Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh...I LOVED when I became a BOY Mom...

Yes, 6 years ago TODAY, March 10th, 2005, I became a BOY mom..and have loved every minute of it... I am passionate about my boys..and CAN'T wait to ADD my 3rd boy to our home!! :) We've been going ALL day for my buddy's 6th bday..We've had fun digging through OLD pics... Here was ONE of ALL of OUR favorites:
I could write a book on being Hal's Momma these past 6 years..but it will have to wait till another day...cause it is already TOO late tonight!! I'll share some MORE fun pics soon!! Hope your 6th bday was awesome sweet boy!! We love you so much!!!! Happy Thursday to you all, kj

P.S. Thank you for praying for my sister's court date!! Their MOWA letter was missing..that was the only thing we're PRAYING that is arrives soon so they can officially pass court!! Until then... we're thankful for the hard work of our agency and we know they are working around the clock to try and work with this Ethiopian Adoption Program slow down!! We thank you again for your prayers!!! I'll keep yall posted!!! kj


  1. happy birthday, hal. he cleans up pretty well.:) what a cutie!

  2. Oh that boy! And that hair, sooooo cute! Praying for your sis and Wes !

  3. I love that baby picture! My goodness, your kids are all SO CUTE! Happy Birthday!


Thank you for your kind words!!