Saturday, June 18, 2011

Did We Really Just Go Camping With 6 Young Children?

Yes, we DID!!!!! And, YES, we're NUTS!! My sister Kelly's text said it all, " Did you really take all those babies camping? You guys are insane!!" LOL

*WE ARE BACK!!! The smell coming from the camping laundry pile is about to make me gag, and the exhaustion I feel right now (the Venti Starbucks I just had didn't help a bit) is kicking my tail....So...more on our camping adventures next....BUT...we're HOME..and we SURVIVED....and the hubby and I decided we might NOT be the "camping" type, after all!! LOL

And, yes, we cheated and rented a VERY TINY log cabin at the camp grounds INSTEAD of opting for the actual TENT...Does that still count as camping???
We made SMORES and all that good that still counts as camping, right??? It's the best compromise the hubby and I could come up with...and the kids loved it..and the babes and I weren't sleeping in a tent for two nights...
And, another one of my sisters asked if we COOKED our own food over the camp fire?? we cheated there too....we drove down the road to the local Cracker Barrel and ate there!! Does that still count?? Ok, so we ate there TWICE!! We just weren't prepared and didn't take ENOUGH stuff to survive off of for two days and two nights.....
We'll do better next time....IF there is EVER a next time!! :) I took about 100 pics of our adventures....More soon when I get my head above water (and this awful smoke smell gone) !!! :) Happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. the smoke smell is the worst!! your kind of camping sounds awesome though! growing up my dad always planned trips and we'd be gone a week in some crazy remote wilderness with just food to cook on the fire and sleeping bags in tents. it was intense and NOT my favorite thing! haha

  2. hahaha i do think your sister's text was right-on! well it's an adventure you'll remember (and the kiddos, too). the little cabin and cracker barrel meals were very good ideas. now on with the laundry and get rid of the smoke smell. =)

  3. I have never been camping. I've always been interested though. My husband has gone a few times. But I'm like you, a little bit of luxury with the rought stuff! :-) You by no means turned me off to it. Kudos to you for going with your 6 babes!! You're the woman :-)

  4. YES, YES, YES---your kind of camping IS camping! The only thing that could have made it better is to know there was a Krispy Kreme around to grab some yummy doughnuts for breakfast! I have suggested IF my husband really gets the itch to camp, that we pitch a tent in the back yard. Otherwise, I am with you and there must be the word "cabin" involved! :)

  5. Ha-ha! We camp on Easter with our brood of 7 and I must say that I HATE coming home to a ton of laundry. I never *enjoy* the camping because of all the food and stuff I must pack. Then there is the sleeping in a tent (although I enjoy the night air and critter sounds), and yes, the smoke makes me gag. The kids LOVE it though! :-) Now I know why I loved it as a kid.....and why we parents do not enjoy it as much.

  6. We LOVE camping with ALL our kids. We have seven soon to be eight all under the age of 11. One in a wheelchair and one that is visually impaired and has medical issues. WE have a great time but I feel sorry for those camping next to us. There is LOTS of crying and LOTS of fun. We have a 3 room tent that fits us perfect!

    I think it is wonderful for our children who have had a rough beginning to life to have an opportunity to enjoy God's creation. It is definately NOT a vacation for my husband and I but it is worth all the work.


  7. Even though I don't count log cabins and eating out as camping...I would say you still rank high on my bravery scale for taking all 6 kids! Kuddos to you for making it an adventure!!!

  8. Just found your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it! We have a large family-7 girls and 1 boy and we are in the process of adopting twins! You have inspired me to plan a camping trip since we haven't been able to go while caring for my grandmother(she recently passed away). So we need to get out in the great outdoors. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. That picture of Lucy Lane with the marshmallows is CRACKING ME UP!! She's a HOOT!! You can tell that she has a BIG personality!!

  10. He he he he- yeah...that's cheating a bit, but I DON'T BLAME YOU AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds fun to me :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't believe it has been 2 years already????

  11. Just found your blog through Foss Crew in Peru! What a beautiful family. We adopted an A.A. little girl also. Can't wait to continue to follow your journey ~ Jen


Thank you for your kind words!!