Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Fun is Underway....4 weeks home today...

We've been having a great time since school let out...I LOVE when my kids AREN'T in school...I "SO GET" you home schoolin mommas that have your kids around ALL THE TIME!! I'm not quite ready to pull mine out of public school yet...but I DO LOVE havin them around for the summer!!! We attended the local farmer's market Saturday morning where we DIDN'T buy any vegetables...instead my kids picked out matching tie dyed tshirts to wear to an annual family party we were attending that night:
Yes, i took the pic at the end of the night....should have done it at the beginning....everyone was exhausted and falling apart on me......but CUTIES none the less :)
Then Sunday night was the first Free Concert in the Park that we LOVE to attend each Sunday in June.....
We all look forward to these Sunday night concerts...My kids run with their friends, dance a lot and we eat a picnic dinner, fun, fun....(above).my oldest girls...7 and 9...(below) oldest son: 6yrs. old... 2 year old Ethiopian Princess....
Below my adorable 4 year old...
LL being cool as can be as always:
My silly boys:
My 1 year old Ethiopian Prince....Oh, he hurts my heart he's so cute:

I call this pic below: ONE BUSY DAD!!!!!!
And, the night ended with Daddy dancing with his Baby Girl....So sweet.....

And, I had a cute video on my Iphone of Wes dancing....but I can't get it on youtube for some reason...Oh, well...If you are friends with me on facebook you can see it!! :)

***Today marks 4 weeks BEING HOME with Wes!! Praise the Lord!! He's seriously the sweetest, most lovable little dude EVER!!! So so happy to have him home!! Hope you guys are having a GREAT start to your summer...Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. So precious!!! I'm so happy that you guys are having such a great time! Your happiness is addicting. That's why I love to read your blog!


  2. So excited for your family! You should totally consider home schooling - I can just tell from how much fun you have with your kids that you would LOVE it! We are graduating our oldest next year and we still have a one year old - BEST decision we have EVER made - hands down! (except accepting Jesus, of course!) ;)

  3. Great pictures!! I just love that one of LL and her daddy!

  4. That is SOOO one of the reasons we homeschool. I can't imagine them being away from me that much every day of school. :)

    LOVE your kiddos they are sooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet Wes- some day :) !!!!!!!!!

  5. This post & pics are soo nice...i'm glad you're really having fun together.and i guess you're pretty busy these days but still the blog needs to be updated.I know i'm boring,cause i already told but everytime i get in here i notice little wes is missing from the family portrait and from the "How old are my 5 (6)kiddos" thing.Plus you're not anymore a mommy of 5 :D

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  7. My family loves summer, too. Although, we do homeschool, it is so great to not have a schedule to go by. Happy summer with your 6 kiddos!! Enjoy.

  8. Summer is our favorite, gotta love the awesome family time. Looks like a blast, what a beautiful family you all have, the one with Lucy and her dad, melt my heart!!!

  9. I have been out of the bloggy-loop for a while now and am just getting caught up. He is ADORABLE. Love the belly! Love the story of God's provision in his life. Congratulations!

  10. Oh,that's so much better.sorry if i bored you

  11. Happy 4 weeks home! You are 100% right Kristi, he IS the cutest, sweetest little boy ever!!! Something about his adorable little face and lips- he is gorgeous! You do such an amazing job of keeping your family busy and having fun- I often wonder where on earth you get the energy- how about a post on that??? ;)

  12. it's so encouraging to me to see you doing "normal" things with 6 kids! we leave in 2 days to go meet and bring home 2 sons from rwanda. we have 4 at home already, so this will be #5 and 6! i'm a BUSY mom and love to DO things...thanks for giving me hope! :-)


Thank you for your kind words!!