Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Week In Pictures....

Wow, everyone is doing so well with Baby Brother HOME!! Even LL has started to give him kisses and she LOVES feeding we've just run with that one!! She feeds him ALL the time!! LOL

We're ALMOST out of school and we ALL can't wait to be FREE for the summer....Maybe this summer my two toddlers will actually get naps at home instead of the stroller:
Hmmm...probably not...they'll probably be napping by the pool somewhere!! :)

Below, I love that i have an Ethiopian Girlfriend that LOVES my fun to see her on a daily basis up at school.....She loved meeting Wes this week:
LL has had fun teaching baby brother about her LOVE for wearing our bowls on her head:
Daddy invited the entire baseball team over for a pizza party this week...he was the coach for our son's team...I said, "Go for it DAddy as long as you can get the house cleaned up"...AND HE DID....He's kept the house up EVER SINCE i got home....Ahhhhh...I'm loving this...praying he'll some how MIRACULOUSLY keep this up...Not sure what's come over him...but I'M LOVING IT!!
LL telling everyone to be quiet while Daddy hands out the trophies......she's too cute:
George just can't get enough of Baby brother....he hugs him 24 hours a day....Baby Brother just tries to get away at this point:

Daddy bought me a NEW cool is this????
Wes loved his first ride around the back yard in the little red car:
We pulled out the pack n play for outdoors when i have to chase down another babe and need a safe place for Baby brother....LL hopped right in too and stole his sippy cup....he didn't seem to mind:
LL invited her friend Dinks over to play...Dinks just came home with Baby Wes..We've loved getting to know this family over the last couple of months...and they live just right down the fun:
Wes has officially been introduced to the baseball fields.....this is about as close as he lets Daddy get....Daddy keeps reminding him that he's gonna love Daddy some day...he's lots more fun and adventurous than Mommy:
And, Wes enjoying climbing around on his sisters at the end of the game during snack time....
He is loved everywhere we go....
And, finally...a big thanks to Gwen for Baby Wes's new shirt:
I not only love this shirt and the ladies that run it...but seeing my boy wear a FEED 1 shirt...knowing that he nearly died from not being fed is just almost too much for this momma.... I have such a deep love and appreciation for my boy...God allowed me to see him in December at his WORST point...and here he is now...a part of our family..thriving and doing so well....I'm just beyond grateful!!!
I look at this sweet face....kiss it over and over again and nearly can't believe the MIRACLE that is IN MY ARMS!! Thank you Lord for my sweet boy.....HE IS SO LOVED:
Happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. Love the pics! Love that Wes is thriving and doing so well! God is so good! So happy for the whole family! :-)

  2. LOVE seeing him HOME!!!!!! Can NOT get enough of your photos because let's face it your family is BEAUTIFUL :) !!!!!! Just remember when we came home Jonathan wanted nothing to do with he is mama's boy. You just never know :)

  3. I Just LOVE reading your blog and seeing how God has ordained your families steps, and how he has Blessed you all and so many others you don't even know yet! Thanks so much! I look forward to the updates and milestones coming soon!

  4. you have the most beautiful family! my two year old loves looking at Wes pictures... she says, "I love that baby!" :o)

  5. Seeing ANY pic of Wes just makes my heart smile!! You've given him such a bright future!

  6. Precious pictures!!! Looks like ya'll are doing great! Love the triple stroller too! :)

  7. Me either, love him being home! What a miracle God has done!

  8. He is so beautiful, congratulations!
    You guys seem like such a fun family!

  9. I seriously LOVE your family!!! Just PRECIOUS...every single one!!

  10. So wonderful to see him HOME!


Thank you for your kind words!!