Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's Lucy Lane Been Up To???...Well...Let me Show ya...

I've blogged LOTS lately about my trip to Ethiopia, diapers, and Wes..So, I thought it was time for an LL update...Here goes:

***My Lucy Lane is still a little "nut"!! She's one of funniest children I've EVER been around..She still keeps us all laughing ALL the time!!! You just can't help but laugh at her cause she's SILLY with a capital "S" ALL THE TIME!! :) So, this is what she's been up to:
Lucy Lane turned two in November....Her favorite thing is swinging...She'd swing all day if she could....and we caught a warm day in early January and hit the zoo...She NEVER wants to get off the swing....Oh, and play dates are always fun too...cause she and Georgie are seriously like twins all the time:LL's hair is growing like crazy...and yes, the above pic looks a little "crazier" than normal...but it's just the light shining on it...but isn't it getting long? love it!!!!

*We've had lots of snow days which means her brother and sisters have been out of school LOTS and dressing her up:
And, LL LOVES for them to dress her up in THEIR clothes (above)...but she won't be caught dead in a DRESS UP DRESS:She just can't stand dress up dresses!!! She rips and pulls and fights you the entire time you're trying to get it on her...So, my 7 yr. old julia put this Dora dress on her (above) and as you can see...she didn't enjoy it a bit!! so funny...

***She's absolutely obsessed with electronics lately...Her favorite being my I PHONE:
She says, "Momma, I want your I phone!!" I say, "lucy Lane...two year olds shouldn't even know what an I PHONE is!!!" LOL

*she loves stickers and covers our house in them:

She steals my phone every chance she gets...Seriously, i pray she doesn't even see me pull it out...cause it's SCREAMING for my phone until I give in!! :) And, man, she can play some games!! She's got them all figured out!! Have I mentioned HOW brilliant I think she is?? Yes, she's a smarty pants!!! :)
She loves Thomas the Train..and will do anything for Thomas..She knows all the characters and calls each train by name...She also loves reading any books:
She's the BEST little two year old eater you've ever met..She loves ALL foods...Here she said, "Momma, I LOVE hummus!!" And, did I mention that she talks like she's about 5!! She talks non stop 24 hrs. a day!! She says the funniest things we've ever heard...She's a chatter box that never stops!!
She says, "look momma...I make my mean face!" and cracks up laughing!! A total HAM...
She dances and sings all the time...her favorite song we hear non stop is "jingle bells" She turns every fork and spoon into a micro phone and stands in her chair and puts on a show for everyone...
She's totally 110 % obessessed with band aids...She constantly says, "Momma, I got a boo boo..I need a band aid!!! " (in the countriest voice you've ever heard) She's also obsessed with medicine...she's constantly saying, "momma, I''m sick..I need some medicine!! "
She loves to draw and do arts and crafts with the big kids:
She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES stuffed animals right now:
She runs around collecting them and puts them all in her bed....funny girl!! She's a fantastic sleeper now too!!! She goes to bed smiling and doesn't wake for 12 hrs and gets up smiling and talking!!! So amazing!!!

Ok, so what else..Hmmmmm: She never wants to wear shoes and has ONE favorite pair of pj's!! She wants to pick out her own clothes and bows too each day!! She has to pick out her own cups for milk and SCREAMS in the car if she doesn't get the movie she wants!! Yes, she's only slightly spoiled!! LOL But we love every little spoiled hair on her body!! Lately she only wants to watch Cars movie in the car..and well..the other 4 are very sick of we change it..and ya know LL doesn't miss ANYTHING..I swear she watches my hand to see IF I'll take the movie out....and no one else will even notice and she's screaming, "CARS!!!!!!! " the rest of the way home!!!:)
Oh, and, above, she can play the big kid's DS game thing better than anything I've ever seen...She totally figured it out too!! :)

**So, some favorite phrases: Today, she wouldn't put on her shoes to go into the elementary school to see the big kids...She Says, "NO shoes for lucy Lane!! " I say, " lucy, you HAVE to wear shoes in the school" and she's kicking one off as I put the other on...I"m sure someone is enjoying this funny scene outside the front door of the school. :) Finally I are on..I say: "Now Lucy be a nice girl and keep those shoes on!!" She says, "No momma , YOU be a nice girl and keep YOUR shoes on!! " Ok, seriously..and she wrinkles up that face when she says stuff like that!! I have to turn so she doesn't see me laughing!! She's just a trip!!! :) And, we enter the building and she's a ROCK STAR there!! All my kid's friends go home and ask their parents, "Why can't we adopt like THEY are??" I especially love it when the kids ASK their parents in front of me and the parents just dont' know QUITE what to say!! :) ha

****Ok, so that's it...As you can see..we just think LL hung the moon!!! She's growing up TOO fast and has been home now OVER a year and a half....Oh, and we just all think she's the best thing since sliced bread!! :)

Gotta run and open diaper 8 NEW BOXES OF DIAPERS TODAY!!! Can't wait to check them out...thanks everyone...It's a blessing to receive these cute little suckers EVERY DAY!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Ok, I'm out of steam!! :) Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Awww! Well that's just too cute! =) Is she in a big girl bed now? We're gonna be switching our Monkey soon and I'm nervous about it. And WOW she talks a lot!!!

  2. As always, another great post. Thank you for sharing your Rock Star Baby updates with us. Miss you all!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. I'm so relieved to hear that LL has a country accent, too. Dosen sounds like he was born in Mississippi rather than Ethiopia! Who knew there could be 7 syllables in the word "couch"?

  4. Thanks for sharing..I think she's just adorable! I don't know if you have before since I'm sort of new to your blog, but could you please let us know how your other kiddos handled the adoption and adjusted to the whole process? Thanks...oh, and I thought WE had a lot of pillow pets! Thanks for all you do...Kristi

  5. LOVE the update on your silly girl!

  6. love the one of her on your iphone and her tongue sticking out as she is in such deep thought! ;0) so adorable! Isaac got ahold of my blackberry and chewed on it and broke it so I had to get a new one! What is it with kids and phones? ;0)

  7. She certainly sounds like a hoot! She is a cutie for sure! So glad she has blessed your lives so much.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  8. LL is just the cutest AND...your family is beautiful!

  9. My little Tendai has that same green dress with the pink apple on it, only the long sleeved version... when i was rolling thru your pics i thought you had one Tendai! LOL.
    Love hearing the updates on your family!
    have you checked out our blog?

  10. What an adorable ball of energy! Its priceless to see how much she enjoys life and how fortunate she is:) And she is beautiful - wow.

  11. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful heart for those God cares the most about!

  12. God bless you and your family!

  13. Love it! She is getting so big! I love that she loves CARS! I thought I was the only mom of a 2 year old girl that loved that movie. She actually asked for a car (race) track for Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing!

  14. So funny! =) She is such a jewel! I have the same phone and Tanner has always been a phone hog too. Will have to send you some app suggestions. lol Plus the band aid issue is something we struggle with as well, I think we buy a new box everytime we go to the store! THEN they become stickers all around my house. Look at that girl's pillow pet pile! Tanner can't go to bed without his pillow pet either. I think I'll just send him to your house next time he says he needs a 'vacation' and he'll be in heaven! LOL

  15. Wow. Your post has brought the BIGGEST smile to my face. Lucy Lane is so CUTE!!!! That smile! She reminds me SO much of my 2 year old, Claire. Claire (like Lucy Lane) only wears what SHE picks out. She HAS to wear socks with everything. Her favorite movie is CARS and wants to watch it every day! She is a total spaz & ball of energy & we sometimes call her "CC" which stands for Crazy Claire :) I think her & Lucy Lane would be great friends! Thank you so much for your heart and for sharing your beautiful story!

  16. Love the update on cute Lucy Lane!!! And I am laughing about the iphone and the DS...that's just how my little Caty is! All of my kids know how to work my phone better than I do! SO funny! She is a DOLL...keep the updates coming! :)


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