Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Day Started Off So Normal...

Well...our day was full of excitement as usual... We wake and decide since it was raining a ton..and all sports would be cancelled...we'd head to Kentucky to visit with the in-laws and we got ready to go....Our 3 girls had fun out in the rain:
Yes, around here we see NO reason (unless there is lightening or thunder) to stay INSIDE when it rains... Our kids LOVE to play during a rain storm...I think of it as a FREE sprinkler system for the day...And, yes, above...LL is decked out in George's rain gear...Yes, she gets "boy" hand me downs...she doesn't seem to mind!! :)

**Well, we dry everyone off...and jump in the car for the hour or so drive to Kentucky... We visit with the in laws first...have dinner with them...Run by my mom's house to say HI..AND..we aren't there 5 minutes..and my 5 yr. old Hal trips over one of her rugs and lands head first on one of her marble top tables...OUCH!! I hear the scream, round the corner, scoop him up and immediately SEE THAT HE NEEDS STITCHES!! AGAIN!! He got stitches a few months ago too!! RN sister that is present QUICKLY assesses the damage and says, "YEP, STITCHES"!!! So....we head to my local hometown emergency room (my hubby and I both were born at that particular hospital :) ......
And...we were literally in and out in one hour flat... Gotta love a small town!! :) A sweet MD came in...sewed him up..and we were gone!! 2 stitches and LOTS of blood...and it was ALL BETTER: was back to my mom's house for dessert!! :) Just another day in the life of OUR FAMILY!!! ha ha Gotta love little boys...I told him that i've gone 36 yrs with NO STITCHES...he's now had stitches twice all while being 5 years old!! :)

**He's feeling good today and we're back home and thankful for great doctors and fast care!! :) Hope you all had a good Saturday and a little LESS eventful one than ours!! :) Happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. Oh my goodness... never a dull moment, huh? Well, I hope that the rest of your weekend was drama free!! :O)

  2. Poor sweetie.....I am actually very surprised we have not had more stitches....with 4 boys. Only one trip to the ER so far.

  3. Poor munchkin, he is a handsome guy even with stitches.

  4. Oh girl ... I can relate. Been there. Done that.
    Tyler assures me that scare on little boys build character.
    Or at least make for good stories!
    So glad handsome Hal is okay and healing nicely.
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,


Thank you for your kind words!!