Friday, February 18, 2011

One Less tonight....(and some children that STILL wait)

Wow!! How I love watching families UNITE and become ONE at AIRPORT PARTIES!! Yes, around here...we have parties at the airport to CELEBRATE families arriving with their new child/children!! The crowd forms..and there is NOTHING like seeing the siblings RUN to their newly adopted brother/sister coming through the gate!!! It makes me cry EVERY TIME!! So, yes...we were at the airport again this afternoon...I NEVER get tired of it!! This time it was some Dear, Old friends of ours that have had a heart for adoption as long as I can remember!! And, their dream finally became a reality tonight!!

***First, let me show you the picture I couldn't show before!!! I got to visit and meet our friend's new son while I was in Ethiopia in December!! Oh, he was SOOO sweet, friendly, happy and adorable...Here I am holding him:

He loved playing with my hair and never quit smiling!!! Then, right after I got home from my trip, my friends traveled for their court date..then Embassy appt..and TONIGHT THEY ARRIVED HOME: And, here is this sweet family of 5 tonight:They said A.J. did great on the flight....and he was all smiles for the airport party:
Oh, my word..he is precious!!! So, tonight there is ONE LESS child that sits with out a family!! One less child that must go to bed alone!! One less child to make up the growing statistics of orphans around the world!! And ONE happy family that can't quit smiling from ear to ear!!! Praise God!!!
Welcome Home Guys!!! We couldn't be more excited for your adorable family!!! And, welcome to your new family and community little A.J. !!!! You are already loved more than you'll ever know!!

***And, have yall heard the good news??? There is ALMOST another "one less" going on....My younger sister got a court date for her son that she is adopting from Ethiopia....I also got to spend TWO days with my new nephew in December..and he is just beyond precious!!! Oh, how I loved him!!! So, the court date is March 10th....Our family needs the prayer warriors PRAYING... I so want my new nephew to be OFFICIALLY ONE LESS on that day:
(and I won't even mention HOW excited I am that my little sister gets to go and love on my Wes too while she's fun!!)

***So, while we're on a roll here...HOW ABOUT MAKING 3 'MORE' LESS TONIGHT......Since my older sister has put me in charge of her waiting children through Ordinary Hero, I am going to SPOT LIGHT specific children from time to time... So here goes....lets make a few LESS:

****These precious brothers still wait at Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia!! I met them while I was there in December and we took TONS of pics of them. They are about 8 and 4!! They are considered healthy, on target for their age, friendly, sweet and kind. They would make a wonderful addition to someone's family.... two little boys?? at great ages.... Could they be YOURS?? They really were so sweet..the older brother was kind of shy and reserved and really looked out for the younger brother!! Come on folks...I KNOW they have a family out there!! Can yall help me find them??
The above brothers are listed with AGCI : contact their Inquiry Department, at or 800-214-6719. I used that agency to bring LL home..and I would highly recommend them. The boys are being well taken care of...they just need a forever home!!

***My next spot light is on another sweet little boy I just met in December!! He is Cutie "M"... M has a very unique story that could be told privately!! He is being sent to school and is learning English and American customs. His time is running out though and he REALLY needs a family to step up for him. He is considered healthy now..but was treated for TB in the past!! I got to talk with his care giver (he has lost both parents) and she said he was very obedient, well behaved, kind and helpful. She said he does everything "the first time asked" and never fusses about anything. She said he would be a very good boy for someone!! I got to play match box cars with him and shared my I Phone with him (which he loved :) He was so sweet and he smiled the entire time. We have lots of pics of him...and I could see him fitting into a family SO EASILY!! He's just adorable.... He's 9 or 10 years old...but he's very small for his age right now!! He appeared much younger than that to me:
He is listed under my agency for Wes: and you can contact to get more info on him and hear his unique story!!! I have really enjoyed using this agency and would recommend them too!! Can you help me find "M" a home???

**thanks everyone!! Lets find these children their forever HOME!! Every child deserves that!! Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. I just so want to scoop them all up and give them a home!

  2. And, guess what? The other little guy, that A is holding in the first picture, is coming home Friday! Woohoo for so many kids coming home FOREVER!

  3. We just boarded the plane to go get our will be able. to remove the heart over his sweet face soon. What an adventure this has been. One less orphan very soon.

  4. SOOO HAPPY FOR YOUR SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! PRAYING for you both and both of your sons :)

  5. SO happy that you are advocating for the sweet brothers at HH! We met them in January and they are WONDERFUL kids. Would love to send pictures to the family that takes that amazing referral!

  6. Your sister will be there when we are! We go to court for our kiddos on March 9th. Hope to see her there:)

  7. and we brought home our little guy on Thursday!! LOVING all the new families!!!! :):):) AJ certainly is the sweetest! We had a blast with the Shavers in ET!

  8. Hi, I have to ask something, why are the children at the orphanage being taught British and American customs? I understand being taught English, that's only going to be useful in their lives, wherever God puts them, I'm just curious why they aren't just being Ethiopian? Thanks for what you do. I love seeing families pouring out their hearts and lives for the children of the world!


Thank you for your kind words!!