Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Hear Ya..I Hear Ya...Where Do I Get Those Bodacious Bows?

Yes, it's TRUE....I have a LOVE for the BOW!!! I totally heart BOWS on ALL of my girls!! I've gotten more comments and emails lately saying, "WHERE DO YOU GET THOSE BOWS?" So, I realized I must STOP and DO A POST on BOWS....AND Where I Get Them.....So here goes: So, I literally picked LL up at Hannah's Hope...went straight back to the hotel...and I had a stash of bows waiting in my suitcase for EVERY outfit I packed!!! It was so much fun!!! I bought my original bows from "Once Upon A Child" !! This is a chain store and they are pretty much across the country. Most of the bows say "Rachels Ribbons" on them...but I do think they have more than ONE person making them since there are many designs to choose from!! They are inexpensive and I buy MOST of them STILL today from Once Upon A Child!!! You can find their website by going to

Now (pictured above), I've gotten a little crazier and even MORE bodacious with my bows lately...I found they come even bigger and better! And, yes...the BIGGER THE BETTER on LL's head!! So, this may be a southern, Nashville thing...but I LOVE something large and obnoxious on her head!!! :) I found these BIGGER bows by visiting a local store called "Divas and Dudes"!!! And, the girl inside the store making these LARGE head wraps has a website...
Are Ya Ready?? Here it is: I looked at the site but didn't even see the same ones she has in the store...So I'm guessing she is special ordering them too!! She told me to send her some pics of LL so she could use them on her site...Will hopefully remember to do that!! :)

We wear bows when grocery shopping......

We wear bows on the softball field:

We wear bows while at the creek:

We wear bows (or large flowers) while eating:

And, just to show ya that this DIDN'T start with LL...I've ALWAYS put bows in my girls hair since the day they were born....My girls now DON'T want bows...but they do like flowers we compromise on it...but their hair still gets done daily by MOM!! :) (picture below from our days waiting on LL to get home...ages 6, 4, 3 and 1)

We even wear bows when we're tired and wet:

And...we even wear bows at the beach: yall want to see all the CRAZY bows?? I put some out on my hubby's side of the bathroom so you could see them all:

Why didn't I use MY side of the bathroom?? Well...cause it always looks like this:
Yes, my hubby is much neater than I am...BUT he doesn't have to keep up with all the hair products and bows and ribbons like I do :)
**Someone asked me to TELL or EXPLAIN where I keep them all....Well...I am NOT organized at all...I mean...not an organized bone in this they are just EVERYWHERE all over MY side of the counter...The hubby already came in a minute ago and asked me WHY the bows were all over his side of the bathroom...I said, "Ummmm, cause I'm doing a blog post about bows!! " Not sure he appreciates HOW important this post is to the blog world!! :) LOL
So, yes, you'll find baskets and boxes and drawers full of bows at all times on MY SIDE....but they are never neat or organized...just thrown in and I grab one when I need it!! :)

Ok, so one more pic of the bow collection....and the hubby already threw them all over BACK ON MY they aren't so neatly displayed anymore!! :) OH, well...they looked good for a minute!! :)
So, that's it!! I have bought one bow at Walmart before..I found one at Target before...but the majority come from Once Upon A Child...and the BIGGER BETTER ones come from Krista at !!
**Hope this answers ALL your questions about bows...My mom thinks I'm squeezing her brain in...but hey...she'll look cute with a squished brain!! :)
Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. I'm drooling over the bows! So cute! And laughing at your bathroom counter. That's exactly how mine looks! Except I do not have the convenient granite to hide the accumulated product gunk. White marble in the bathroom is NOT the way to go. :)

  2. What a cute post! Your little "Bow Baby" is the perfect model! My little one has a major receeding hairline (we call her mr. T) so the big bows will come in handy! I'll definatley check out the links. Thanks Kristi

  3. love the bows! i have a mini monogrammed bow giveaway going on right now:

  4. You always crack me up! And I loooove that your crazy self took a picture of your side of the bathroom!!! So funny!

  5. I always say "The bigger the bow, the closer to God..." Love LL's bows! My Ellie is a bow=gal as well!

  6. Absolutely ADORABLE post:) I love LL's bows!! I saw some of the elastic bands, the thicker ones, at Hobby Lobby with those big bows and the alligator clip on them that you can make your own. They looked very inexpensive.

  7. I love having a good laugh reading your blog with my morning coffee. We love the bows and beautiful LL in them! We got two ET sisters about 5 mths ago and a girl can never have enough bows! Keep blogging, Kristi, you're so fun to read!

  8. Thank you for sharing! I love LL's bows and am always on the lookout for bows for Yohanna's hair!!!

  9. I have not seen bows in the West like I have seen throughout your pictures. =) Even if it is "just" a Southern trend - it is SO ADORABLE and looks great on all your girls!!

  10. My girls were bow heads too!! I'd put them on Finny if I could get away with it :D !! Thanks for the FUN FUN weekend Kristi we SO appreciate it! Your family is wonderful!

  11. You crack me up, Kristi!!! No wonder you said LL has enough to share with her orphanage buddies!!! That's hilarious! Did you count them?? How many does she have in all?? :)


  12. I'm determined to make bows fashionable up here in the Midwest when I have a little girl... ya'll down South are so stylish :) And I agree, the bigger the bow, the better!

  13. two things i think you already know...
    1) those first pix of ll in huge bows cemented my commitment to have lulu wear them as well.
    2) i am not organized either. but one thing i actually think i do well is the bow organization. i keep them in a litle decorative suitcase. that way i can just take the whole suitcase when we travel. look like you have a few more than i do so you might need a bigger suitcase. :) there are ours...

    p.s. not that there is anything wrong with your bows, just thought i'd give you the suggestion if you wanted it.

  14. I LOVE the bows!! Caroline Faith WILL BE wearing some bows...we are already collecting them for her! Not that I don't have TONS at my house already between my 2 girls. Both of them have bow holders hanging on the back of their closet doors filled with bows. It will truly break my heart the day they won't wear bows anymore...can't even think about it! :)

  15. You are too funny! Love it!! I can't get Millie to keep her bows in. I starting putting them in her hair when she barely had any. She still pulls them out . . ugghh!

  16. Just love the bows and flowers...remember the days when I tried to keep ribbons in their hair...always fell out. But when we adopted our dd from Africa, she was already 12 and not interested in bows and ribbons...but now wears head bands...and they are so cute on her...African hair holds the bands on much better than my bio daughters who had bone straight soft fly away hair.

    Cute post.

  17. We have had "fun luck" with (she will try to make anything to match) and also with of course, always ordering the biggest one available ;)
    Its all too fun after having 2 boys :)

  18. My friend (another adoptive mommy) makes and sells the big bow and flower headbands. We live right outside Chicago and people are constantly asking her where she gets her headbands. She has a facebook page called Sweet Lily's. I wish I had a little girl to put them on :( One day....

  19. Love, love the bows!! Ella Kate wears one everyday and even at night with pajamas!! LOL! I haven't posted a comment in a while, but I still ready every day. Love keeping up with you and your family! Tell your girls that the rule with Allison (my almost 16 year old) was that she wore hairbows until she was 10 and then we went to ribbon. :) I think I'm going to make it 14 with Ella Kate. I'm like you, I just love bows! The bigger the better. Have a wonderful weekend! Amy

  20. I've been keeping up with your blog for a while now, and I'm actually not commenting about bows. :) I was wondering how to get into ethiopianadoptionblogs. I was on the site just last night and then today it has gone invite-only!! Does anyone know how to get an invite? It the best way I've found to keep up with ET adoption during our adoption process. Thanks! Carly

  21. You are so funny! I love that your posts are so honest. And I love that you don't just post pictures that show a "perfectly clean" house. It makes me feel better- you and I are very much alike. My house is in constant craziness. And my side of the bathroom, pretty scary. That's life.


Thank you for your kind words!!