Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Know Spring Is On Its Way When.... (and a few more changes to the waiting children)

You know Spring is ON ITS WAY...when your kiddos INSIST on wearing their bathing suits when the temps finally HIT 68 degrees!! :)

Yes, my kids are slightly NUTTY..or I'm REALLY nutty for allowing them to do the things they come up with... My oldest decides it is WARM enough for bathing suits..and she WANTS TO SWIM!! I explain that the water hose water will be WAY TOO COLD....and she'll FREEZE if she fills the pink toy bin up with water and gets in...So...her solution to fix that problem is:She decides to FILL IT WITH HOT WATER!! She says she's making her OWN hot tub!!! :) We discuss HOW IS SHE going to get the hot water outside??..and she starts filling a PITCHER of hot water up from the kitchen sink ONE AT A TIME until the pink tub was full with HOT WATER!! My 5 yr. old son quickly joins this fun game big sister has come up with..and Well...LL was quite upset that she was being left out and DIDN'T have her bathing suit on yet....
So, we quickly fixed that problem...grabbed LL's bathing suit and ALL the kiddos took turns in the home made HOT TUB...
Yes, this entertained them for a LONG time...or at least until the water turned COLD...

And, yes, I had to wash a FULL load of towels from all the ones we had to use to get the water up off the kitchen floor FROM little hands carrying pitchers of hot water OUT THE BACK DOOR!!! :) But..oh so worth it...they had a blast....and what better way to get them EXCITED that Spring is on its way!!! :)

*** And, before I go...I wanted to let you know that I made a few more changes to the waiting children with Ordinary Hero. I added a 4 year old boy with special needs....a 14 year old healthy boy....and I sadly had to ADD Baby girl "M" back to the waiting children's list too!! If you've been on the waiting children's site before..then you saw that 1 year old "M" (with special needs) was CHOSEN for ADOPTION...but for private reasons..the family has decided to NOT go forward with her adoption. She is BEAUTIFUL..and I met her in December while I was there...I fell in love and VOWED to find her a home!! I thought we had one..but it unfortunately didn't work out...I know God has a plan here and HAS the perfect family for this baby girl!! You can email me at for the password for the waiting children if interested!!

***Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Your kids are so crazy. I love it. I am pretty certain that Tyler would like to be adopted by you or, at the very least, be your next door neighbor. He loves to be outside just as much as y'all do...poor guy was born into the wrong family! :D

  2. they are so creative with their play. as usual, i am blessed by how you don't let a mess keep them from fun! also as usual, ll's expressions are priceless.

  3. Love the pictures of the kids. I got a password from your sister to view the waiting children, but I don't see baby M. Am I looking at a different list? My e-mail is if you want to e-mail me privately. Thanks.

  4. Cute how creative they were to fill the bucket with hot water! :) Will be praying for a family for baby M!

  5. Can I just say y'all are crazy? AND, I love it! This just made me smile : ) And us parents often times think we need to go all out spending big money to make our kids happy. When all it really takes is a big bucket and some water. What's wrong with us?

  6. The house we just moved from had a cold water hose AND a hot water hose. We did the "Hot Tub" buckets all year! In the winter we just pull the patio heater over and turn it on full blast. So FUN!!

  7. I sooo love your nutty kiddos :) So so sweet, and so fun!!! :)

    Will be praying for the waiting children....wish it could be us to give them a home :( Will be praying!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!