Monday, August 9, 2010

An Amazing Video That Everyone Must Watch...(and more waiting children)

I just have to share my sister, Kelly's, latest video from Ordinary Hero...Kelly just got back from Ethiopia a week or so ago and she's made a video now of WHAT they saw there...You see...Addis Ababa in Ethiopia has a city Trash Dump...and the dump is home to over 100,000 people living and digging for food ALL DAY LONG!! It is unbearable to watch the orphaned children living in the dump and surviving off the scraps and remains of other people's TRASH and WASTE!! SO MUCH good has come out of my sister's FIRST mission trip she organized for Ordinary Hero...but the most amazing thing is the partnership she has formed to help these children living among the TRASH!! PLEASE WATCH, BE INSPIRED, AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD!!!

Ordinary Hero~ A day in the trash dump in Ethiopia from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

AND...if you are interested in seeing the WAITING CHILDREN she photographed while there..please send her an email at She will give you a password to see ALL the beautiful children WAITING to find a family!!! SOOO many adoptions are coming out of this ONE mission trip...It is just AMAZING to see God at work!!! Praise God!!

***Pass the video along if you can...and let people know about the waiting children my sister has photographed!! Together we can make a HUGE difference just by getting the word out!! Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. precious are they. The sound of them singing at the end....Amazing work that is being done.

  2. My heart is broken, moved, and changed. I can't wait to find our waiting child! Thank you, for sharing this, Kristi.

  3. Crying, but it's a good cry. I think I can earn close to $700 with a yard sale.
    What can other people do to earn $700?
    Perhaps a challenge is in order??


  4. Incredible...too bad we are Canadian..would love to adopt any of those precious children.


Thank you for your kind words!!