Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wait Till Yall See My Valentine's Day Gift....

Well...let me show yall FIRST HOW we celebrate Valentine's Day...then I'll reveal MY VALENTINE'S GIFT from my hubby....really...it is VERY funny....BUT first...yall must know...that we're NOT too serious OR romantic around our home...We laugh a lot...so keep that in mind when i SHARE my gift later on....

Ok, so Valentine's Day 2011 started off with a little breakfast OUTSIDE in the nice warm weather we are having this week...oh, it is heavenly feeling compared to our temps lately:
And, like always...LL never misses a meal OR a single bite of food...and Georgie ran off and refused to eat like he always does:
You can find George on the trampoline asking me all the time to "fight" him...Yes, he has me come on and attempt to "wrestle" him...So, he's ALL BOY...he just never wants to eat...But LL eats enough for the both of them..so we're all good:
After a day of running to 3 elementary class parties..a few sick kids here and there...we made it out for a romantic dinner (wth the kids of course ) to the local Cracker Barrel and Doughnuts for dessert afterwards:
So, somewhere in between there my hubby gave me my gift from the kids and him....BUT i have to take a pic of it to show yall so you can get the REAL effect...So, maybe I'll post the actual gift later on tonight now that i'm thinking about it...I'll have to wait for the hubby to get home to take a pic of me IN my gift...
And, below: you can see our dinner experience in the background through the window....and across the parking lot we're having our doughnut dessert:
Yes, the kids had fun while having their doughnuts...LL's dress was one my other two big girls wore when they were her age...It's an OLD Target special:

We were basically the only people having our Valentine's Dinner at Cracker Barrel and the only ones at Krispy Creme for dessert...Hmmmmmm...not a popular idea for Valentine's day??? LOL
My big kids acting silly (sugar high :)

And, LL wrapped up our experience by carrying around a purple chair all evening...She tried to take it out the door with her..and she wasn't happy when we told her she had to leave it behind :

So, that was our evening...we returned home to CLEANING our house that seems to have LOTS of sickness going through it...we just keep passing around the gross cold/crud sickness...Yuck...I'm ready for Spring.... BUT..hey, at least I didn't have to cook on Valentine's Day...Our fam thinks the Cracker Barrel is very yummy ( and not to mention that we were the ONLY ones sitting in our ENTIRE section eating Dinner..and the ONLY other couple that got sat in our section...asked the waitress to MOVE THEM to a quieter spot!! I guess we were a little loud :)

**Alright...I'll post my gift later on when the hubby comes home...I just HAVE to share it with yall...Hope your Valentine's Day was fabulous!!! :) Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. We also took our whole gang out for Valentines Day dinner to Denny's...truly romantic!!!

  2. LOVE that your day was full of family love!! I think that's what its all about anyways!! Sounds like a perfectly cute day! Now, I cannot wait to see the gift!!

  3. love the shirt. it shows that your hubby really gets you! lol about the only couple asking to be moved! they missed out on all the fun.

  4. Did you get one of those adult size zip up footy sleepers from wal-mart? If you did.... I can't wait to see the pic. Glad your crew had a happy heart day! Hope everyone is feeling much better soon : )

  5. Loved it!:) And we LOVE Cracker Barrel too...except when WE go...they, for some INSANE reason, put us right smack in the middle of the dining room! So basically, our six kids(under 11) provide the entertainment for the evening for the entire restaurant!:)

  6. Did you get a Snuggie with a picture of Africa on it??? :) Can't wait to see what the gift is! Looks like ya'll had a fun Valentine's Day!! :)

  7. Love it!! That's our kind of Valentine's Day, we hung out at our home as a family of 6, finished the night off with ice-cream & a movie!

  8. You crack me up :) he he he....love the shirt!!


Thank you for your kind words!!