Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So...HOW is LL Liking Her New Baby Brother???

Well...this deserved a post in itself...well...just because it is so funny!! LL has been the only one that ISN'T so sure about Baby Brother entering HER world!! Well...because...up until he arrived...the WORLD BELONGED TO MISS LUCY LANE!! She has been the QUEEN of our house..and well...suddenly a Cute Little Prince has entered her space!! :) For being 2 years old, I think she is doing well....and she's learning to like him better each day...but it's going slowly....

*I'll try to tell you in pictures...This is DAY ONE of him being home...She insisted on drinking her chocolate milk out of a bottle:
So, I let her ..and she quickly realized it came out WAY too slow for her liking..and it didn't last long...but she sucked on that thing for about an hour that day (LOL) !!
She also hasn't sat in this "baby" chair for over a year...she wanted nothing to do with it....well...until she saw Baby Brother sitting in it.....Then it was back to being HER seat..and she wanted to sit there too:
Baby Brother didnt' mind sharing....
She also discovered MANY times to run to the hose outside..turn it on..soak herself with her clothes on...and that gets a great reaction out of everyone....
We're just not making a big deal of things like this..and reminding her that she needs to ASK mommy and daddy before turning the water hose on :)
She ONLY calls Wes "Baby Brother" ....And when he discovered the bib drawer that's been there for YEARS..she decides she'll just get in it and tell him he CAN'T play in the bibs.....
We've gone out to eat and she asked IF we could leave Baby Brother at home!! She also says things like:
"Baby brother isn't cute"
"Baby brother isn't LITTLE...He's BIG"
"Baby brother is too SPICY"
"Look mommy...I'm going to spit on baby brother" (and she raspberried at him)
"Baby brother is NOT sweet...He's Peanut Butter" (not sure why she said that one :)

She was staring at his leg one day..I said: "lucy Lane..do you notice that he's brown just like you?" She said: "he's NOT brown..he's WHITE" !! Hmmm. Will work on that one later!

And, when she was crying..I asked her: "Lucy lane..why are you crying?" She answered: " because of Baby Brother!" Well...at least she's verbal and doesn't hold it in!! :)

*****Baby Brother LOVES pushing his walking toy around...and when we cheer him on...she quickly tries to take it away from him....

No worries...he just chases her trying to get it back!! :)
LL has decided she wanted to CRAWL again on lots of occasions..She refused to WALK out of the drs office...so she got carried to the car and buckled in by our pediatrician! She actually thought she was pretty special being carried out by him!! :) ha ha

**She's not giving him hugs and kisses yet....but each day she is learning to play beside him without taking everything away from him...baby steps....

And, for George...well...he thinks Baby Wes hung the moon. He treats Wes just like he treated Lucy lane when she came home...LIKE A VERY PROUD BIG BROTHER!!

**So...as you can see...Wes is doing great....LL is adjusting...and the rest of the kids are IN LOVE!! :) I always want to remember LL's "adjustment period" because I know someday she'll be IN LOVE with him just as much as we are! And, quickly we'll forget all the funny things she's said about him!! :)

**So, that's OUR LIFE on Day 6 of being home!! Today I've had Wes in my arms for 2 weeks!! Praising God for this precious boy He's given me!! I just look at him and still can't believe HE IS MINE!! And, as far as LL goes...she just makes me giggle!! She's just so adorable that you can't help but laugh at her struggling with her new Baby Brother...She'll LOVE him soon!! :) I know she will!!! :)

Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. I love this thanks for sharing!! I can't wait untill we bring our daughter home from Haiti I have been wondering how will my boys react!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lucy Lane is hysterical! I laughed out loud at the "Baby brother is too SPICEY!" comment! :) Too cute! So glad you are documenting all this! Ya'll will all laugh so hard about this one day! :)

  3. Sounds like Ryann.

    You are right, LL will come around and they will be best buds.

  4. Oh boy, you are going to have some fun days ahead!! LL is just SO funny and she's just responding the way any 2 year old would, but maybe with some extra flair!

  5. That's so awesome! Wes looks like he is already thriving - he will have chubby rolls before long! As for LL, she is such a cutie! She'll get the hang of being a big sister as long as you don't stress - which it definitely doesn't sound like you are doing. Love all the pictures! Congratulations on your new baby boy!

  6. Oh that picture of George and Wes is so sweet!! And Miss Lucy Lane is a riot... can't wait to hear more funny/sweet stories!! :)

  7. Cute pictures!! Soon enough, they will be the best of friends! Keep the stories coming ;O).

  8. Too spicy??? That was a good one! (:>)
    Lucy Lane is so funny. Life at your house will be crazy for awhile...but it is soooo worth it!

    God Bless You All!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  9. I am SO, SO HAPPY for you all!!!!

    He's just adorable <3

    LL sure is funny ;)

  10. That's so cute! My husband and I both got a giggle about the water :)

  11. Love it, love how you are keeping it real. Love the picture, the one of George and his little brother priceless!!!

  12. she's gonna come to love her some wes spicy!!! :) adorable...and just how a dethroned two year old should act. but she's not really dethroned, since the way you love your kids gives them ALL a little throne (appropriately so).

  13. Just Sweet! Sweet! I love blogging if nothing else, just so I can remember all the times past. This is one that will be so fun to read about some day:) Congratulations once again!

  14. Cannot wait to see that sibling love bloom. In the meantime, thank you for sharing the laughs! That LL is too cute and totally entertaining!

  15. That is so great! The "too spicy" comment made me smile :-) I am in awe of you and how you do it day to day with 6, COUNT 'EM 6, kids now. You are amazing! Little LL is about to show a whole other side to herself huh? Can't wait to read ALL about it!! God bless :-)

  16. Precious!! So glad to hear you all are doing well. . and sweet little LL will be kissing on him in no time! When Millie came home from the hospital, Ford told me he REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to HIT her . . like you said . . at least she is getting it out!!

  17. So excited for you guys! I know it's tough but hang in there mama! Love always finds a way. Big hugs. Love ya!

  18. This post just oozes sweetness, cuteness, and yes, LOVE!!! Can't wait to see a pic of LL and Wes that resembles the one of George and Wes! Soon. You are right. It WILL happen!

  19. Sounds oooohhh so familiar....and too funny. Transitions..... :) LL please know mommy and daddy couldn't love you more, but little brother is here to stay and guess what they love him too :) It will all be ok, but you just don't know that right now.


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