Saturday, March 5, 2011

Prayer Requests.....

Just a couple of IMPORTANT prayer requests this morning...Please pray for the children of Ethiopia...LOTS of changes being "talked" about for this particular program..This would effect MOST people in the process... Praying for God's hand on this country and these PRECIOUS children....lots of UNKNOWNS still....

And, a special family has been brought to my attention...ONE WEEK AGO this family's ENTIRE world came crashing down when their daughter named "Lucy" was diagnosed with cancer:

They are needing a miracle for this precious little girl......
Here is their site..and you can grab their button too... This family is a friend of a friend...I don't know them personally..but JUST seeing their daughter LUCY hurting and suffering brought me to tears:

Please visit their site, leave them some encouragement and PLEASE pray for healing!! I've added this LUCY to my side bar and hope to get the world praying for this little girl!!!

***Happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. We're praying here! We were just about to sign with an agency to adopt from ET! Trying hard not to jump to conclusions, but we NEED the LORD'S intervention in ET for sure!

    Have heard about little Lucy...can't even imagine!

  2. What are the potential changes that could affect most people in the program?

  3. certain offices in ET are THINKING about trying to drop ET adoptions by 90%...a lot more to this...i've seen several links to the article on it..don't have it on hand..IF this is suppose to go into action on March would prolong EVERYONE in the process...THEY ARE NOT would just make the process a lot longer...kj

  4. Kristi...
    Is there anyway that you can e-mail me the links and the information on what they are planning to change with ET adoptions. We are waiting for our referral and have not heard anything until your post. Our e-mail is if you could let me know what you know that would be great and we would appreciate it so much.
    Thanks ~ Jenn B

  5. This is totally heartbreaking if this comes to pass. I can't imagine our lives without our precious boy, we always have the precious children in Ethiopia in our prayers, will be praying for our Mighty Saviour to move mountains, he is mighty to save!!!! And will be praying for Lucy and will be visiting their site, tears!!!!

  6. Thank you so much for asking for prayer for my sweet Lucy. She has a long, uphill battle ahead of her and we covet all the prayers we can get for her. Thank you again!

  7. Here is one of the sites with an article:
    It breaks my heart as we have already begun raising money and the start of the never-ending paper pregnancy on our journey to Ethiopia. Please pray.

  8. All God's Children International
    We need your help to speak out for the millions of orphans in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Ministry of Women’s, Children’s and Youth Affairs plans to reduce intercountry adoption by 90%. You can help by signing the petition to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi at: Forward this to your friends, family members, churches and everybody you know!


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