Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wanna See Some Cute Little Feet??

Are these NOT the cutest little feet EVER?? Oh, how I can't WAIT to kiss these little toes....I can't wait to HEAR them running through our home...I can't wait to see them squishing through the mud in our back yard!! Some day...Some day little buddy.....Praying it is just SOONER than LATER!! :)
Happy March 1st... AND..I love even more that MARCH has arrived...cause that means it is ONE DAY closer to APRIL...when these tiny little feet OFFICIALLY BECOME PART OF OUR FAMILY!! (God Willing... :) And, yes, that's 6 pair of little feet that get to be MINE to LOVE...OR 12 little individual feet...and/or 60 little toes...however you wish to look at it...I'M ONE BLESSED MOMMA!!! :)

**Thanks Poppy Dip for my up and close new pic of Wes's tiny little feet that I'll surely LOVE forever... So sweet of you to visit and love on him while you were in Ethiopia...

Happy March and Happy Tuesday to you all, kj

"How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" (Romans 10: 15 KJV)

ps... check out this cuteness I just found...


  1. so sweet! how do I know that those feet won't reach the ground much, once he's here! :) xo

  2. Those are some precious feet. Praying as well that they will be home sooner than later. March is an awesome month & I'm not talking March Madness. Just got word today that one of God's children will be coming home to a forever family in 6-8 weeks, Praise Jesus!!! Praying that your sweet baby won't be to far behind, blessings!!

  3. So very precious! But I have to comment...look at his little tummy! It is looking chubbier I do believe! Yip-ee!

  4. Those feet are so sweet! I am so thankful for your blog and all I am learning about adoption. We are in the beginning stages and praying about God's plan for our family.

  5. Those are some mighty kissable toes Momma;)

  6. oh he's so cute even his feet! :) So excited that God has really moved this adoption along quickly and wow soon your husband will be there loving on him!!! So exciting! God is good!!! It's amazing to me that God loves us all so much and surprises us each with blessings!! Have a great day!!!
    Love Heidi


Thank you for your kind words!!