Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank You...and some cute new pics!

First, a HUGE thank you for all YOUR love and support as we learned the big news about our boy!! As the reality sets in that he has a LONG road to recovery...I still just get teary eyed over the fact HE'S MY SON...and GOD TRUSTED ME TO WALK THIS ROAD WITH MY PRECIOUS BOY!! And, I know I won't walk this alone...I've had more emails of support than you could possibly imagine. People, friends of friends, strangers...all reaching out to SUPPORT.....People that have walked this SAME JOURNEY with their own children!! You see...I've learned that this birth defect ISN'T that rare!! I've had different support groups contact me...non profits that do nothing but support and reach out to families going through this have contacted me.....It's just been amazing!! So, to all the many family, friends and complete strangers that have reached out to us: THANK YOU!!! Please know how much we appreciate it!!

***Now for a few NEW pics of my boy!! He LOVES the water!! He would do ANYTHING to play in the bottom of our water slide!! The only thing he loves second to his WATER PLAY is his.....BELLY:
Oh, how i love my beautiful boy......
And, just so ya know....I'd walk this road a MILLION more times if I got to be HIS MOMMA......

Have to make sure the BELLY is still there....funny boy...
We love you sweet boy.....
And, well BIG SISTER is really doing so much better...She loves on Wes all the time now and doesn't just completely RESENT him anymore....LOL.... BUT she sure DOES love to play mean tricks on him like pouring water on his head:
I say, "Lucy Lane....don't pour water on your baby."
This is the FACE I get:
The girl is the biggest HOOT in this world.....NOW...we MUST convince her 2 year old Princess self that she CAN'T bop him on the head, push him over, and pour water on his head AFTER SURGERY....Yall can start praying for us (him) now!! :) I have anxiety just thinking about it !! :)

Happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. {{HUGS}}...Love...and Prayers!

  2. ha!!! They will end up the best of friends...don't you know it. Great to see him so happy and at home in his new (wonderful) life...

  3. He doesn't even look like the same child as that pictures when you first met him!! He is so lucky to have you in his life, as his mother to love and take care of him!!!! Prayers are being said around the globe for you and that sweet, sweet boy!

  4. Wes has changed over night. Amazing what LOVE and FAMILY can do. You know we are praying from Hong Kong!
    Love to all,

  5. Oh my goodness, I just love seeing that little round belly on your sweet boy!!! God is GREAT!!

  6. He keeps checking on his belly b/c it doesn't hurt anymore and it's full and satisfied!

  7. Great pictures!!:) Little Miss Lucy is just making sure he is AHEM, "initiated" into the family properly!;) But yes...praying for AFTER the surgery! OH MY!

  8. LOVE those pics!!!! He is soo cute and he and Lucy together- REALLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for Wes, for everything - even after surgery too :)

  9. Such sweet precious kiddos! Funny - I was looking at Wes' swim trunks thinking, I was just looking at those for my Monkey! And then I saw the pics of LL and realized I HAVE that bathing suit for my Lil Miss!!! Hahaha - great minds think alike I guess =)

  10. These two are stunners! So adorable and you can see their personalities shine thru like crazy!

  11. Kristi...what an amazing God story that continues to unfold. God's hand is upon this child and lots of prayers coming your way for a full recovery! Love the belly picture...this precious boy hasn't had a "big" belly before...he is probably trying to figure out what's going on!


Thank you for your kind words!!