Saturday, March 19, 2011

But..How Will Adoption Affect Your "Other Kids"?

Well..that's a question I got all the time before we brought LL home..and I still get it from time to time..."How is LL affecting your "other children"?? Well...I usually just say something like, "Well, how did it affect YOUR OTHER KIDS when you brought baby #2 or #3 home from the hospital?" Bringing Lucy Lane home didn't affect our children ANY DIFFERENTLY than bringing home ANY OTHER sibling!! Our kids embraced her just like any other baby brought home!! It was truly effortless!! They loved her...we all loved her!! End of story!! .....Life went on as normal...We flew in on a Friday night from Ethiopia...We all 7 went to a wedding out of town the next day...We hit a father's day event on Sunday...Daddy went back to work on Monday and we hit VBS to drop off the older 3 and pick them up each day!! Life was NORMAL!! Life STiLL is normal....We're a family.....A family that is STILL growing...but we're just a NORMAL family.....
Last Sunday, we decided to head out of the house for a LONG walk...we pack up a picnic lunch and head out on an ADVENTURE we like to call it.....We didn't make it very far before my Hal tripped and fell....story of his life :(
After some bandaids and some kisses....and a long walk....we finally made it to the neighborhood park.....
The kids always have so much fun playing together...When you have almost 6 kids VERY CLOSE IN makes for constant playmates.... I would love to hand those people pictures LIKE THIS when they ask..." BUT how is YOUR adoption affecting your REAL kids??" Ummmmm.... looks like they are TURNING OUT PRETTY HAPPY....

And, no worries..I always slip in the fact too that ALL my children are MY REAL CHILDREN!!! :)
ALL 5 precious little baby dolls are my REAL children...AND, Wes is my REAL child too...just waiting on papers to PROVE that one......
And, Lucy lane would tell ya too if she could....
Funny little squirt..... :)
So, yes, everything GOES back to normal after's almost been 2 years since we brought LL home...And, life is still as normal as it was the weekend we brought her home...And, adding our Wes will just add more laughter, more kisses, more smiling faces AND more wonderful picture opportunities!! :)

(below the kids are playing kickball with Daddy...but LL decides that she'd rather be hangin with Momma :)

The little two take turns warming up with mom on our blanket...I caught LL giving someone a LOOK...
And, 3 yr. old George is STILL busy carrying all his toys around everywhere he goes...He plays with them all day, sleeps with them..then wakes and gathers them and begins his NEXT day....

Then its back home....and this is the view from ME pushing my BABIES back home....
I call them my WONDER TWINS... They truly go together like BREAD and BUTTER....I can't imagine what GEORGE would do wth out his Lucy lane...Makes me sad even thinking about it!! :)

***So...that was ONE of our NORMAL days in a nut shell!! :) And, I truly can't wait to show you HOW WE DO IT with 6 Littles!!! :) I know with out a doubt that our kids ARE BETTER people because of Lucy lane and Wes....Their hearts are bigger, their minds are more open to LOVE, and their TRUST in the LORD to bring their siblings home is BIGGER THAN EVER!! May all the Glory Be to God!! happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. People always have their 'questions', huh?! My girls look very different, and sometimes I get asked by STRANGERS if they have the same father! It's crazy! Looks like Lucy Lane fits RIGHT in with HER brothers and sisters just perfectly!!

  2. amen. amen. amen. love how you capture pictures of everyday life. tate just told me tonight "mom, you try to get us to pose too much for pictures. i think the best pictures just happen." once again, the 13 year old giving this old lady pearls of wisdom.

  3. Beautiful post Krisit. With PRICELESS pictures of the blessings that are abundant in everyday living when you are in His will!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. and by adopting you're modeling true biblical calling to care for the orphan..... We're all adopted in God's family if we're going to live in our heavenly home... why not start early and with more people in our lives. I love the world of adoption because it helps me think out side the box about who my brothers and sisters are.
    Love your Heart (Sister!)

  5. I laughed as I read your post, because my kids are soooo used to having their little sister home from Ethiopia- today I had to laugh because the little princess was "tattling" on her siblings like she has lived here forever. They, in turn, can have little sibling spats back with her like they were always together. At the same time, they also love each other more than I even dreamed possible! Isn't it fun to watch the interaction???? Love it!

  6. Absolutley! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. My family has been so "worried" about how adopting little man is going to effect our other 2.

  7. If I could get a penny every time I was asked this question, our adoption would be paid for!!! Since we are adopting waiting children, there are concerns of attachment, how these children will treat our bio children and how their personalities will get along etc. I don't have a crystal ball or anything, but we are learning from other families that we will find a new normal and it will be for the glory of God!!! Thank you for sharing this today, I needed it!!


  8. Beautiful post. Like Carol said, "Amen!" :)

  9. Love it! We got that question even when we were having #4 after a long gap of time after #3. I'm sure we'll get it when we officially announce our adoption plans. Our boys exact words when we told them were "the sooner the better" and "I'd love more brothers or some sisters!" Kids tend to deal w/ these things better than adults anyway.

  10. So, so precious!! Oh, I can't wait to add to our family!! :) And I seriously can't get over how alike our 6 year old boys are (well, mine will be 6 soon). Oh my goodness, we've gotta get those two together one day! :)

  11. Wonderful post. We've been asked this question a hundred times and a lot by our own family members. Glad to hear confirmation of what I already knew God told me. I know He wouldn't ask us to do this if He thought it would "wreck" our family we have now. He only desires for us to follow His will and I know adding to our family through adoption will only make our precious family even better :-)

  12. Oh the "real" drives me plain batty. My other favorite is "So the oldest is 'yours yours'" Argh! However, myself and I have talks about hearing what people mean and not what they say. :)

  13. I am so happy for you that life "as normal" happened the day after you came home for Ethiopia. However for many of us it took a little longer than that! Sometimes adjustments are harder, as was ours. However that DOES NOT mean the decision to adopt was wrong or bad for any menber of the family. Even though we were not ready to go to a party the day after we came home =) and had to do some hard work at attachment - ALL of our kids have ONLY benefited from their little brother joining our clan.

  14. Amen! Wonderful post. It is sad how oblivious/naive some people can be when talking about adoption. Glad you are straightening them out. :) Your children are all so adorable and look like they are having the time of their lives!


Thank you for your kind words!!