Saturday, May 28, 2011

1 Million Hits...REALLY???

It is CRAZY to think that MY BLOG is getting ready to hit 1 Million hits!!! Who ARE YOU PEOPLE?? ha ha My blog has been around now for...hmmmm....about 3 years!! I can't BELIEVE I've been blogging that long!! Some of you are NEW around here...others have been following the ENTIRE 3 years!! We've added 2 more children and had 2 adoptions in the last couple of've followed us along vacations, life changing mission trips, stitches, birthdays, happy times and even sad times!! For all these times...I THANK YOU!!
I always thought I'd blog through LL's adoption...but you never can foresee what God has planned....cause right around the corner was OUR PRECIOUS BABY BOY and the adventures getting him home!! I think we've all grown and changed a lot over the 3 FAITH is so much stronger after this 3 year journey and I wouldn't trade a minute of it for ANYTHING!!! Praising God for every step in our journey!!

*** about a CELEBRATION for hitting 1 million hits!!?? I have EASY access to Ordinary Hero I'll give a tshirt of YOUR choice to MY 1 MILLION HIT!! And, how about a tshirt to the top if you hit 1 million, or 1,000,001, OR 1,000,002 YOU CAN WIN AN OH TSHIRT OF YOUR CHOICE TOO!! I wish I could make balloons fall...or have MORE to give away...but that's about ALL I HAVE THESE DAYS!! ha ha

***So, be sure to take a screen shot...or just a pic with your camera of my "Hit Counter" when or IF you hit the BIG NUMBERS!!! Send it to me...and I'll be sure to announce WHO WON!!!!!!

***So, my big sister, kelly (Mrs. Ordinary Hero) came by and brought my kids some of the new tshirts to show off:

I totally think they are SO CUTE:
Oh, isn't complete without Baby brother..they didn't come in his tiny size...but she's working on that one:
Oh, how i LOVE my 6 babes:
Everyone had to take a turn with Baby Brother...

My silly girl as always:
LL found a tooth brush along the way:

the sisters:

And, she has an awesome new ADULT shirt too...this ISN'T ME...LOL:
This is my friend Angie modeling the new tshirt...why?? Well...cause she looks way better than I could in this cute shirt:
she's wearing an adult small you want to order one...

***So, that's the blog is hitting the BIG 1 million!! It's time to celebrate!! BE SURE TO EMAIL me IF YOU ARE THE LUCKY WINNERS!!! You can email the easiest these days at I get these emails faster than my other blog account, fyi!!!!!
happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. Kristi you are too fun :) LOVE those new shirts!!!!!!

  2. Kristi--what's your sweet baby's size? I would love to send one of MY shirts as a gift and I have LOTS of baby shirts. ;0) I'll need you address though :0)



Thank you for your kind words!!