Saturday, May 8, 2010

OH, How I LOVE Me Some Adoption Showers!!!! :)

How about an adoption shower to kick off the Mother's Day weekend!! :) There is nothing I love more than celebrating children coming home to their forever families..and entertaining..and well, add those two together..and it was a perfect way to spend my Mother's Day weekend!! :) Above, is my sweet friend Gwen WHO we were celebrating today...She will be leaving soon to pick up her two Ugandan cuties, Joseph and Daisy!! This will take this Momma from 4 to 6 children...and well..that is all the reason we needed to celebrate and throw a party for her!! :)
I loved more than anything the MANY faces of adoption that were running around my home...such a beautiful sight!!! I also had everyone wear their gear to surprise Gwen!! It was awesome to see everyone walking in with their different 147 gear fun..and yes, Gwen loved it!! :) Above: a picture of foster care adoption...He was 3 when he was adopted by his momma in pink!!

I had my normal table ready with yummy food (yes, feeding people is one of my favorite things to do :)

Another face of adoption..Macy was a domestic local adoption!! (oh, and my friend Karen in orange was adopted that counts too :)

above, the face of China adoption....
Gwen showing us her latest article in a local magazine...Yes, Gwen and Suzanne are always in the news or in the paper or magazines or being asked to talk, etc. is so cool to watch their 147millionorphan business TAKE OFF like it has...Praise God!!

Everyone hanging out in their GEAR!!! :)

Books filled with pics of Joseph and Daisy....(and a Ugandan quiz, of course....thanks Holly for coming up with that :)

Another beautiful face of adoption........

Another beautiful face of adoption...........

If you look across the table....another adorable face of adoption..............

another beautiful face of adoption........

The cupcakes were a hit with all the little ones :)

The cake wasn't their best creation...but it did the trick!! :)

Daisy's were on the table to celebrate Gwen's sweet Daisy coming home soon!! :)

Suzanne entered with a massive gang!!! (all in their 147 gear :)

Pics of Joseph and Daisy were everywhere!!

Tracy, above, the new mom to 7 was present!! :)

Gwen had tons of friends stop by...which isn't surprising since she is loved by everyone in town :)

All 4 of these Momma's above have adopted!!

Gwen and Suzanne...13 children between these two women!! wow!!

LL was sporting her shirt today too....Here we are showing off our new shirts!!

We attempted to get a few pics of everyone in their gear...but people were coming and going in it was hard to catch everyone...but we tried!! :)

My kids ran around having fun with all the kids that came...LL never left my hip..well, except to eat everything she could get her hands on !!! :)
I think her favorite was the chocolate cupcake with pink icing!!! Don't ya think?? :)
**What a fun day!! I feel so blessed to always be surrounded by SO many women that "get it" and inspire me each and every day!! I feel so honored to be able to organize this day for Gwen!! I can't imagine anyone more deserving than Gwen to be showered with Gifts for her new little loves entering her life!! Praising God for each and every one of you walking this CRAZY life with me!! :) Happy Mother's Day Gwen...and Happy Mother's Day to all you incredible mommas out there!! :)
and happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. What a wonderful Mother's Day kick off!!! So many beautiful women and amazing children... great photos!!

    Happy Mother's Day to YOU - enjoy your 1st one w/ LL home!! :)

  2. What a fun shower! Loved it! Gwen sure is loved by many! You have really helped many connect with their forever families just like all of those around us today have!!! Thanks for including me...

  3. Beautiful!
    Feeling homesick now ...
    Happy Mothers Day Sweet Friend!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. What a wonderful way to kick off Mother's Day wekend. :)

    The momma wearing the pink "pick me" t-shirt (foster care adoption) you know if these shirts can be ordered???


    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  5. Oh how fun! Wishing I was there to celebrate with all of you!

    Your LL is one sweet girl! Happy Mother's Day to you!

    Blessings and love,

  6. Hey Mrs. Johnson!! I think I've commented this before, but I went to Uganda in 2007 for a mission trip. So this adoption touches my heart in a very close way. :) I am so so thankful for Gwen adopting those little ones!! 2 more beautiful children in a loving home, that makes me so happy. Just a fun fact I learned in Uganda: the word Mzungu means white person in Luganda, the language probably most spoken in Uganda, and is shouted everytime the little Ugandans see a white person. It's not a really a racial term, but more of an expression of surprise. Kinda like, "A VISITOR!!" :) Have fun in Uganda, Gwen. And congratulations. Happy mother's day to you Mrs. Johnson, and to you Gwen! :)

  7. So much fun...wish I could have been there. Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day!

  8. Love this! How amazing to be surrounded by so much encouragement!
    We announced to the world today that we are adopting! Check out my site! {grin}

  9. So wish I could have been there to help celebrate!!!!!! So excited for Gwen :)

  10. Oh Kristi, you did a great job on this shower for gwen! What a great friend you must be! How wonderful that all you ladies live so close together! I need to find some ohio adoption friends like that! This makes me excited for our first baby/adoption shower that our friends are throwing for us on June 12th! :0)

  11. you definitely know how to celebrate. what a joyous event!

  12. What a beautiful day to spend mother's day weekend. I sooo want to live by you guys!! What an amazing group you all are.

  13. You're a truly great friend, Kristi! What a special day that Joseph and Daisy will be able to look back at and know that they were loved...even before they came home. A precious gift.

    I wanted to tell you we finally got our t-shirts finished after months of trying to get it right. :0) Check 'em out if you'd like!


  14. Makes me sad that I wasn't there! So much fun.

  15. what a beautiful day and a breath of fresh air!!! so much fun---and love to go around!! thank you sweet kristi!!

  16. Gwen's right, you are a Martha Stewart!!!


    ...except for the crimial record.... he hee

    Looks like a LOT of fun! And adoption is always a reason to celebrate!!

  17. What a wonderful shower!! Can't wait to be having some those fun adoption showers down here in Mississippi! I pray that is comes quickly!! Gwen has been so inspiring to me...and she has no idea who I am! Love her happy for her!

  18. I just want to move there so I can hang out with y'all. Seriously.


Thank you for your kind words!!