Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cloth Diapers...It's NOW a NEIGHBOR and FAMILY Project..

Well, a HUGE thanks to the "gal" that stopped me at the conference and told me that "20 dozen MORE diapers were on their way" !! Well, they arrived..WOW..that's a LOT of cloth diapers!!!! Seriously, so generous and kind of YOU!! Thanks soooo much!!! :)

**Well, I heard an OLD friend of mine would be traveling to Ethiopia THIS THURSDAY...and THEY volunteered to take LOTS of diapers for me.....not only for HH (their son's orphanage and LL's orphanage) BUT also for Wes's orphanage. I JUMPED at the chance to get LOTS of these diapers there!! This meant that I needed to get the NEW ONES WASHED!!!! Wes's orphanage requests that you wash them BEFORE they arrive to help out....So, I KNEW I had dozens and dozens and dozens to wash.... I was in the middle of washing them when my sweet neighbor called to see if I wanted to come over with the kiddos and hang at her house...I explained that I was UP TO MY EARS in cloth diaper washing...and....Yall know what she did?? She volunteered to JOIN the fun diaper washing party and volunteered to wash and dry them all day too:
Yes, above is my sweet neighbor Felicia....standing at her OH SO nice washer and dryer (just for the record..my set is SO OLD and SMALL that it always takes me forever to get my laundry done...seriously...you'd be embarrassed for me to be a family of almost 8 if you saw my OLD washer/dryer set!! And, no, they aren't efficient either...I bought them in the 90's before my hubby and I were married...the dryer gave out a couple of years ago and I replaced it with an EVEN older one I found in my sister's garage that wasn't' being used...yes, oh, so sad!! :) Anyways: My neighbor Felicia has OBVIOUSLY seen my poor little washer/dryer set and volunteered to help me!! :) Felicia, you totally ROCK!!!
It took me all day to wash and dry these suckers...I stopped to pick the big kids up from school...but came back home and kept washing....My kids were being SUCH BIG HELPERS!!! Especially, my 9 year old daughter WHO folded hundreds of diapers for me...all while listening to her IPOD...Oh, she's looking so old !! :)
George and LL were big helpers too....
We tried to SMASH them as much as possible so they wouldn't take up so much room in our friend's luggage:
This is LL's "I'm SO bored with all these cloth diapers" look:
Then my 3 yr. old Georgie stole the camera and took a few pics of me folding and packaging diapers:
And, then my neighbor knocked on the door tonight with ALL the diapers she had washed for me...She EVEN space bagged them for me...Isn't that just the sweetest thing????

Thanks Felicia...so glad you are my neighbor!! She's also the one that ran me over a TREAT bag when I was leaving for AFrica in December..full of all my favorite goodies!! So thoughtful!! :) Also, thank you to Brianne in WA...got your package too...they will be heading to Ethiopia this week too!!!

***So, now there are HUNDREDS of diapers heading to Ethiopia on Thursday...all prayed over and packed with LOVE!! They'll be arriving at BOTH of my children's orphanages...How awesome is that!!!! And, it was definitely a GROUP EFFORT!! I couldn't do ANY OF THIS with out ALL of YOUR help!!! :) Praising God for such wonderful people in my life!! Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. a day well spent. i'm sure you are exhausted, but it so well worth it. so sweet to see your kids in it with you. i know that's just how you roll and that is one of my favorite things about you. i often try to "get rid of the kids" so i can get things done, but you just involve them in it. i am learning from you across the miles all the time!!!

  2. Precious post of LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR in action!

  3. Kristi, that is amazing!!! Good work. I am sure you slept well last night (on what little sleep you get). I love how your precious child was right in the middle helping you. She did a great job! I was amazed at how both of them helped you at the conference. My boys help, but not on the level that they do! :)

  4. Kristi, I had no idea you were washing all of those or I would have offered sooner. I would be glad to wash, dry and fold some of them for you as well.

    You have no clue who I am, by the way; we did meet briefly at the stocking stuffing event.....I am going to ET with OH in July and live in Kelly's subdivision. Really, if I can be of help, I'd love to. You can email me at kelleywms@hotmail.com.

  5. Love neighbors that step up! Such a blessing.

  6. Have you heard Matthew West's song "One less"? It always makes me think of your family!

  7. We would love to get involved in your diaper project. Could you e-mail me what brand/type of diapers you usually recommend. My daughter is part of a group, JOY girls, that raises money for various projects just like yours. Diaper purchasing, washing and drying sounds like something they would love to do. Our family as well. My e-mail is smmclemore@comcast.net



Thank you for your kind words!!