Monday, August 2, 2010

Lucy and Isaac Sittin In a Tree.....K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Ok....So...NOT in a TREE....And...they weren't even about together in a grocery cart?? This was about the cutest thing we'd ever seen:
You would have thought that these were the first two brown babes EVER placed in a grocery cart together by the way the kids and all of us MADE OVER THEM....They were PRECIOUS together....Wouldn't Almaz be proud?? (our HH director in Ethiopia :)

Well..the cuteness of these two continued all weekend...For anyone that hasn't read all weekend: Our friend Andrea and her Baby Isaac were staying with us this weekend...And, we had so much fun!! Both LL and Isaac are from Hannah's Hope Orphanage.
Isaac gave LL's chair a try....and well...LL can't stand the thing now, so she was telling him he could just keep it if he wanted...cause she's a BIG girl (with a paci) and sits in ONLY big kid chairs now!! :)
And, Isaac just couldn't be cuter!! We all just fell in love all weekend...What a treat!!!

Thanks Andrea for comin...and if yall want to see my LL and her Isaac in action...You can check out this little video Andrea threw together of our babes together...It is hilarious...AND, yes..I really DO talk like that!! LOL :) And, Yes, my LL is a nut all the time!!

Happy Monday to you all, kj
ps... see if yall can help out my friend at TRULY an inspirational family adopting not one but TWO children with special needs!! She has a great way to help them raise money on her blog right now!! Love me some Maria and her LOVE of big bows like I do! :)


  1. You crack me up :) love the babes...yup you definately need another little one...beautiful brown i think. from africa. ethiopia to be specific :) thanks for sharing our fundraiser. i think we made our goal !!!

  2. I love it! They are adorable!

  3. oh my word...those pics are way too cute!

  4. This post...especially the title...made me laugh out loud!!! LOVE these two! And how CUTE are they together?! Ahhh...miss you guys and love you all! I visited FedEx today and your garage door opening will arrive tomorrow:). If I was really together I would have included a THANK YOU NOTE for such an amazing, fun weekend! BUT you know Frank was running around and Isaac was trying to clean out my it's just the garage door opener:). Love you friend! And hope to see you and your sweeties soon!

  5. too cute! love it. curious where you get lucy's headbands? we are adopting two little ones from Uganda and need some! Thanks!

  6. okay ... that video is the definition of TOTAL CUTENESS!


Thank you for your kind words!!