Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank You...Thank You...Thank You....

Ya know...there are just days that I have a very GRATEFUL heart..and this was ONE OF THEM....I'm grateful for all of you and your wonderful support and prayers as we bring our child #6 home!! Our Wes has come a long way..and I can't wait to share his beautiful face with all of you some day!! If we pass court on April 4th, then I'll be able to show you his pictures THEN!! :) Thank you again for all your prayers and excitement of our court date announcement...which leads me to....

**I'm grateful because my hubby booked his tickets and will be flying out on the 1st of April!! And, that is NO April Fools!! :) So excited for him to experience meet our SEE in person WHAT I've seen!! Ahhhh...can't wait!!!

**I'm also grateful because my little sister leaves on March 6th for Ethiopia to go to court for her son!! And, I'll have her two kiddos staying with me that week...AND..she'll get to LOVE on Wes all week for ME!! :) So fun!! I'm wanting a pic of the 1st cousin Ethiopian boys together!! Won't that be cute!! :)

**I'm also grateful cause my Poppy Dip friend Sallee flies in tomorrow night with her new son, Samson Jude!! Samson has been living with my Wes at the CCI transition home!! And, Sallee got to meet and love on Wes this week too!! So, yes, we're heading back to the airport tomorrow afternoon....Can't wait to see them fly in!!!!

**And...I'm SOO grateful for all the cloth diapers that KEEP pouring in...Yes, I'm just humbled and amazed at ALL the caring people sending me cloth diapers!! Wow, wow, I ship hundreds out..hundreds more arrive that same day!! A big thank you goes to:

1. Meagan in Alabama
2. Jessie H. from
3. Jennings in GA
4. Someone in said "the source @ Pinelake"?? hmmm....not sure if that is a person or place..BUT thank you WHO EVER sent them to me!! :)
5. Jessica in NY
6. Katherine in NH
AND.... one of the sweetest stories comes from Reece and she wrote to tell me that she had a "doughnuts and diapers" party to collect cloth diapers..and it was a HUGE success...She got HUNDREDS of diapers collected!!! Wow... She sent me some pics from it:

Is that not the sweetest thing!!!! Seriously..there are some GREAT people in this world!! She even wrote me again to say she GOT more from a little boy in her community that had his bday party and asked for DIAPERS instead of PRESENTS!!! I mean...come on...does it get any better than that folks!! :) Yes, I'm just so grateful!!

**I'm also VERY grateful that my sister leaves in a week for Ethiopia and SHE'S letting me use all 4 of their checked baggage to get all these diapers over there!!! Wow...I'll need EVERY square inch they have to get these there!! And, yall know my hubby will be packed down with cloth diapers when he flies out on April 1st too!!! So happy to see them go!!! :)

**I'm also grateful to all the people requesting to see the waiting children through Ordinary Hero... *There is a precious 6 year old boy that is fairly new from my Wes's orphanage...he is SOO cute!! He still waits!!! *9 yr. old "M" from Wes's orphanage still waits too...He has such a unique and amazing story...I blogged about him a couple of days ago! *There is a sister pair that I put LL's bows on that still waits!! They are so sweet and so deserve a family...They are something like 11 and 7!!! Most of their friends have been chosen and are leaving...I would SO love to see them find their forever family too!! * Little "H" from Wes's orphanage that has special needs still waits too!! I've blogged about him before too!! He broke my heart while I was there in Ethiopia!! *And, as far as I know..the brothers from LL's orphanage that I met while i was there are STILL waiting too!! They are healthy and are 8 and 4!! All these kids I have personally met (well except for the new 6 year old boy that just arrived at Wes's orphanage)!! I'm SOO appreciative of YOUR prayers for these precious children that WAIT!!

***Ok..I'm also SO grateful for this 3 year old cutie boy that won't let me BLOG without sitting on my lap!! Yes, he's still awake..gotta get him to quit taking naps!! :) Gotta run and try to get him to bed...BUT just wanted to post and say THANK YOU tonight for all your support, comments, and prayers over the years!! Yes, i've been blogging for a long time now!! :) I even had someone email to let me know that they PROGRAMMED our court date into their phone calendar to remember to PRAY!! So sweet!! :) Just wanted to stop and let you all know that my heart is FULL of gratitude for you all!! :) Happy Thursday to you all, kj

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;” Ephesians 5:20


  1. I'd like to turn around and say, "thank you" to you and your family. I have learned so much through you and have seen God work miracles in the process. Our journey to Ethiopia will be our first child. Being first time parents is scary and the process internationally adds a whole additional element.

    THANK YOU for sharing God's grace and being an inspiration.

    We do have so much to be thankful for.

  2. Pinelake is a HUGE church in MS. The pastor and his family are currently in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. My friend Kristen, whom I'm fundraising for on my blog through Monday, goes there. :)

  3. So thankful that we serve an AMAZING GOD!!! I'm thankful for all of the families and mama's out there advocating for our Saviour's children!!

  4. Kristi- Just wanted you to know I pray for little Wes and your family every night! I have lots of friends adopting and going through the process! I love praying over everyone's adoption and travels, it connects me spiritually! I love feeling God's grace all around!

  5. I go to Pinelake Church! We are in Brandon, MS.I dont know who sent them but many church members are in the adoption process (including us) and I know a bunch of them follow your blog. The Source is bookstore/resource center, so it may have been someone on staff!

  6. The Source at Pinelake is from our church!!! Our children's ministry kids collected cloth diapers for Covered in Hope!!! YAY!!! :) (Pinelake is the church, and The Source is the name of the church friend who works at the bookstore mailed them for us!)

  7. I am thankful for gracious loving people like you that take the time to encourage weary Mommas like me;) I am SO thankful also for what Your sister does (and you too) to let the world know abvout all the children that wait for Mommas and Daddies!!Praying that the body of Christ will rise up and adopt more and that we will see all of these precious ones HOME!


Thank you for your kind words!!