Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Blessed Birthday at the Park.....

Ok, so I can't go without POSTING some CUTIE pics from our Saturday bday party for my Hal Bear:I totally LOVE bday parties..I love planning them...but we're going VERY low budget on bday parties this I had to get creative!! Hal didnt' want it at home...So, I reserved one of the local city parks pavillion (free)...told kids to bring their bikes (free again), had it at an off hour so NO MEAL SERVED (cheap..not free cause I still served snacks and drinks), cake from Costco (cheap), and party favors from the dollar store. And, honestly..this might have been the MOST fun i've seen my son have at a bday party...
And, it suited ALL AGES....Here, below, is big sister in the middle with a few of her friends that stopped by:
All my sisters showed up for the occasion...I just missed the memo on WHICH Ordinary Hero shirt I was suppose to wear, LOL :
(above, me, sister kasey, sister karson, and sister Kelly)

*My mom and my mother in law were present too:
And, here are two silly brothers together..they are my biggest age gap...they are two years and ONE month apart (and yes, I love to dress anyone alike that will still let me :)...
First cousins:
LL with Aunt Julie Lane (my hubby's sister):
The bday boy with some friends getting ready to blow out candles...oops..I forgot the we pretended... :)
having fun at the park:
present time:
LL with Aunt kasey:
Well, i totally lucked out at this party..the weather was 70...and I had earlier in the week bought kites from the dollar store for everyone as party favors..I just throw them all in a box and add a sign that says: "Take one before you go..thanks for coming!" Super easy!! Well, who would have known that it would have been warm and everyone went ahead and opened up their kites and flew them at the party...Wow... I must be living my life right to have deserved this kind of day, ha :

My 3 yr. old George seriously is in a stage where he carries toys around in his arms and hands ALL DAY LONG...he never puts them down:
He and LL had so much fun on the slide..had to catch them in action together...they are seriously so funny my toddler babies:

Gotta love a brother who will give ya a push from behind!! :)

**So, that was our party on Saturday..just a blessed day that I had to post before I forgot!! I'll keep yall updated on the SISTERS in my last post too... I've had LOTS of requests to view the waiting children with Ordinary I'm praying that MAYBE the sister's Mommy and Daddy are CLOSE to finding them!! Praying, praying!!

Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. Cute party!! Our oldest always wanted parties at the park because she could invite an unlimited amount of friends!!

  2. Happy Birthday Blessings to Hal from Hong Kong!

  3. love all the pix of a fun birthday celebration! who needs a big budget to have a good time, right?

  4. LOVE your posts! Your family is GORGEOUS -and your Momma looks way to young to have four grown daughters!I know she is so proud to have all of her girls standing up for the least, the lost and the forgotten! Your family is a true testimony of the love of God, The ultimate rescuer:)And that Hal - he is one handsome birthday boy, stitches and all!!!

  5. I think that looks like a GREAT birthday! I may even steal your idea this summer, because my little one's birthday falls right when I will be getting back from the OH trip - so I don't know how much planning time I will have to do. She has some developmental delays, so she can't really "do" the playground, but we live in a cul-de-sac and this could be fun out there with all of the ride on toys, bikes, etc. Thanks for the idea! And once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAL! He is so cute!

  6. How fun! One of my biggest reasons I can't wait to have kids is planning birthday parties!! Too much fun!


Thank you for your kind words!!