Monday, March 14, 2011

They Need Us NOW More Than EVER....

I want to tell yall a little story....When my little sister arrived home on Saturday from Ethiopia...she came straight to Hal's bday party at the park and PULLED OUT HER LAP TOP to show us all the pics from her trip...I got to see NEW pics of my sweet Wes...I saw pics of my new was the pics of this SWEET sibling group that broke my heart:This sweet set of girls are thought to be about 11 and 7 (my director just emailed me and said they could be as old as 13 and!! They have an incredible story of survival and THEIR ONLY WISH is to find a family!! My older sister met them in July...and they were waiting...I met them in December..and they still waited...NOW our younger sister meets them in March..and they STILL WAIT!! This time though, I guess the waiting got to them...cause as my sister entered the gate for her new son...the older sister of this pair BROKE OUT CRYING!! Crying a REAL cry that would break any parent's heart!! Why was she crying so hard?? Because ONCE AGAIN, NO ONE was coming FOR HER and HER SISTER!! The entire travel group ran to her side to console her, offering her suckers and such to make her feel better. All their hearts were breaking for her...YET she was OVER the suckers and candy...SHE WANTED A FAMILY...SHE WANTED IT TO BE HER TURN!! SHE WANTS PARENTS TO WALK THROUGH THAT GATE EXCITED TO MEET HER!!! As I heard this story, I KNEW God has me here for a reason...AND it's to ADVOCATE for these children that wait!! They are healthy, happy and well behaved children!! 3 out of 4 of my sisters have met them now!! TOGETHER...lets find their mom and dad!! Lets find those parents that are LOOKING for these two!! THEY DESPERATELY WANT THIS!! AND, i know we can make a difference!! Please pass this, share this, pray for these two to find a family. I want them to receive a care package..and pictures..and such to show off!! They've waited long enough!! I have so many pics of these girls!! They were so sweet and kind! Lets replace those tears with SMILES!! I know we can do it!!!! And, with all the Ethiopian changes POSSIBLY taking place..THEY NEED US NOW MORE THAN EVER TO ADVOCATE FOR THEM!!! Email ME at to view more pics and read about these girls.

**In other Ordinary Hero waiting children news...I got an email from and she said that OUT OF THE 12 Asian children we listed...11 of them have found their forever family. Wow!! I think the CUTEST little guy STILL REMAINS WAITING. She asked us to LIFT THIS LITTLE GUY UP...His name is Daniel...He has what looks to be mild special needs....Not positive of his age..but he looks to be 6-12 months old...Oh, he's cute! You can email Kathy about Daniel..or you can email me at to see the pic and info I have on him. Lets finish off her list and SEE ALL HER WAITING CHILDREN ADOPTED!! Is Daniel YOUR son?

**Also, I have Ugandan children now represented through AAI. There is the cutest sibling set of girl (8) with her little brother (6)...OH, my what cuties!!! You can also email me to get the password to see those adorable kiddos.

**I also got this message from a friend: "Hey gal. I posted some info on waiting boys with our agency on my blog..not sure if you could help get the word out? several of them have been waiting a while.

Glad to help out!!

***So, one last thing...My sister had my kids over doing a photo shoot for the tshirt that won her tshirt contest... I TOOK THESE pics while she snapped the real ones......

These Ethiopian First Cousins are just too cute...Gotta love the silliness.... (fyi..this young guy is my sister Kelly's youngest)
These two cousins are best buds:
They've always gotten along like sweet together...
Cousin William was getting his DANCE ON with my little LuLu...
And, even Big Sissie like the new shirt too...
You can find this new shirt and much much more at !!

**Thanks everyone..and PLEASE don't forget to pray for these children that STILL wait...Their tears just break my heart!! It just shouldn't be this way!!! Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. wow thats a heart crushing story.

  2. THANK YOU for highlighting "the girls" again. Our family has been praying for them for SO LONG. My 5 year old daughter will ask every now and then if "B" and "M" have a family yet? Breaks my heart to keep saying "not, yet". I can't wait to meet them in a couple weeks....HOW AWESOME would it be, if I could take them a picture of their future family???? Just the thought of it THRILLS my heart! I am gonna link this post to my FB and Blog and ask others to do the same, these girls HAVE A FAMILY OUT THERE!!! Praying for them to be chosen soon!!

  3. Oh girl. Those sisters in the first photo cause my heart to skip a beat!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,
    P.S. We will be home again for the month of July. Cannot wait to see you and yours!

  4. I'm doing the ugly cry over here :O(.. I have seen those sisters waiting for so long, and I can't believe that they haven't been scooped up yet. They are beautiful. I will continue to pray for them and spread the word :O(. I'm pretty sure that they are at the same orphanage that I am fund raising for right now, so that makes my heart break even more for them - if that's even possible :O(.

    And as always, ADORABLE pictures!!!

  5. I just love that you get the word out so faithfully for these waiting children. While I can't go get them myself I love being able to pray for them!

    Love the pictures -- so so cute!

  6. Wow! No child should ever have to cry and beg for a family this breaks my heart and I shared on my facebook. Praying.

  7. I met these girls in July 2010 when in ET to get our son. They are soooo sweet, precious!!! Will be praying that God will put a big tug on someone's heart to take these girls to become a part of their forever family.

  8. Anyone know how stringent Ethiopia is about the $10,000 per member of the household thing? And what about adopting out of birth order? Is there any kind of reduced fee for these girls to try to encourage those who might be intimidated by the cost of two kid adoption but would love to open their home to these girls, esp since they have been waiting for over a year.

  9. Jessi--I think the $10,000 per member of the household is pretty strict. I think the U.S. requires it as well. The out of birth order depends on your agency. These girls are w/ CCI and they will let you adopt out of birth order.

    A friend of mine is starting a fund for these girls to help anyone who might be interested but might lack the funds or be intimidated by the fundraising. I hope we can contribute some too...if their forever family ends up needing it. Thank you for praying for them!

    (I am adopting through CCI so I have "known" these girls since October.)

  10. Have you heard any news about these girls? Ive been praying for them :)


Thank you for your kind words!!