Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yayyyy, I'm Packing....

Oh, I'm so excited to be packing for this upcoming weekend's Women's Conference/Retreat thing I'm going to.... And, are all yall just dying to know WHAT I'll be wearing?? Well...ok, pretend you care for a minute (LOL) Well, here it is:
Yes, all the NEW Ordinary Hero gear is out!! I had to run by my sister's house today to PICK UP a few cool new things for this weekend...Yes, there are perks to having your sister run an awesome, super cool Non profit!! :)

Now..this next a close up of something I bought for this weekend....This pic is for Andrea...Yes, I bought some make up:
Yes, it's true!! I hardly EVER wear make up!! And, my girl Andrea (that's putting on this women's retreat) told me I HAD to wear make up when I do my presentation!! Why? ...well..cause it's gonna be filmed and for sale or something like that on DVD afterwards!! So, if you buy a DVD or this weekend's event..I'm just warning ya...Yall can't HEAR my voice in blog land...and it's "Country" with a capital "C"!! :) LOL

**And, not only did I get some great new OH tshirts...but I picked up this new hooded zipper sweatshirt too...Let me show ya:
It is super warm and comfy...might wear it all weekend!! :) BUT, my favorite new thing is this precious little onsie:
Can you guess WHO that is for??? Yes, i'm sticking that in Wes's little care package I'm sending him while we WAIT to be together!! And, yes, i certainly believe that ALL 6 of my children will be WORLD CHANGERS!! Watch out world!! :)

**Oh, and cloth diapers CONTINUE to arrive!! Soooo thankful to YOU ALL!! Wow...certainly amazing, caring people out there!! Thank you Deborah from Florida, Dobbins from Indiana and Meredith from MS for my latest arrivals!!
And, I've been sending these diapers OFF with travelers left and right!! I LOVE seeing them arrive..but I LOVE it even more when I KNOW they are ON THEIR WAY to Ethiopia!! Praise God!!!

**Ok, that's all I've got for tonight!!! Gotta get back to packing!! I'm taking my lap top so I can BLOG from the retreat...I'll try to make those of you that can't make it FEEL like you're there!! :) And, for all of you that ARE coming...can't wait to hang with ya!! :) Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Oh ... how I would LOVE to be joining you "Ordinary Heroes" at this conference full of Mom "World Changers"!
    Love & Blessings to you all from Hong Kong,

  2. LOVE that onesie! Heading over to check those out!

  3. Have fun....without me..... :( Booohoooohooohooo....I am pouting....but I still love you all!!!


  4. You're such a Crazy girl. and that's the kind of crazy this world needs more of. Much love you world changer, you :)

  5. Just wondering what size your OH sweatshirt is? I love it!

  6. I'm so excited for how God is gonna use all you amazing women this weekend! Have a BLAST!

  7. Have a a wonderful time! So sad i can't go, please fill us all in on the wonderful things you learn!

  8. stemples, my sweatshirt is a medium..i wanted a small..but couldn't find it while digging through the boxes at my sister's house..but the medium fits fine too it , kristi

  9. okay the makeup thing is hilarious!


Thank you for your kind words!!