juggle five kids! :) I just found your blog a few days ago and emailed you with some questions. Thanks for posting all of this here for us to read along and learn from. God bless you and your family! :)

  19. Its been a while since I have blog surfed:) So glad to see everyone is doing well. Isn't it fun to be on this side??? Love having Bella home.

  20. Great pictures! Looks like such a great day!


Thank you for your kind words!!