Monday, June 13, 2011

Yes, We're a Little Red Neck... :)

So, we are THAT family...THAT family that enjoys visiting "those" places that seem a little RED NECK to the rest of the world. Those "touristy" places that you NORMALLY pass on the highway and WONDER who actually KEEPS them in business...Well....WE DO!!! :) Remember, last summer we went to Dinosaur World....This summer....we spent this past weekend touring "Rock City":
And, "Ruby Falls": What ARE these might ask?? Well....these are places that MOST of you will NEVER go and visit EVER....but we seriously had fun!! And, the kids LOVED it!! Yes, we are BOTH originally from Kentucky..and now we reside in that's where our slight RED NECKS come from!! :) And, yes, in the above pic we are actually ALL under ground in a cave!!! :)

The babes and I didn't actually make it the entire 2 miles underground...George was freaked out by the entire thing and Baby Wes just wanted down to crawl and walk..and well..I couldn't let him inside a OUT WE WENT!!! LL actually loved it and wanted to stay with she made it the entire way through.....
Rock City is a "city" on top of a mountain......It had cool walking paths and great scenic paths...but they made me a nervous wreck with HOW high they were and NOT MUCH to keep kids on the path!!
And, wouldn't you know that ON TOP of that mountain...there was a Starbucks.....cracked me up...but i enjoyed it none the less!!! :)

And, just so ya hubby is the adventurous one...he comes up with these ideas...He's NOT a "sitter" and can't stand staying home all weekend IF we have nothing planned!! So...he plans these types of things!! :) This was his SECOND idea...I VETOED his first was taking ALL 6 kids CANOE'ING!! Yes, he's nuts!!!

Baby Wes was happy as we reached the top of the mountain and he could get down and crawl around some....He's an active toddler boy:

My 4 year old George is WhO gave me the heart attack the entire time...He just kept running down the paths from us RACING everyone...He's in this stage that he feels he MUST WIN everything!!! So, he MUST keep a step ahead of everyone....I'll just say there were WAY too many HIGH ledges around for this Momma's liking with THIS many young children!!!
this was part of the path....Yes, we had to SQUEEZE through:
Beautiful...but I couldn't watch them go out for this pic...the hubby had to take the pic!! See what I mean when I say "HIGH PLACES" children could fall.....
Ok, dinner was much calmer...I caught a pic of Wes eating his FIRST corn on the cob:
Then a trip to the Children's museum the next morning:
My LL had SO MUCH FUN....She ran this entire place...I just chased her with the baby on my hip:

Then we ended our trip with a walk across a very long Pedestrian bridge.....Daddy put the triple stroller to good use:

So, that was OUR weekend....Yes, all the kids were EXHAUSTED when we got home last night (Sunday)!! And, so were Mommy and Daddy....But, oh such a fun, family weekend!! And, NEXT time YALL pass one of those signs in TN that say "SEE ROCK CITY" !! Stop and check it was actually FUN!!! :) Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. WOW!! You guys stay BUSY!! I loved seeing all of those pictures!! And that last picture has me cracking up.. your hubby must have had a workout!!

  2. hahahahhaha, we went there for spring break!!! kids loved it!

  3. LOL! My favorite pic is 3rd from the bottom - seeing LL slumped in the stroller.

    Looks like you guys had so much fun! So awesome!!!

    I notice that the older I get, the more heights freak me out. I'm right there with ya!


  4. First of all, I love the pics, and the sounds like so much fun, AND I love your triple stroller! And, also, just LOOKING at the photo of your girls on that scenic overlooking sent tingles to my toes. I wouldn't have been able to go either! :)

  5. Looks awesome!!! =) What cute kids you have =)

  6. OMG Kristi! LOL. I've gone there. I loved Ruby Falls. I went a few years ago when I went to visit my friend who was living in Atlanta. We took a little road trip and enjoyed the once in a lifetime tourist attractions ;)
    I'm glad you're enjoying a little bit of summer before Wes' surgery.

  7. wow! I have been to those places and I know what you mean about how scary it can be! My mom and I went when I was 16 and she was still a nervous wreck the entire time (it didn't help that we went on a bit of a hike as well).

    You win the brave-super-momma-award in my book!

  8. You are such a good sport!!!! I've actually been to Ruby Falls- boy would I have laughed if my family would have ran in to your family there ;)

  9. how FUN! i don't think that's very redneck at all! in fact, you have inspired me to take my kiddos to do something similar here in TX since we will not be going on a real vacation this summer. (waiting on our first foster placement!)

  10. LOVE those places :) he he he- reminds me of our vacations and the vacations we took with my parents when I was growing up! I have a thing about heights too with babes, but my hubby also is not as worried.

  11. Chattanooga is the BEST city! I am glad you came and enjoyed! Your family is just beautiful!

  12. So fun!!! We loved visiting Chattanooga too! And you know that we are "rednecks" down here in Mississippi too! Ha! :)

  13. I have always wondered if Rock City is a good place to visit. We live in Atlanta so I will have to take my kids there some time. Sounds fun.


Thank you for your kind words!!