Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Sweet Airport Homecoming....Poppy Dip is Home...

Yes, we went to the airport this afternoon to watch the Poppy Dip family come home!! yes, they have a REAL name, but most people know this family from their sweet sewing of Poppy Dip clothing for little girls...and she does such a great job!!

**We waited for them to arrive..and let me tell ya... 5 kids at the airport by myself is kind of nutty:
Daddy was still working and George and LL kept running from me... Phewww....glad when daddy arrived to help :)
My kids are so excited to see the NEW kids arrive...
And, here THEY COME....
I love seeing the families come together...sooo sweet....

And, here (below) is Mrs. Poppy Dip herself ..with Mr. Poppy and new son....Sweet little Samson Jude was a WAITING child...can you even believe it?? I was able to meet him in December on my trip...His smile is so sweet!! My sister over at Ordinary Hero just did a GREAT post on WAITING CHILDREN coming home...the BEFORE and AFTERS are amazing... go check it out!! It is SO surreal to think that THIS little beauty just came from living with my Wes!! So neat!!
And, below was one of my favorite pics...this is big sister and big brother (all from Ethiopia) taking care of their NEW little brother...sooo sweet...I love children's BIG hearts...just precious!!
I especially love at our airport that we have LIVE country music playing as you come off your planes..and the guy today sang, "Jesus Loves the Little Children" as Samson came through the gate with his new parents....Oh, it brought tears to my eyes!!! :)

**That was our Friday night! Hope yours was a blessed one too!! Welcome Home little Samson!!! We all LOVE you already!! :) Happy Friday to you all, kj

“Whoever welcomes this child in my name welcomes me...” ~ Luke 9:48


  1. Ok, the big sister welcoming baby brother home about makes me BAWL. I keep hoping hubby will be ready to go :-P

  2. I'm a little jealous that you get to be a part of so many amazing homecomings! :O)... there must be something in the water in TN!! But really, I can only imagine what a powerful experience it is to witness and I am so glad that you're willing to share it with the rest of us!

  3. YEAH!!! Love seeing the kiddos come HOME!!!! What a beautiful homecoming.....and what a perfect song :)

  4. How cool about the band playing Jesus Loves the Little Children. How true.

  5. THANK YOU Kristi for coming!! so GOOD to be home!! can't wait till you sweet little baby is HOME with you!!

  6. I love reading about the airport homecomings! They bring tears to my eyes each time!!

  7. I love seeing all these kids coming home! So very exciting!
    I tried to email you but it came back to me? If you ever have a minute maybe you could try to email me?

  8. I'm teary seeing the big brother and sister greeting him home so loveingly! Oh, and that the musician chose to sing that song!! So perfect!

  9. This is amazing!! We met this sweet family on the plane to Ethiopia and we were on the same flight home as well. I had noooo idea she was the Poppy Dip lady!!!! How fun. Little Samson is the sweetest! We also had our own airport party yesterday as we brought our little man home too!!! If you want to see our "party", we have a video on our blog about our sweet homecoming with Timothy! (


Thank you for your kind words!!