Sunday, August 1, 2010

AGCI = Beautiful Babes!!!

Oh, hurt my heart these kids were sooooo precious yesterday at AGCI's Annual Picnic held here in the GREAT state of Tennessee!!! These are ALL children HOME with their forever families coming together to celebrate BEING A FAMILY!!!You see....we all have the ONE thing that an orphaned child NEEDS and WANTS: A FAMILY!!! And, this weekend was full of celebrations and picnics..NOT ONLY for those home...but ALSO remembering THOSE children THAT STILL MUST WAIT!!! It was a BLESSED weekend and I'm so very proud to have been part of it!!
Tennessee is H-O-T this time of year!!! So, I organized enough water fun to keep these little babes cool!!!

And, I do believe they enjoyed it!!!

The children were just PRECIOUS!!! My favorite part was witnessing those children that STILL remembered each other from their time at Hannah's Hope Orphanage in Ethiopia...It was as if they were long lost friends coming back together!!
The "kids" group shot!!

I was SO excited to meet so many "blog" and "adoption" friends that I ONLY knew ON LINE!! It was SO SURREAL to see them ALL come alive in ONE PLACE!! So cool!!

Isaac and Andrea (from ) stayed with us all weekend...more cute pics of Isaac and LL together in my next post :)

This little guy, above, wasn't so sure about Miss LL...he was backing away!! :)
above, Our travel buddy Silas!!

above, Everyone eating!!

Our other travel buddy Will (above with his fam)

LL enjoyed the bubbles A LOT!!!

Doesn't this little love in orange look like my LL?? We all thought so!!

Ok...I do believe LL was getting a little tired by the end of the picnic!!! Above..she was about to fall asleep standing up!!!! :)

My Mississippi Peeps!! They have such a great adoption fellowship starting up there!! Praise God for these families that LEAD the way and follow God's calling!!

Ok, so do you see these two holding hands?? Isn't that the sweetest!! I have pics of these two at Hannahs Hope together while in Ethiopia!! This little Princess came home right after my they were there together the entire time!! So neat!!

Oh, wait till yall see the video of LL and Isaac together...Andreas back home now workin on it...I'll be postin it soon :)!!!

Check out this Nepal Doll!!! Oh, I could eat her up!! She was one of TWO children from Nepal present at the AGCI picnic!!! So rare to get children out of Nepal!! and Oh, so beautiful!!

This is Jody from She is the one who traveled with my sister last week to Ethiopia and broke my heart with her posts about the Kora Dump and the 130,000 people living in the dump in Addis Ababa!! You MUST go back and read her posts if you missed them for some reason!! She's an amazing writer and we MUST get these kids from the trash dump sponsored!! This is her daughter Zoe who was at HH with LL too !! :)

ABove and below...the travel buddies together again!!!

Oh, goodness....LL was startin to cry..she was exhausted and ready for a nap!! :)

Well....My Georgy can always get one last smile out of her before she crashes for a nap: It was seriously a wonderful weekend filled with many blessings!! I met so many great families..It is truly a weekend I'll never forget!!! Thanks for coming everybody!!! :) Yall come back soon!! :)
**Hope you all had a great weekend too...Happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. Great pictures. I'm going to email you and ask if you'll send me a few of them. :)

  2. Love the community you are creating for these beautiful children!

  3. Can't wait to see you soon!!! I have contacted some others in the area too :) Can't wait!!!! what a blessing to finally meet those we have only seen and prayed for online :)

    Love the pics!!!!!

  4. Wonderful Pictures!!! Great to see how well they are all doing and how much they have changed!!! Thanks for sharing....


  5. What a wonderful gathering!! I can't wait until we're home with our little one and can go to events like this! :) I was wondering/hoping that I could send you one of our t-shirts for either you or your little LL and you could put a little blurb on your blog about it once you'd received it to help us spread the word.? We're trying to raise the rest of the money we need to send in our dossier and pay the agency fee so we can get on that WAIT LIST!! :) Let me payment needed...I'd be MORE than happy just to send you one if we could get a shoutout!
    Lindsay :)

  6. oh what wonderful pics! Looks like you had such a wonderful time! All the kids were so beautiful and wow that little girl from breath takingly beautiful! :0)

  7. Nice pics. I love the one of LL falling asleep standing up.

  8. Loved seeing all the pics...the kiddos are all so adorable!! Can't wait to have my own to squeeze and love on!! Wish we could have been there!! :)

  9. Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing!

  10. Love, love, loved the picnic and meeting everyone! My family did too! We didn't take many group photos as we just stood blown away, taking it all in!! Our girls had a blast as well!! Genna asked today if we could go back to play with the adoption families next weekend!! ;)

    It was great to meet you and Lucy! Makes my heart long even more for the day I will hold our new addition!!

  11. We had so much FUN at the picnic Saturday! Ya'll did so great with everything! It was wonderful to finally get to meet you and Lucy Lane "in real life"! And your Mississippi peeps will come back up anytime! Ya'll just let us know about the next fun adoption event! We're there!!

  12. i've been waiting for your post so i could feel like i was there with y'all! what a blessed experience. i love the pic of ll falling asleep standing up. so fun to see all those beautiful families and familiar faces. what fun! i know you rocked it as the speaker at the event too.

  13. ♥ LOVE ♥ the pictures! What an AMAZING BIG GROUP ya'll have in Tennessee!! :) SO COOOL to see SO many families with a BIG HEART for Orphans and a Passion to bring them HOME!!! Yahooooo! :)

  14. If you email me your address I'll send ya a t-shirt. Just let me know if you want one for you or LL. :) My email is

  15. UGGHHH!! My heart HURTS!! WAAAHHHHH...Mahlet was there!!! So sad we missed out! Please say we have one more year to try to make this up :) love you all!!!

  16. There were so many families there that I would of LOVED to meet! I so wish we could of been there. Next year!

  17. We had SUCH a good time!! Thanks for helping pull it all together! And it was so great to finally meet in person - I just wish we would have had more time to chat. We loved Nashville - so I'm sure we'll back! :)


Thank you for your kind words!!