Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have You Checked Out the New Ordinary Hero Site??

This is a QUICK post to let you ALL know that Ordinary Hero has REVAMPED their website and has officially kicked off their FUNDRAISING!!! Go check it out at: You can now sell their products to raise money for your own adoption OR mission trip!!! They have all new products out and the website has a brand new awesome!! You can email if you'd like to sign up to fundraise. And, you can even see YOURS TRULY under the WAITING CHILDREN section!! :)

**The Spring Ordinary Hero Fundraising dinner is also coming can read about that on the website IF you'd like to attend!! It was so awesome last year!!!

**And, people are ALWAYS featuring my sister and her non profit on all the news channels and newspapers around here...Here is a link to the latest article written on her.. so proud:

**Ok, that's it!! I did make ONE change to the waiting children I wanted to tell you about. I had one little 7 year old precious girl named "H" as "adopted" when actually she is STILL WAITING!! I didn't want her family to miss her because I MESSED UP on her profile!! :) Email me if you'd like the link and password to the waiting children .

Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. I love all of the new products and can't wait to be able to start fundraising!!

  2. Your sister is rocking OH!!! Love it!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!