Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Summer Time Around here....

And one little adorable guy discovered that he LOVED splashing in the water....

Look at that face....I love me some LL:
Even when she sprays her baby brother in the face with the hose on purpose :).....

You are SO LOVED sweet boy....

Oh, the JOY of Summer!!! School is OFFICIALLY OUT!! Yayyyyyyyy!!!! Much more of this water play ahead of us this summer....Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. He is just SO precious! Glad that he's doing so well being home!

  2. So glad you are all home and enjoying the water:)

  3. I have loved reading your story and looking at the pictures. A friend of my sisters is waiting to bring home their baby girl from Ethiopia. Hopefully they will be doing this in the next few months!!!

  4. cutest kids EVER! Love it!!

  5. so cute!!! i know you are going to have a very happy summer with all your littles home.

  6. Is there anything better in summer than WATER FUN???? I think not!!!! Looks soo great :)

    We have decided that our Joanna is going to have that big fun crazy personality- like someone else you may know???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm :) LOVE IT!!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!