Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy 2 Year GOTCHA DAY Lucy Lane!!!

I just can't believe i've had my BABY GIRL in my arms now for 2 years!!! It has truly been an amazingly, wonderful 2 years!! Lucy lane is truly a gift!! I'm blessed and the lucky one to be her momma!! I remember the day she was placed in my arms like it was yesterday:The moment she was placed in my arms was one of the most spiritual moments of my life....You could truly feel God's presence!!!

I'll forever be grateful for my beautiful daughter!! She was perfectly made for our family!! Her personality could not be a BETTER ONE.......
My Lucy Lane introduced me to a country that I instantly fell in love with....Her healthy, spunky, lovable self opened the doors to many more God ordained miracles....
Bringing Lucy Lane home was just the beginning....the kids welcomed her with open arms and we were instantly in love!! And, my heart was instantly OPEN to what God had in store next......
And, Lucy lane has been able to keep up with her travel buddies too....We've had several play dates and reunions with friends since she's been home....Below..she carries a special bond with her Best Buddy Silas....They came home on the same day on the same plane to the same city....
And, TODAY they are still buddies....
We even got together this week for them to see each other and play......I pray their friendship lasts a life time....

And, here are some of my favorite pics of my sweet Lucy lane lately:

She is beautiful on the inside and out!! She is spunky, fun, hilarious, sassy, sweet, huggable and perfectly made....

And, one of my sweet travel buddies sent me it:

Because of YOU Lucy many children are NOW home with their forever families....Your life has inspired more people and changed more lives than you'll ever know!! Glory be to God!! Lucy lane, you opened my heart to those in need in this world....You inspired the most amazing trip in December.....You took me to a part of the a village I never dreamed I'd go....I met a woman...a young woman I'll forever be grateful to... a young woman that gave birth to you on the side of the road...a young woman that LOVED you enough to walk and walk until she found a safe place for orphanage...where you'd have the life she always dreamed of....You'd have the life she prayed for you to have...SHE GAVE YOU LIFE BECAUSE SHE LOVED YOU....And, because of that....OUR LIVES ARE BLESSED:
And, because of YOU Lucy Lane....and that precious meeting....YOU NOW HAVE A BABY BROTHER!! You opened our hearts to things that we never dreamed possible!! You may have inspired a lot of families to may have changed a lot of families for the better....BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY...YOU CHANGED US!! You inspired us to adopt again....YOU have forever changed the life of your precious little brother....If it weren't for YOUR adoption Lucy lane...I never would have been in that remote that remote orphanage in December....God has certainly been in every detail since the VERY beginning....
So, TODAY we celebrate Lucy Lane Martha being in our arms for 2 years!!! You are one of the most amazing people I've ever met. We love you beyond words!! And, we certainly can't imagine our lives without you!! And, here is the ORIGINAL Gotcha Day video for our Lucy lane.... the video that has touched many.... Enjoy it again if you haven't seen it lately!!

Happy 2 years home Lucy Lane...We are forever blessed to have you in our arms.....and Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I just wanted to say how precious this post truly is. I love your perspective on Lucy Lane's adoption opening up the door for Wes. God is SO good.

  2. LOVE:) You have no clue how much you and your family have inspired us! I think I've watched that video 20 times and each time my eyes are teary;) THANK YOU for stepping out and making a difference that in turn has helped so many of us do the same!

  3. Happy 2 years home, Lucy Lane!!! God has such an amazing purpose for your life! :)

  4. how is it that almost everytime i read your blog i end up in tears? i am just so happy for you, your family, and for your heart

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter and our amazing God. Simply beautiful, Kristi.

  6. that video never gets old!! Thank you, LL, for your sweet face and precious story that was one of the final pushes for us to bring home our precious Mareto! :):)

  7. 2 whole years later and I still am moved to tears by this story. Even knowing LL and you, KJ, hearing you stop and reflect is such a beautiful thing. Your heart is bigger than nearly anyone that I very glad to have walked beside you during this journey. MY life is changed as well. Love you all. - Karen

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, Lucy Lane!!! God definitely used you SO MUCH to inspire us to bring home our Caroline Faith! You were the first Ethiopian adoption we ever even knew about! You are PRECIOUS!!!!

  9. God has worked in so many mavelous ways through you Kristi...and through your sweet little Lucy Lane! So many of us have been blessed by your journey.

    I am so glad that God put it on your heart to adopt Lucy. And now your seet little guy too. Praying for you all!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  10. Happy Gotcha Day Miss Lucy. We serve an AMAZING GOD!!!

  11. I have to tell you that often times I'm reading a random blog of someone whose story I don't know b/c I got there from blog bouncing and at the bottom of their page will be a post of Lucy Lane's Gotcha Video, with a statement that says "the video that started our journey" - you are so right to say that Lucy Lane has NO IDEA of how may people's lives she's had a positive impact on! So yes, she'll Change The World!
    Love you guys!
    Pelley Family

  12. May God continue to bless your family!May his Love saturate your lives with Love, Light , and Laughter for many years to come!Thanks for sharing such a beautiful inspiring story!God Bless you and yours~Carol J. Swain

  13. May God continue to bless your family!May his Love saturate your lives with Love, Light , and Laughter for many years to come!Thanks for sharing such a beautiful inspiring story!God Bless you and yours~Carol J. Swain


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