Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yes, I got the Hoodie Footie...Don't be jealous yall!! :)

So, i just MUST share my hubby's Valentine's present to me!! He starts by saying he found the PERFECT gift for me ( and note: he knows I don't like presents...i need nothing..so I just don't want him to waste money on presents) Well...he insists he found the PERFECT THING FOR ME.... He says (and he's serious folks ) :

Hubby: " You know HOW you are always so cold...and HOW you love those velour jogging pants you wear all the time..and HOW your feet are always cold?"

Me: " Uhhhhhh...Yes Hun....."

Hubby: "Well, the kids and I saw a commercial for this and just HAD to get it for you" :
Yes, folks..don't be jealous...It's the Hoodie Footie!! It is RED, Velour, Footed, Hooded, zip up, jammies!! And, yes, bless his heart....it wasn't a joke to him...He REALLY thought I'd love wearing them every day for the rest of my life!!! :) I didn't mean to laugh when I saw them...it's just that I had NEVER seen such a thing...AND...the hubby wasn't laughing...He said: "Don't you LOVE it!!!!" I said, "Absolutely...this is a super, very thoughtful gift Honey!!" And it IS a very thoughtful gift....
But when I couldn't quit giggling and he wanted to know what was so funny..I explained that I sleep in sweat pants and sweatshirts cause I have to get 5 children up every morning EARLY and out the door...And, when I drop the big 3 off at school (and I haven't gotten dressed yet for the day) ...I have to walk them to the door lots of times...SO..I just kept trying to imagine myself walking across the parking lot in my red hoodie footie... I think i might make the buses wreck!!! :) LOL
AND...I won't mention the fact that I look a lot like Santa Claus in my hoodie footie suit!!! :) You know it's funny when I tried it on for my pic tonight and the kids couldn't STOP laughing!!! :) They kept saying, "Ho Ho Ho, Mom" !!! Even my hubby had to laugh!!! :)

But, the moral of the story.... it's the thought that counts!! He means well...Last time he bought me jammies he bought me ones with "Grumpy Dwarf" from Disney all over them!! I said, "Really, Honey...Why Grumpy? I'm really the least GRUMPY person i know!! " LOL But somewhere in his sweet head he had decided I'd LOVE Grumpy Disney Jammies...I had to remind him that I was 36 years old now!! :) LOL

***Ok, so that was my gift...See...now ya know why I DON'T need gifts..my kids, my hubby, my life are GIFT enough!! :)

****And, BTW Diapers just keep arriving:
Thank you to YOU ALL that are sending them..I sooo appreciate it!! I know I'm leaving some names off accidentally..but I just can't keep up with them AS FAST AS they are coming in..AND some don't have names on them... But lately I've gotten some from:

1 . 10 dozen sent from Target. com
2. a package of diapers sent from China...wow...really?? and it had Chinese writing all over it...So, really?? is someone reading in China that sent those???
3. a package from Kentucky arrived...
4. Stephanie in TN handed me off some at the African Fellowship on Sunday..thanks so much!!
5. I forgot to mention the sweet couple that stopped by to hand me some diapers that were in from TX..we had mutual friends...Hope yall got home safely.
6. Thank you to the Johnstown Mothers of Preschoolers in PA
7. Chelsey in TX sent two boxes..thanks so much
8. Heidi in WI sent two boxes..thank a million
9. and Abby in Canada sent some love from Canada!! :) thanks so much for the diapers!! :)

**Ok, so I'm not purposely leaving anyone OFF!! Hope I haven't!! :) Seriously thanks SO much!!! I'm getting them to Ethiopia as fast as I can!! Love seeing them go!!! :) Yall totally ROCK some cloth diapers!! :)

***ONE MORE THING: My girl Andrea over at www.babeofmyheart.com is advocating for a little 3 year old ADORABLE, Healthy boy that needs a home. He's from Uganda and they are looking for a homestudy ready family...or a family that could quickly UPDATE a homestudy.... You can email andrea at andreainga@yahoo.com She's got the scooop!!

***Thanks everyone...and hope yall ALL get a Hoodie Footie some day for Valentine's Day!! :) Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. LOL, wow what unusual pj's. I've never heard of the hoodie footie.

  2. Love the Hoodie Footie!! You could totally start a new trend if you walk the kiddos into school wearing that!! :)

  3. LoooL
    I am laughing so hard it hurts :D
    You look really cute in it! :) But I´d reather not wear it to my kids school ;))

  4. Those are hilarious! Seriously, you have to wear them to drop the kids off :)

  5. So funny! I can't wait to read the post about you walking your kids in to school in your jammies ;)

  6. I LOVE YOUR GIFT!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL! It would be the perfect girft for me too :) That is GREAT!

  7. Okay, I laughed out loud picturing you dropping your kids off at school wearing that. Yes. . . I think there would definitely be a wreck or two with the buses. :) Too cute though! :)

  8. Okay Kristi, I laughed so loud all my kids ran in to see what I was laughing at! You remind me of the littlest whoo in The Grinch. Can't remember her name! And then the visual of you walking the kids across the parking lot at school. Another burst of laughter! Thanks for brightening my morning! You are too cute!

  9. Ok, that's the BEST!!! You and your kids will ALWAYS remember that gift. MUCH better than forgotten flowers...and given with much more thought. And he gave the gift of health whether he intended to or not because, well, laughter is healing!!! Love it!!!
    ~Angie D

  10. Kristi, I've been reading your blog since we were in the "waiting for referral" stage. Today, is ONE year since we met our treasure in Ethiopia! You are also one of the reasons that has pushed me to say yes one more time. I had to comment today on your post as I was just thinking this morning I need to do a post that is called "you know you're getting old when you have to wear two pairs of socks to bed, one of them fleece!". Blessings to you and your family while you wait for Wes!


  11. I DARE you to wear it school :o) lol!! I am laughing so hard...it's totally something my husband would do! It is totally the thought! Huh-LARIOUS!!!!

  12. oh my!

    First of all your husband is SUCH a sweetie!!!!
    Really. You are one lucky woman.

    But they remind me of something off a kids show...hmmm. how the grinch stole christmas perhaps....there's some show out there (that kinda gives me the 'willies) and they wear things like that! ha ha

    But again.....it was a VERY sweet thought :)

  13. You are the perfect model for these awesome pjs.

  14. LOLOLOLOL!!! But I do believe you could totally slip your footies into your ugg boots and rock your hoodie-footie at drop-off! What a sweet, thoughtful hubby you have!

  15. I seriously can not stop laughing out loud right now. My husband just came in to see what was so funny...he just shook his head and said, "and she put a picture of it on her blog..." and walked back out. Thank you SO much for such a great laugh on house cleaning day!!!!!!

  16. That is the best! Laughing out loud ! What a sweet hubby, really so cute, def wear that to school!

  17. I LOVE it and you actually pull it off quite well!lol

  18. i thought his gift to you was the "i love my kids" shirt you were wearing at cracker barrel. okay, that is absolutely hilarious! i think you are way too tiny to be santa, but you could definitely pass as one of his elves. knowing what a trendsetter you are, there are going to be bloggers all over the world sporting them! i, however, will not be one of them.

  19. I really did LAUGH OUT LOUD----I thought about you walking your kiddos in to school--I do the same thing almost on a daily basis, but thankfully I get to drop them in the turnabout, or more peeps would see my striped pajamas. Anyway....those ARE THE BOMB!!!

  20. Okay, you are the only person I know that could actually look CUTE in the red hoodie footie pj's!! Love it!! :)

  21. That is too funny!! He he he he......OK I think this may cause spontaneous laughter throughout the day :)

  22. Thanks for posting!!! I'm still getting a good laugh :)

  23. I was thinking the hoodie footie looks like Thing 1 or Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat!

  24. Our chirstmas cards for 2010 were us all in christmas print footie pj's. Everyone loved them!
    Also, I wear footie pj's often and even wear them with the kids to school (but I'me sure that won't count cuz we homeshool, hehe)
    I LOVE your jammies!

  25. I'm in tears, cracking up out loud. That's just hilarious!


Thank you for your kind words!!