Friday, June 10, 2011

Our First and ONLY Trip This Summer to the YMCA...

Well..if you've read my blog at least since last summer....then you KNOW i have anxiety about taking my MANY small children around water....CAN'T STAND IT ACTUALLY!! MY kids LOVE it on the other I go...and I pray in the car the ENTIRE WAY please let us all come out ALIVE!! :) So...we're NOT members of any pool....but we do get invited to the local YMCA ONE time a summer...and we went this week (and got it over with :) .....And...HERE IS MY SWEET WES ENJOYING HIS FIRST POPSICLE POOL SIDE:The BEST part of the day, though, was MY sweet grandparents SHOWING up to watch my kids swim!! My grandparents have retired in Kentucky....and they happen to be in town for something they FOUND ME AT THE POOL (they are still hip like that) AND, my Grandpa Wes got to meet his GREAT GRANDSON WES for the FIRST time!! Oh, so sweet!! Yes, this is WHO my sweet WES was named after:My grandpa was an Emergency Room Surgeon back in his day.....and he's been SO worried about Baby Wes since hearing his diagnosis that he FINALLY drove himself down to check him out himself!! I can't imagine what the people sitting beside us thought as my grandpa gave Baby Wes a THOROUGH HEAD EVALUATION right there at the pool!! LOL !! BUT, it eased his mind to see it himself and to hear me better explain the upcoming Grandpa got all choked up and tears ran down his face just THINKING about what would have happened to Baby Wes IF HE WASN'T HERE TO GET THIS SURGERY!! What a miracle is correct!!! :)

We love him so much..and yes...our entire family is PRAISING GOD for this little miracle!! And, speaking of "little"..Wes went for a WEIGH IN yesterday...and..I was discouraged to hear that he HADN'T gained ONE OUNCE since the last WEIGH IN (18 days ago)...UGGGHHHHH!! And, if yall just knew how much I tried to force bottles (with his VERY expensive specialized formula in it) and food on him you'd understand!! :)'s ok!! He might NOT be gaining weight very fast..but he's sure ONE CUTE, ADORABLE LITTLE GUY.....
And, DON'T for one minute think I'm SUPER MOM!! I didn't go to the pool by myself...I took my 19 year old niece to help me:
She followed LL and George around and kept their heads above water while I tended to the baby and attempted to keep up with the 6, 7 and 9 year old!!! She's a LOT OF HELP....

And, my little man finished off his treat...then we hit the water a little bit and he was READY for a we headed home....
And, of course, we had to wash the Popsicle down with a little bottle :)
So, that was OUR day by the pool!! You won't see me back there for a while.....even though it ALL went quite well..the trick was having the EXTRA set of adult hands!! And, my niece is leaving for Ethiopia this coming Wednesday..and will be there the REST of the summer....She's following in her Momma's foot steps!! I'm so excited she's headed back AGAIN!! She went with her Momma and me this past December, and was there when I met Wes for the first time!! :) So fun...(but i'll sure miss her help for the rest of the summer :) Hope yall have a great weekend!!

Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. more popsicles = gaining weight
    busy pool = scary

  2. I would be crazy nervous too! :o) Eva didn't gain weight at all in the beginning either. And she ate GREAT, so I thought she would gain a ton like I kept hearing all the other kids do. She finally started gaining weight after she was home about 4 or 5 months.

  3. did it again- impressed me with your willingness to take all your kids out for a fun day. I was also amazed at your cool looking YMCA- our YMCA pool is a rectangular shaped pool INSIDE of the building (it is Wisconsin after all). How neat to see your grandparents with sweet!

  4. I have no idea what formula he is on.. but is it possible to add Duocal to his formula (or any food he may be eating)? I'm not sure if he is seeing a GI... but our little one was failure to thrive (she was also on a special prescription formula called Neocate) for a LONG time, and she was on Duocal for a LONG time, which helped a bit.. it's just a calorie powder and you can add it to anything.. there are some rules about how much to add because you want to make sure that the child is consuming enough liquid also, but any doctor would know how to use it I'm sure. I actually think it's used a lot by people with AIDS and other diseases to keep from losing too much weight. Anyway, our insurance covered it (along with our crazy expensive prescription formula).. but you can also buy it online. She was also on a drug called Periactin for a while, to stimulate appetite. I don't really have too much extensive knowledge on malnourishment, though.. so just ignore me if any of this goes against what you're supposed to do in that case, just ignore me! ANYWAY, just figured I'd throw that out there!!

  5. You are blessed with such an amazing family, I cried reading about your grandfather, so sweet.

  6. The ONE time you go to the Y pool is while I'm out of town? Goober...we would've gladly gone with you!!! Love that your Grandpa came down to check on your sweet baby. They are awesome!!! Glad everyone survived the chaos of swimming with no 'incidents'! - Karen

  7. The picture of your grandfather with Wes...priceless. What a man to be named after...

    LOVE the pics sweet friend!

  8. We have a Y membership, and in the summer this is mostly for the POOL. Oh girl I am scared silly about bringing FOUR of them there this summer, especially since my oldest two are STILL not good swimmers. Oh yes, we've done swim lessons, but my oldest is so skiddish and my 2nd is just perfecting his technique to keep his head above water. I'm the mean mom that puts all of her kids in life preservers. I hope we can conquer the pool this summer...

  9. WOW!!!!! LOVE it. Life jackets and small pools with less people- the only way I survive :)


Thank you for your kind words!!