Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! And, some other Bloggy Announcements..

Yes, we have a couple of WINNERS...thanks to ALL OF YOU for playing!! That was fun!! This blog thing totally cracks me up...just sitting at home watching the madness of the clicking and refreshing going on made me laugh!! Hundreds of hits were happening every minute!! Funny!!! I'll announce the winners at the take a peak....but first...some bloggy catch up and announcements:

***First, my hubby deserves a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY shout out!! He's the best daddy I know, and i couldn't go on with out at least saying I THINK MY HUBBY ROCKS..and our kids think so was his OFFICIAL Father's Day pic I made him take....and of course...can you figure out the "ham" in our family...LOL:
Yes, half of the kids were in their bathing suits cause we were heading to Kentucky to see the older generation of DADS....
So, with that said (since my camera died while there)..Happy late Father's Day to Poppy, PawPaw, and Great Grandpa Wes!! And, here is a pic of my LuLu riding her bike at Poppy and Jule's house on Father's Day...She's so cute I couldn't resist the pics of her on this old bike:

AND...another announcement is: My sweet boy is fully walking now!! He rarely crawls now at all!! He still falls a lot..but he just gets back up and keeps going....such a sweetheart...
And, yes, his outfit is too big....He's really moved into 6-9 month clothes..but I bought this at Cracker Barrel in 12 month hoping to get a longer wear out of it..and swallowed him...but he's a cutie either way....

The kids LOVE visiting Jules and Poppy...such a fun place!!
And, Jules pulled out the water sprinkler for the kids...i forgot to bring Wes a bathing he helped himself to some fun with his clothes on :)......
AND...another announcement is: The surgeons had to reschedule Wes's surgery...I added it to my side bar....The surgeons planned some end of summer family vacations during out first we got bumped to August...which is fine!! It's about 3 weeks later than our first date...and my kids will be back in school by then..or heading they'll be busy while I'm stuck in the hospital for a week!!! So...the NEW DATE IS AUGUST 16th!!! We SOOOOO appreciate your prayers and support during his surgery!!!

**And, the WINNERS for my 1 Millionth hit are:

1. Christie at . She was HIT # 1,000,001!!!!
2. Kim at She was HIT # 1,000,002!!!
3. ???????? No one has come forward for the BIG HIT!! I'm waiting to see IF someone comes forward so I can send them a tshirt too!!! We'll see!! IF YOU HIT me..or leave me a message so we can congratulate you too!!!!!! :)

****And, my last announcement is that I'M PUTTING THIS BLOG ON SUMMER VACATION!!! :) Yes, I'm taking the rest of the summer OFF except for reasons of some SERIOUS cuteness!!! :) I'm going to focus on my FAM..and giving them my FULL attention..and I'll be back blogging sometime around when Wes has his surgery!! Yesterday was the first day of summer...I hit my 1 millionth hit..and I thought...WHAT A PERFECT TIME FOR A SUMMER BREAK!!! So...for the rest of June and July..I'll be blogging as little as possible!!! Then I should be back to regular business in August as the kiddos go back to school...Fall falls upon us...and Wes heads into surgery!!!

That's my plan stan!! So, I'm going to TRY and resist blogging...BUT..if I catch a REALLY cute pic...I might be forced to post it!! I mean...we do have family pics coming up!! :) So....UNTIL THEN....Happy Summer to you all....Happy Wednesday to you all....and think of me...cause I'm sure I'll be having BLOGGER WITHDRAWS!! LOL kj


  1. congrats to all the winners!! Have a great summer - we'll miss you! :)

  2. Have a great summer and well deserved "rest" ha.
    I'll miss you.

  3. I'll miss your blog. Enjoy your summer and your time with your family.

  4. Serious cuteness :-) Can't believe how much Wes has grown and how great he looks. Enjoy your summer and hope to see you soon at one of the fellowships:-)


  5. I hope someone comes forward. I was so bummed. I was 9,999,999 and hit refresh and it was 1,000,010 and I thought I won. Too funny. Then I realized it was a 10 and not a 1. :-) Enjoy your summer. Congrats to the winners!

  6. Awwww! We'll miss ya'll! You gotta come back every once in awhile and give us some updates! You know I am the only person still not on FB so this is my only way to connect! :) Ya'll have a GREAT summer!

  7. Enjoy your summer and your blogging break. Get refreshed! We all love you and can't wait til you're back! :)

  8. Oh I bet we can drag you out of r&r with some adorable family images soon, can't we? :D

  9. Enjoy your holidays! Have a wonderful time :)
    Much love, from Portugal.

  10. I love watching the growth of Wes. What an amazing miracle. Praying for an awesome summer for your family with strength and peace as you walk closer to surgery date. ENJOY your summer break ~ nice!

  11. YAY Wes is walking so happy for him growing so much it really shows what healthy family can do:)
    have a nice break everyone needs a little extra family time in the summer... we'll miss ya

  12. Love your cute blog!

    Not sure if you'll be checking comments...but I'm looking for pictures of adopted kids (with or without all the siblings) with a patriotic flair to them to post on for the 4th of July. If you have any you wouldn't mind contributing, let me know! We'd love it! Thanks!

  13. There's really nothing that makes my heart smile more than seeing a little African boy in smocking.

    Because really, God intended all children to be in smocking.

    You and me sister, we're just doing our part for the Lord...

  14. you will definitely be missed while you are on your bloggy break!


Thank you for your kind words!!