Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Week Home!! (A little break through)

Well, yesterday was ONE glorious week home with my Little Man!! Oh, HOW I LOVE HIM!! He's just so yummy sweet..and I simply adore the ground he crawls on!! :) As I was talking to one of my sisters yesterday and as I told her about my morning..she said, "Man, your life isn't very glamorous these days!" And, instantly..I thought..I better share some of the NON-glamorous that yall aren't shocked when you decide to have 6 little children in a row!! :)

*So, it's MAY..the last week of school for my bigger 3..which means they EACH have LOTS of end of the year celebrations going on....then add in George's 3 year old preschool activities and it makes for a BUSY time of year!! The hubby had to return to work the morning after I arrived home...and with no family see that I'm managing things on my own..which is honestly HOW i like it!! :) I'd just rather jump right in..and keep moving!!!

*So, yesterday the day started with getting the big 3 off to school..and getting the bottom 3 up and ready for the day too...Then the first appt for the day arrived which was someone from the state coming by to evaluate my Wes for early intervention types of stuff....The sweet lady is taking notes and we're bragging on how well Wes is progressing WHEN LL decides she doesn't like the attention baby brother is getting and decides to take all the toys from him including his walker toy that the State lady is interesting in SEEING him push around. When I tell her she has to share..she decides to throw herself back, raspberry at us all and try to kick baby brother. So, a swift, calm time out was earned...ALL WHILE State lady is taking notes!! :) I can't IMAGINE what those notes said!! And, ALL the sweet Wes is filling his after another (he's had diarrhea since I picked him up) and I have to stop and actually try and COLLECT the waste material in 6 test tubes that are DUE back at the dr.'s office!! :) Yall should try collecting runny poop in test times!! :)

*Well, state lady leaves giving Wes a GLOWING report!! :) I have to RUN out the door because my oldest daughter is giving a report at school on her trip to Ethiopia and she is determined that Mom is going to bring Ethiopian food to her class for everyone to try!! :) So, i ordered the kids dressed in their traditional ET clothes (another request by big sister) and headed out the door with ONE very upset 2 year old WhO doesn't like wearing ANYTHING she would consider as "dress up" clothes..and yes, Traditional ET dresses are "dress up" clothes to her!! LOL

*I have to get everyone out to pick up the food at the ET restaurant....LL acts out the entire time inside (can only imagine what the sweet ET ladies thought of her and ME while inside their restaurant :) And, we arrived at the elementary school just in time for the presentation...Ethiopian Food in hand...Big Sister thinks I'm SUPER MOM...2 year old sister is MAD to have to participate....

Biggest Sister gives a glowing report on Ethiopia..I'm so proud of her...Smallest sister decides going to her class is fun after all cause she gets to draw on paper with the teacher's markers the entire time....
Baby brother does a great job....he never cares where we are as long as I NEVER leave his side....

Baby brother entertains himself by sucking on my camera most of the time....resulting in constant blurry pics....
Then it was back home....for a ONE MINUTE break before we had to enter CAR LINE PICK UP of the older kids....BUT...we did have a BREAK THROUGH MOMENT in that one instant we were home....I was feeding baby brother some lunch, when someone needed me in the bathroom..I jump up and run for the bathroom to assist the little guy who is yelling that he MISSED the potty...when I HEAR from the kitchen,
I run from the bathroom back to the kitchen to find this going on....LL actually TAKING CARE of baby brother.....
She's shown him NO love up to this point...and NOW she was feeding him...I had to grab my blurry, spit on camera to capture this moment....
Not sure Baby Brother was enjoying it as much as LL was....
But she was very proud of herself none the less....and we really praised her for TAKING GOOD CARE OF HER BABY!! :)
We'll take the baby steps when we get them :)....

So, that was ONLY HALF of a day....but you get the picture!! :) More Dr. appts tomorrow...returning those test tubes!! :) Just wanted to give a glimpse into the REAL life of many small children.... It's LOUD and it's MESSY!! I'm just so used to it that it doesn't phase me a bit. I've collected poop on many a child..not just my adopted ones!! LOL The honest truth is: I just wouldn't have it any other way!! God saw fit to give me these precious 6 children..and I want to enjoy EVERY SECOND of their little lives!! Even when I'm covered in waste material, dr. appts, therapists, tears from a 2 year old that's adjusting to life, school work and Ethiopian food....I'm ONE BLESSED MOMMA!! :)

Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Sounds like a crazy day...but how sweet is LL?!?! They are going to love each other to pieces in a few weeks!!!

  2. LOVE GOD'S plans for us!!! No matter how crazy they sound to other people!!!! LOVE your family because you don't let the other stuff get to you. You know what is important! :) I wouldn't trade any bit of crazy!!!! :)

  3. ohhhh sooo sweet of LL!!!! Your family is just beautiful!!! Can't wait to get our brothers home and work on the bonding too! Glad summer will be here with a more relaxed chaos!

  4. maybe not glamorous, but glorious for sure!!!

  5. What a precious moment to capture (even if it is blurry)..I love keeping up with your sweet family!

  6. LL is such a sweetie!
    I wonder if she just wants to be included in more of the Wes chores.... not the collections though! I wonder if she'd like to pick out his clothes for him, or wash his little toes..... it's funny how kids act and can turn it around in a split second!
    God's love to you!

  7. Thanks for sharing the REAL stuff!

  8. Super sweet! LL cracks me up. We're having similar issues with our son Cole. He's not jealous...just kinda distant and maybe in denial? There are sweet moments though, and I know they will only become more frequent. Happy poop collecting to all of us! -candace

  9. So sweet, just love seeing how they interact. LL is hilarious

  10. Sounds like a break through day!
    Way to go Big Sister LL!
    Don't you wonder how Bigest Sisters presentation will touch other children in her classroom? Maybe it will start some conversations around the dinner table tonight about adoption? Or maybe tiny seeds will be planted for these children to follow your family's lead when they grow up!
    Just amazing to think about how God is using your ENTIRE family for His glory!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  11. You are such a special woman! There need to be more people like you in this world; it would be heaven!

  12. Oh my goodness, precious. That LL is hilarious & Wes melt my heart, he's beautiful, all of your sweeties are!! Again, thanks for keeping it real.


Thank you for your kind words!!