Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bonners Made It Home...One Less Orphan!!

Oh, what a wonderful afternoon we had watching the Bonners fly in with their new 3 yr. old son, Gemechu!!! Oh, he is SOOOOOO cute and precious!!! But, first we waited a bit and LL and George ran the airport WILD!!! They were entertainment for everyone around...........

I got to finally meet Baby Elijah...He's been home for only a short few weeks...but oh my..he is precious!!!!

Above, the Dunlaps just returned from their first trip over to see their son at HH....They'll be leaving soon for trip #2 to pick him for GOOD!!! They got to see Gemechu Bonner and play with him BEFORE his new Mom and Dad did....
ABove, the Peters Family...home now for..ummmm...well...a long time now...9 months??? maybe??
Amy from and her whole gang

Marc and his boys who are on the wait list with agci for another boy!!
above, The Galbreaths who are waiting for a sibling group of 3 from awesome!!

above, LL's travel buddy Silas....
Above...Becky Rutland has just gotten home with her two children on each end...but the other 3 have been home for many years now...Such BEAUTIFUL children!!!!
Oh, here they come................

The wait is finally over....They've made it home safely.............
We've been friends with the Bonners for the past 11 years...Such sweet wonderful people!!!

Oh, isn't he adorable!!!!!!!!

Momma lovin on one of her girls she's missed over the past week:

And, ONE last pic of my LL and Gemechu...from the same orphanage, from across the world...brought home a year apart from each other...and now they live just a couple of miles down the road from each other....Such a miracle:

Welcome Home Bonners....You can read their journey at We are so happy for you all and couldn't LOVE your boy more!!! What a wonderful blessing to experience...and I just so LOVE airport homecomings!!! Praising God that the wait is finally over....NOW may Little G go forth and change the little friend at a time!!!!

Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. Such beautiful pictures and what a wonderful reunion of Ethiopian beauties. Congratulations to the Bonner family!!!

  2. There in so so HAPPY for them!!!!!!! Love those homecomings :)

  3. OH we missed it!! just LOVE those airport greetings!! thanks for the great post!

  4. You have an amazing community of AGCI families around you! Lucky!! Love seeing the homecoming photos. Makes us feel like we were there. :)

  5. I met the Bonners at the airport! We were on the same flights bringing our babies home! I am certain if they lived close we would be friends! Awesome family!

  6. God is so good, how amazing that these children were in the same orphanage and now live minutes away from each other, truly God's mighty hand at work!!
    You are so lucky to live in such an amazing community, if only I could live there...sigh.

  7. what a beautiful welcome home celebration! i was wondering what had happened with their situation. i went to their blog and saw their precious first meeting pictures. so sweet! i have see several pix of her at your various celebrations w/out her own ET child so it will be sweet to see pix of her holding that adorable boy!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!